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  1. Roundup for 5/10/2015 (SERIES END)

    Anderson Palmer: Over the past 280 days, Roundup on CNC has been dedicated to providing you with quality coverage of Homari news events nearly every single day. Since its beginning it has been our pleasure to work with you, to report for you and to inform you. We have continued every single day to bring that news to your screens, and unfortunately, those days must and have come to a end. A look at where we started, here's our first ever segment. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Good evening Homar, you're watching Daily Recap for Thursday July 22nd on CNC. Kevin Stamper: Your job under threat? Could be a plausible worry as the Congress passes the Open Borders Act, illegally thrashing this nation's dedicated, hard working workforce with immigrants who mooch off welfare. Congress's anti-Homar streak continues to show, and President Reberbio should answer to this farce of legislation, for it could literally kill jobs, and kill families. This is why Congress has a all time low 55 percent approval rating, and the President has a 49 percent approval rating. The defense of CNC, is the Homar Constitution. The President should show some defense for the 600 thousand citizens he promised to defend. Emily Stewart: That's nonsense, you're just anti-immigration due to your desire to keep your nation pure. Kevin Stamper: Never said that. Nina Lestuwaki: Anyway, in a emergency session of the Federal Reserve, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve announced a new 1.5 percent interest rate, which is a 0.2 percent increase from 1.3, his former rate. Anderson, your take? Anderson Palmer: Well, the Chairman is clearly attempting to round in inflation, which has been going at 2.5 percent this quarter, a mile away from the 1.25 percent the FED wanted. Emily Stewart: It is expected today, that the President will bring to the floor of the Congress a new bill to deregulate the private sector completely, and it is expected to pass. Your company at threat? More tomorrow. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And that was when the show was called Daily Recap. Through the near year we've been reporting, we've been reporting tremendous things and have helped impirnt events into the history books of the future due to our informative news. One of those events was our coverage of the 8/14 terrorist attacks. Here's a clip from our reporting then. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) Nina Lestuwaki: This is CNC's Roundup, as we continue our coverage of the recent terrorist attack at the Center for Disease Prevention Headquarters. For more live coverage, we go to Anderson Palmer right outside the blastzone. Anderson, for those just joining us, what's going on? Anderson Palmer: Well Nina, absolute disaster. Sixty already declared dead, more then two hundred injured. It was a quiet afternoon at around 1:20 PM in downtown Lublin, when a massive explosion was felt and heard. The entire front of the building then proceeded to collapse at around 1:56 PM. There is panic on the streets, and crowds have already gathered at the CDP Headquarters for quick prayer and mourning. Between those 36 minutes from impact to collapse, Homar has seen their most heroic citizens act up in defense of their fellow man and woman. You can bet we'll be covering this story for the rest of the day, and many more. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Where there's been conflict, we've been there from the attacks on the Oceanic embassy to war with Homar for the first time in its history. We've been where others could not, and we have been glad to report for those who could not. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a sad night tonight that Roundup is ending, but we have no doubt that in the future this short setback will only be replaced by more innovative and more effective ways to providing what is going on around you right to you in your living room. After the break, for the last time, the news.
  2. Roundup for 5/9/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Covering breaking news tonight as Chancellor Charles of long-allied state Oceania has just passed away due to unknown reasons. Oceania, a good friend of the nation of Homar was one of the most revolutionary nations in respect to Homar as it was the first nation to ever create diplomatic ties with Homar. Since the announcement of the creation of ties between the two countries, Homar has been a nation thrusted on to the diplomatic and international stage, even going to war with another nation in defense of Oceanic national interests. For nearly half a year, Homar has stood alongside Oceania through thick and thin through conflict and ease. Now, that conflict and ease does not have a map to the future as the death of Chancellor Charles marks a new beginning between Oceanic-Homari interests. President Reberbio speaks. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Good evening ladies and gentlemen please, be seated. Tonight, I have the sad news to present that I have just gotten word that Chancellor Charles of the nation of Oceania has just passed away. Obviously, this is a hard time for their nation and I do send my condolences for the death of their leader who's integrity, his diplomatic stature and his simple ability to bring together parties which otherwise may not have been together was second to none. A example of his ability was with me, with Homar. A isolationist nation stuck in 60s era values with a overwhelming majority of people saying to stick to those values, and I'll be honest, I was one of them. But the Chancellor's ability to recognize situations proved true as he forged one of the strongest relationships on the known planet where our embassy stands strong and safe, and theirs as well in our nation. Where our flag stands true and safe, and theirs as well. Chancellor Charles and I were indeed great friends and our nations greater friends, and we have worked alongside them since the beginning of our relationship. From great troubles of going into conflict, to supporting their internal political conflicts, we've been with the Chancellor from the beginning. Today, is a sad day for the defense of freedom, defense of values which make our planet strong, which make us stronger together, and weaker divided. Chancellor Charles knew that we were stronger together, and weaker divided, and I hope to follow in his footsteps as his legacy continues even beyond his death. I'll be removing effective immediately through signed executive order around a hour ago all troops from the Sulawesi state in a transitioning period of no more than 24 hours in a massive operation to remove all troops, including that of Silistrious. We work and live together, and we're stronger together. That includes our soldiers abroad who have defended the Oceanic state, and during this time of no doubt saddness within the nation, we express the need to continue the legacy of Chancellor Charles and his successful policies. That'll be the way Chancellor Charles name will be implanted into the history books as it well deserves. In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to restate something I said when I had my press conference with the Chancellor, that, It's through our mutual devotion to freedom, democracy and justice, at home and abroad. It is the example that we seek to demonstrate for all others. That's what we must continue and we must continue thinking ahead with the Chancellor always with us. Thank you. (END VIEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And now a clip from the press conference between the two leaders, the first time a press conference has ever been held on Homari soil. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) CHANCELLOR OF THE FEDERATION OF OCEANIA CHARLES: ...The war the Federation Of Oceania and Homar are currently fighting has been an unfortunate one, Many innocent civilian have died, Both state are fighting for their own freedoms as well as each others, we are Brothers and sisters, our great Capitalist state are the envy of the world and this makes us a target, we must not submit or change to appease those who want to do us harm, 

the region of Oceania has gone through all lot and I hope a silver lining from this war will be a stronger and grander relationship… (PLAY CLIP) Chancellor Charles: 

...the region of Oceania has gone through all lot and i hope a silver lining from this war will be a stronger and grander relationship. As well as a Defence and Security Cooperation Agreement, To share Non-Critical technology and full expertise while providing access to world-leading defence hardware and technologies, training courses and combined exercises, as well as vital intelligence capabilities of The Federation Of Oceania… (PLAY CLIP) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: In the Chancellor, Homar has a trusted partner in peace, and at the moment, perhaps no two nations are held together in partnership in alliance through military strife. That sense of interconnection alongside our shared ideology and interests have not only united us as allies, but as a people as well. Our focus today however, is of the highest priority of the international community, and the highest priority of my position as President… (PLAY CLIP) Dylan Reberbio: ...and on every single day, the military has served patriotically and responsibly since we’ve entered the region, and now we must ensure that a peaceful transition is left to the people of Maluk to paint their own future on a canvas fit for all of their citizens. Above all, this transition must bring all of Maluk’s voices to the table. Homar will continue to be a friend and partner to the Federation of Oceania. We stand ready to provide whatever assistance is necessary to pursue a transition to democracy and a fair representative government system. It’s in both our interests, Oceania and ours, to make sure that those who are voiceless and stuck in the mess of bureaucracy are able to now speak in a new government, and voice their opinions, because a threat to Oceania is a threat to Homar. (PLAY CLIP) Dylan Reberbio: The Defence and Security Cooperation Agreement will open up our intelligence agencies to more directly pinpoint and target terrorist cells on the planet to find and eliminate threats against our people. Because in an age of expanding opportunities, we do face grave dangers despite our attempt to maintain peace, democracy and all that those two entail. But our fundamental friendship is crafted by our agreed upon ideals and policies as well as interests. And at the core of this friendship will be the Free Trade agreement, a milestone in the development of the modern era of globalization. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: After the break, we're going to go to Nina Lesutwaki who's covering public and political reaction to this breaking news indeed.
  3. Roundup for 5/8/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Tonight as conventions for parties draw closer, new party debates promise to change the delegate count of each candidate as controversial statements were made today in the most recent Green Party debate with all 3 running candidates, Melissa Percey, Jay Nikon and Andy Hannon. At the moment polls show Congressman Jay Nikon with a lead over Congressman Hannon and Percey by polling at 37 percent to Hannon's 34 percent and to Percey's 12 percent with 17 percent undecided. But pollsters suggest that after Percey's performance today, insiders within the Percey campaign may suggest that a resignation is near from the campaign after Percey made this controversial comment in today's debate. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) John Brawnan: Mrs. Percey? Melissa Percey: John, I think that what we must do about Silistrious, simply put, is a Homari intervention if you will. We need to tell them that simply, we're not going to take it and we're going to show them with military force the consequence of their actions. GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN ANDY HANNON: Ma'am, are you suggesting a invasion of- Melissa Percey: Excuse me, I uh, I meant we must show them the consequences of their actions with uh, we need to show them that their actions won't be tolerated. John Brawnan: But ma'am you did say you wanted military action, did you not? Melissa Percey: I didn't. (LAUGHTER) John Brawnan: Excuse me? But didn't you just say that you would consider military action or force? Melissa Percey: I believe I said that we're going to show them the full costs and true value of their actions against Homar. GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: Well, let's make it clear since some of us on this stage can't. I stand with the party in taking a firm stance against the recent Silistrian actions by bringing a Congressional vote of condemnation, but military action, that's out of the picture. We're not going to have military action, it won't be considered and it will not happen. (APPLAUSE) (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Many also suggest that Percey may resign from her campaign shortly and endorse a candidate before the convention in which it is nearly for certain that Percey will not be winning the convention. Now next in breaking news, a possibility that the President could be taking a more hard line on Silistrious even after his statements regarding his unanimous support for the nation. Charlie Matthews reports. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) Charlie Matthews: Three deep sources from the National Front chairman today stating that a possibly shift in foreign policy would occur. The shift towards a more pro-Silistrious or a harder position on Silistrious has not been confirmed yet. But until then, the nation waits for a confirmed definite policy despite the President stating that he stands firmly with the nation of Silistrious as he did days ago. Voters know where the Green Party stands on the issue and they stand firmly on the matter against Silistrian friendship and less on intervention alongside a withdrawl of troops from the Sulawesi state which has not been in the focus of attention recently. But the Green Party continues to support anti-Silistrian viewpoints and the National Front at the moment, seems like the opposite will stay as so. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: After the break, more on this breaking news of Silistrian relations. Stay with us.
  4. Roundup for 5/7/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Good evening, tonight covering breaking news from Silistrious where a speech by the Grand Chancellor has just been made today in which he reaffirmed the relations with Homar and Silistrious. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GRAND CHANCELLOR OF SILISTRIOUS VARSPASIAN: Strong citizens of Silistrious, I understand that you no longer hold our great Homari allies in high esteem. But listen when I tell you that the Senators are wrong, Homar is our friends, our allies. As an effort of good will between our countries, and to show you the people that Silistrious has trust in Homar, we are giving Homar three Radon engines. Although the engines we are giving are not the final engine used by Silistrian spacecraft, we have no doubt that it will help Homar develop their own advanced engines. So I ask you, my brave citizens, restore your trust in Homar! (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: As it's well known recently tensions between the two nations have reached a tipping point with new Anti-Silistrious rhetoric coming from the Green Party and opposition, and anti-Homar rhetoric coming from Silistrious. Here with us tonight for the first time, a live audience and a panel of guests here in this special edition of Roundup. With us tonight, Chairman of the Green Party and the opposition, Jack Flanigan. Celebrity and actor Nigel Milford. Congressman Geoff Vegas. (APPLAUSE) Anderson Palmer: With that, the first question of simply, should we have or should we continue relationships with the nation of Silistrious. For that, I'll go to Jack Flanigan first, Mr. Chairman. GREEN PARTY CHAIRMAN JACK FLANIGAN: Well, let's look at the facts. We have a freedom loving society based and rooted within our foundations and a organized structure of supporting all, regardless of who you are or what you do. That's our nation. Now, let's look at the nation in question, Silistrious. Right now, we're faced with the question of association, do we want to associate ourselves with a nation which has openly endorsed slavery- CONGRESSMAN GEOFF VEGAS:: That's simply false- Jack Flanigan: Excuse me, excuse me, may I finish my point- Geoff Vegas: We're faced with a nation that has made radical leaps and bounds forward to a more progressive stance which shows that the nation of Silistrious is willing to move forward and to actually make progress. We've seen their leader make a statement on the matter and he is commited, Varspasian to keeping open dialogue with our nation and given this historic new presence of Homar on the world stage, we simply cannot ignore a opportunity like that. Anderson Palmer: I want to get Nigel's opinion on this at the moment, Nigel? ACTOR NIGEL MILFORD: Yeah, well, look, I mean I support relations with Silistrious since we can't risk isolating ourselves again. It's a bad idea and under the Green Party leadership, we'll sink further and further into a hole which we can't get out of. That's why the Worker's Party and the National Front have created a coalition- Jack Flanigan: Well, there it is isn't it? Your parties have from the start been practically the same, more and more of the same and now you're finally admitting it with a coalition that you're creating. What a disasterous day, I think that's exactly why you were removed from the opposition seat! (APPLAUSE) Nigel Milford: No, no- Jack Flanigan: Yes, yes! I mean, it's not the most outrageous thought is it? People are tired and sick of your rhetoric defending a more conservative and authoritarian social policy. So, they wanted a change and I think that the fact that you're here defending the National Front and the fact that I am here defending the opposition speaks multitudes about the decisions made by the voters to end the political establishment. (APPLAUSE) Anderson Palmer: Alright, plase. Please. Will the audience, please keep the reaction to a minimum if possible. Now, Congressman Vegas, I'm sure you have something to say and can we please keep it on topic. Geoff Vegas : Yeah, about Silistrious, but before I address that, I want to talk a bit on the parties and what Flanigan has said. (LAUGHTER) Andererson Palmer: I really don't t- Geoff Vegas: Let's remember while the voters voted indeed more for the Green Party for them to become the main opposition, let's remember the voters voted the National Front in with 30 more seats than beforehand and that's with their knowledge of our foreign policy. The people know our foreign policy, they know where we stand which is more than I can say about your party Mr. Flanigan. (APPLAUSE) Geoff Vegas: Now, on Silistrious. Let's make it clear that this party has always been in favor of new and more substantial economic decisions and partnerships with other nations. Simply put, we are stronger together and weaker divided, that is a fact no person can deny and it's a fact that must be strengthened and enforced as our majority Congress rules. Our Congress has supported our decisions in foreign poli- Jack Flanigan: Congressman, I have no problem with you saying that the majority of Congress supports your ideas, but simply put, do not say everyone in the Congress supports your ideas because guess what, I do not. Our party does not, and our millions of voters do not either. (APPLAUSE) Anderson Palmer: Alright, as you can see, a firey debate indeed and we'll continue that debate the break. More with Congressman Vegas of the National Front, Chairman of the opposition Jack Flanigan and Celebrity Nigel Milford.
  5. Roundup for 5/6/2015

    (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: The nation of Silistrious remains alongside the nation of Homar and vice versa, since the goodshowing and faith given by Silistrious after the henious attacks on our embassy only show that our two nations lie stronger together. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Good evening, tonight we're covering reaction from the President's recent breaking news statement where he declared the continuation of relationships between Homar and Silistrious. But today, another political event dominated headlines. The recent Green Party televised Presidential debate where Congressman Nikon and candidate Percey had a verbal scuffle. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: ...the values which make our nation great, our faithful community of honor and respect while also defending our freedoms given to us by our constitution- GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE MELISSA PERCEY: Faithful? If that's so true, why did you divorce your wife? Is that really the faithful community of honor and respect we can expect from a Green Party candidate? Jay Nikon: Excuse me? GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN ANDY HANNON: I'm sure that givent he situat- Jay Nikon: No, that's absolutely wrong and honestly, I am disgusted that she would use a personal tragedy like that to gain political points. There's nothing about that which matters in this election, I can lead, and if this is any indication of how Mrs. Percey will lead, she is not only unfit to lead- John Brawnan: Alright Congressman, that's enough- Jay Nikon: No, she brought it up, I think I have the right to respond. John Brawnan: No Congressman, Mrs. Percey looks pensive over there, I'm going to ask her now if she would like to take back such a comment. Mrs. Percey? Melissa Percey: John, I don't take back any comment which I have made. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Now with us, Congressman Jay Nikon of the Green Party who was forced to respond to the claims that Mrs. Percey made in today's Presidential Green party debate. Congressman Nikon, when she first made said comments, what were your original responses to the comments? Jay Nikon: Anderson, honestly, I was shocked. We look at the history of comments that she made and she is known to keep relatively calm and this comment is honestly the opposite of her history. I think that it's disgusting and trash that she would bring to a Presidential Debate of a opposition party. Anderson Palmer: Alright Congressman, and while you're here, there's been some recent controversy with Silistrious, what's your- Jay Nikon: Anderson, the people know my opinion on the matter- Anderson Palmer: No sir, they don't, we've been getting requests from you know, practically everywhere asking what your position is on Silistrious. We know that you've made statements on the floor of the Congressional Hall blasting the foreign policy of the administration, but no one knows your real official position. Do you mind telling us? Jay Nikon: Yeah, basically, the party and I believe strongly in Homari being a independent country and not associating itself with those who endorse slavery or what they call it, forced labour- Anderson Palmer: I want to also talk about that while we have you, it's becoming more recently apparent that given recent tanscripts of events, possibly, your comments could be destructive to the foreign policy of this country towards a ally of Silistrious. Are you concerned that your comments could be destructive? Jay Nikon: Anderson, I don't think preserving the soverignty of this nation is considered destructive and I think that when the day comes, the voters will know and side with my opinion and my point of view since I think that a progressive social policy, a progressive economic policy and a progressive foreign policy is what voters want. Anderson Palmer: Alright, thank you Congressman Jay Nikon and if you want, could you stay until we get back from break? We've got more questions and after the break, we'll be happy to ask them. Stay with us.
  6. Roundup for 5/5/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Alright, special edition of Roundup beginning right now, good evening ladies and gentlemen across Homar. The nation waits for the President's comments just ahead which was expected to be at 11 PM, or right now. A lot of speculation which have gone into what this announcement could possibly be as sources say that this would be a relatively short statement by the President. We're going to talk to our political correspondent right now Charlie Matthews, Charlie, what are sources telling you about the possible topic of the President's address? Charlie Matthews: Well, primarily, what we're hearing is that it most likely has to do either with immigration, relations with Silistrious, or economic planning for the future. Possibly the most likely of the three would be the recent tensions with Silistrious that the President is expected to speak on given the new pieces of information coming out of Silistrious yesterday. Anderson Palmer: And what would the President be expected to say on the topic of Silistrious? Charlie Matthews: Obviously the President would express his verbal support for the state of Silistrious in all matters despite the obvious uh, recent developments coming from the Silistrian state in the matter of their respective senate who as you know, recently made some pretty controversial comments with a new transcript paper releas- Anderson Palmer: Charlie, Charlie, I'm sorry but we're going to have to stop you right there. The President of Homar at his private study. (LIVE-FEED) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Good evening. Tonight, I have the honor of addressing the Homari people in one of my many statements in this administration. Recently, given the political circus of the hearings which no wrongdoing has been discovered yet, it is also becoming the newest area for foreign and diplomatic news to flow through before coming into the hands of the administration. Such peices of information for example would be the recent transcript released by the senate, but let's face facts. Although recent events have led many to reconsider the beneficial relations with Silistrious, the recent events have only done the opposite for this administration. The good showing and faith by the nation of Silistrious only benefits our nation and their continous and admirable space program and technological advances pave the road for Homari advancement. The nation of Silistrious remains alongside the nation of Homar and vice versa, since the goodshowing and faith given by Silistrious after the henious attacks on our embassy only show that our two nations lie stronger together. The strength by numbers campaign is continously growing with our battles against the terrorists and the communists in Oceania as well as our defense and partnership with our great allies Silistrious, our nation has never been stronger. The state of our great society is strong and growing. We are growing. Our views on the planet, our society and our influence as we partner with new and expanding societies only aid our quest in achieving the idealistic foundations this nation was founded upon. Our foundations drive the community forward, and there's the mighty word. Community. We're not a nation alongside jungles and tribes anymore, we have a society with other nations here in the community, and I am disgusted by the acts of aggression in this Congress by the Green Party who continously oppose our community of nations. This is why tonight I am proud to announce that the Worker's Party and the National Front will be creationg a temporary coalition to fight the recent allegations brought against a severe and serious Homari ally, the nation of Silistrious. Until then, right now as we speak, the Committee on Foreign Relations is calling a snap vote to end the hearings, and due to the recent coalition between the two leading parties, we have secured and we will end these pointless hearings. We will work together to create a stronger and greater, a more stable union, and we will do it together, rather than separated. Thank you. (END LIVE-FEED) Anderson Palmer: As you just heard the statement brought by President Reberbio just now basically maintaining that the nation of Homar will attempt to continue relations with the state of Silistrious in a positive and progressive movement. This of course coming at a time where renet news have suggested the contrary where insider information is reporting that Silistrious' public opinion has recently flipped against the Homari nation. With us now who's continuing from before the live feed of the President's address, Charlie Matthews. Charlie, I think the most extraordinary thing he's said in that statement was his announcement that the National Front would be creating a coalition with the Worker's Party, I mean, I did not expect that at all. Charlie Matthews: Me either Anderson, and this is the first time the two conflicting parties will have ever created a coalition and it's incredible to see that happen especially because you know, the National Front has such a overwhelming majority that they simply don't need another coalition or any coalition for that matter. So in that case, it is pretty clear that the National Front simply has created this coalition to get the neccessary seats for the Committee on Foreign Affairs to call a snap vote and to end these hearings. Anderson Palmer: So you think that this is no real coalition government, and rather a ploy for seats? Charlie Matthews: I think that's exactly correct. Anderson Palmer: Alright, after the break more reaction on the President's breaking news statement on Silistrian relations. We'll be back after the break.
  7. Roundup for 5/4/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Today, we're covering some breaking news out of a recent verbal transcript to come out of Silistrious in their legislative chamber, the Senate. Take a look at the transcript where some pretty surprising things were said. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) SENATOR HENRY AELLION: We cannot continue to claim to be allies with those Homari dogs! If we do not take action, they will stab us in the back. We must- SENATOR RON WALTON: Henry, calm yourself. It is only a few homari that disapprove of us. We should focus on the Orellian threat Henry Aellion: Orellia is no longer a threat to us. I was watching a Homari news agency the other day, and you know what I found out? They think we agree with slavery! Ha! The public has not held slaves in generations. The government doesn't have slaves, we simply exercise forced labor as a punishment. We must- SENATOR YARL TARG: Sorry to interrupt, but perhaps they have a good point. Should we really still have 'forced labor'? Ron Walton: Of course we should. But that is a debate for another time. We should focus on the Orellian threat. Despite the continuation of peace talks, we cannot let our guard down. Henry Aellion: Ron, you are an idiot. You know what those Homari dogs blame us for? They blame us for their own failure! Perhaps next time we shouldn't send in forces to relieve the embassy security. We don't see Oceania blaming us for the attack do we? No we don't! Yarl Targ: Henry you are out of line. Stop calling them dogs, its rude as hell. Let us change the topic to reconstruction or something. Heck even Orellia. Henry Aellion: Fine. But mark my words if that president of theirs doesn't win their elections and those green congressmen get their way, Homar will abandon us in a heartbeat. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And as the news came public in the middle of the now third day of hearings by the Congress against members of the state department, the unfortunate ordeal of answering for this new revelation came to the deputy ambassador to Silistrious, Michael Hunter. Here's a clip of when the chairman asked the question, Hunter, obviously not prepared for such a question, had a bit of hard time answering the question. Take a look. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) DEPUTY AMBASSADOR TO SILISTRIOUS MICHAEL HUNTER: ..obviously we remain strongly aligned with the nation of Silistrious and we are greatful towards the nation for their dedication in maintaining relations with the nation of Homar. Uh- GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JOHN HAMING, MEMBER OF FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE: I'm sorry Mr. Deputy Ambassador, we've just recieved some new developments on the matter and we would like to share those uh, pieces of information with you if we may. Michael Hunter: Council has suggested against answering uh, these questions. But for the sake of transparency, I will do my best to answer these questions. John Haming: Thank you Mr. Deputy Ambassador. There was just a new report released, a transcript from the Silistrian state which has some pretty shocking news. In it we have uh, some senators from Silistrious stating things such as quote, "We cannot continue to claim to be allies with those Homari dogs! If we do not take action, they will stab us in the back.", also we've seen "Perhaps next time we shouldn't send in forces to relieve the embassy security". I am taking those quotes verbatim, and obviously this is some new information so what is your statement on these quotes, what's the state department's position? Michael Hunter: Well, obviously the senate is not a complete representation of the nation's political view- John Haming: I'm sorry to interrupt, but you realize that the senate is their representative branch, right? Michael Hunter: I understand that their administration and their controlling individuals maintain a pro-Homari standpoint, and that's what matters. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: After the break, more on this breaking news and we're going to look into what the President's statement tomorrow could be at 11 PM at night where the whole country is sitting on their fingers in anticipation. Stay with us for more, after the break.
  8. Roundup for 5/3/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Good evening, tonight we're following election month here with the Worker's Party official debate between the two candidates up for votes, Ron Emmanual and James Christie. The only candidates of the Green Party with over 15% of the vote. While most of the debate appeared relatively calm, there were few moments which showed Ron Emmanual attacking hard on the President, while Christie remained relatively fixed on Emmanual's record and dedicated most of the night to attacking it. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) WORKER'S PARTY CONGRESSMAN RON EMMANUAL: But this President has simply not been a friend to the Homari business community- CEO OF WINDAX CAPITAL, WORKER'S PARTY CANDIDATE JAMES CHRISTIE: There you go again, the business community in itself you do not know about. You've never spent a day in business, while I have been living in the business community for my life. Congressman, your record is also indefensible. You voted against every single security policy measure in the history of this Congress brought by the Worker's Party, and honestly it is shocking and incredible to me as to how you were able to remain on the Worker's Party roster. (APPLAUSE) Ron Emmanual: James, you don't have a specific claim on the business community anymore then a man sitting on the sidelines does. This President, it's a fact, he's neglected our worker's and that should be the priority of this administration, of this party. The worker's party. James Christie: I agree, the priority of this party should be workers, and let's do our best in keeping some 8 million 9 million worker's free and let's work on keeping them safe. We can help to do that by passing the laws which you, you voted against. JOHN BRAWNAN, HOST: Well Congressman, how would you defend your record in the Congress? It's drawn much controversy and many see you as the most liberal member of the Worker's Party. James Christie: Well- Ron Emmanual: I- James Christie: The Congre- Ron Emmanual: Alright, look, look, look- (LAUGHTER) Ron Emmanual: Here's what I'll say. My voting record was what I thought was best for the people, what was best for the citizens which is what the President has not done. My votes have never been against the worker's of this nation, it's been in defense of their economic and their criminal safety. My votes represent what I think is best for this nation and althought they may be socially different from the party line, let's focus on what this president has done. Are my votes controversial? Maybe. But the President's entire economic record, that's not controversial, that's indefensible. (APPLAUSE) James Christie: Your votes represent what you think is best for the nation, and if you think that voting against a safety resolution is what's best for the nation, I have serious concerns about your ability to lead the country as President. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Overall James Christie, CEO Of Windax Capital was seen as the winner of the debate but only by a small margin. Also today on the campaign trail, President Reberbio gave a speech at the University of Homar. Take a look. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: And our opponents, they've told us that they were willing to all band together just to make sure that our administration failed entirely. They told us that they're willing to stop economic progress for cheap political points. But that's not what this administration is about, this administration isn't about atrophy, this administration is about progress. (APPLAUSE) Dylan Reberbio: And from the beginning of our first day in office to election day a thousand years ahead, this administration will continue to focus not on just the worker's, not on just the middle class, but on 100% of this country. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: After the break, more breaking news and we talk to John Paul, the Presidential candidate under the National Front attempting to beat President Reberbio.
  9. Roundup for 5/2/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Breaking news today as day two of the Congressional hearings take place with Deputy Secretary of State being roasted today by the Foreign Relations Committee, the climax of which came with Congressman John Haming of the Green Party. Take a look. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) DEPUTY SECRETARY OF STATE MICHAEL LORETTA: Mr. Chairman, this has turned into a egregious line of questioning- GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JOHN HAMING, MEMBER OF FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE: It's nothing compared to your negligence against the Homari diplomatic community, how backminded you could be and how- Michael Loretta: I'm sorry, I won't respond to this- John Haming: Mr. Deputy, you should know that given your training in diplomacy, veterans and former national guard services like I, and yes, even State Department employees, they do not retreat. They engage. Michael Loretta: Then let me engage Congressman, let me say first of all that this is a egregious line of questioning and that- John Haming: Answer the question, for god's sake the Homari people are sitting on the edge of their seat. Michael Loretta: We had no information of any prior attacks or any general discontent in the region. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And today the breaking news of the day out of Leoben where the first ever Green Party debate was held and hosted by CNC News and also by me. Here's a firey exchange on the topic of Silistrious. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN ANDY HANNON: Because Silistrious, they've still condemned ending slavery, they've gone to a fuedalistic state. How are we to negotiate with that? GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: We negotiate by keeping a open mind for all nations, it's not Homar's place or right to stand in a higher moral position. Under this administration, let's be honest, we've forfeited our so called moral superiority. (APPLAUSE) Andy Hannon: No, no, let's face the facts and that is that we have not forefited our moral superiority, the Congressman acts like he can just drop it like it's something you pick up and drop at the end of the week. Our moral superiority started when we founded our nation off of freedom and democracy. (APPLAUSE) Jay Nikon: So thus you prove my point, we've lost said freedoms under this President. Why do we even bother anymore, this President must take action against this tyrant nation of Silistrious. Anderson Palmer: Alright, I want to get Melissa Percey for her opinion on this. GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE MELISSA PERCEY: Yeah, I really think that if we're going to keep our superiority within our great nation and this planet, we need to take a stand against a nation which allowed two of our diplomats to die- (APPLAUSE) Jay Nikon: Not true, we're holding a hearing right now just on that topic and Silistrious is simply not on in consideration. Melissa Percey: Well, let's make it into consideration, we need to look seriously into reconsidering our policy with this nation which, as Andy said, supports slavery and supports all these terrible things. Jay Nikon: That is outrageous, I never in my life- Anderson Palmer: I think Congressman Hannon wants to say something. Andy Hannon: Jay, why are you fighting the party on this? We're on the frontlines of this battle, it's in our manifesto. We've said that we oppose the Silistrian government in it's form, why are you fighting us on this? (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: We'll be right back after the break. More coming ahead tonight.
  10. Roundup for 5/1/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Today we're covering breaking news as today marks the beginning of Congressional hearings on the recent attacks on our embassy in Silistrious. To begin the hearings with a bang, former resigned Secretary of State Jordyn Rose answered questions before the Foreign Relations Committee in a attempt to find understanding to those Congressmen who had questions. At times the debate got very heated and the questioning turned more into a spectacle, the pinnacle of which appeared with Paul Raider the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Congress. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN PAUL RAIDER, CHAIRMAN OF FOREIGN RELATIONS COMMITTEE: But madame Secretary, did you not know that relations with Silistrious would be tested and did you not know that a clear instigation and challenge to their space program would be seen as a hostile move? Surely Madam Secretary, you must have recognized that. Or did you not? FMR. SECRETARY OF STATE JORDYN ROSE: What we recognized was that there were tense moments between our nations' respective diplomatic styles and economies- Paul Raider: And in that long conversation, there was not a single word on raising any of the security staff in the entire region? Not a word, not a gasp, not a single murmer from anyone that maybe we should protect the people inside our embassy? Jordyn Rose: Obviously we keep the safety of our embassy and our staff in check and- Paul Raider: Clearly not considering we've got 2 dead and 19 injured due to your so called "keeping safety in check", how can you justify that? Jordyn Rose: I can justify that by asking you to look at the actual facts. The facts are that no one could predict a bomb would go off infront of our embassy, no one could predict such a disaster would occur since we simply can't keep up with their inhumanity. We just can't predict the horrible things they'll do to get to the core of our great democracy and our great establishment. Paul Raider: Well perhaps that's why we needed a new Secretary of State. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: The full exchange was of course aired live on our studios and around the country. You can find the full hearing day 1 on our website which has not changed, Next on breaking news today as registration deadlines officially end for the Presidency and primaries, a 3rd contender to the Green Party announces her candidacy. Tax attorney Melissa Percey, a unexpected and for the most part unrecognized name. Here's her announcement. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) TAX ATTORNEY MELISSA PERCEY: Because we need this country back from the savages who have turned us into dogs, we need to take this country back from these dogs and turn our nation into one which cares for our fellow man and woman. I disagree with this notion that somehow there's no such thing as a free lunch. I say that if someone needs it, if they want it and they can't work for it physically, our government must provide not only for the richest among us, but the poorest among us. That should be our priority! (APPLAUSE) Melissa Percey: Our priority, the Green Party priority, and a priority I am wishing to show the Homari people as I today announce that I am running for President of Homar. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Next up, we have Melissa Percey in the studio live who'll talk to us on what she thinks she has to bring the country back from the quote dogs unquote. We'll be back after the break.
  11. Roundup for 4/30/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Good evening to our viewers at Homar and around the world. Today we're covering breaking news in a new announcement, announcing their candidacy for President of Homar. Today at a speech aimed towards the business community of Homar, CEO of Windax Capital James Christie announced his candidacy for President under the Worker's Party. Here's a clip of his announcement. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) CEO OF WINDAX CAPITAL JAMES CHRISTIE: But the media in their attempt to defend the president, they're just as guilty as the President himself. They try to portray our party as trying to restrain and restrict our government and organization, including our business community. Well, I have one thing to say. I am a businessman, and I am a proud Worker's Party supporter. (APPLAUSE) James Christie: And I am not afraid to say that our party is more defensive of our nation's business community then a party which will allow our business to roam unrestricted while attacking the smaller home communities and sole proprietors of this nation. I helped build Windax Capital from the company, none of which could have been possible if the current business climate existed, because would have been dwarfed. We need a President, we need a government who will stand up for the small business in our nation, who will stand up for our business community and I believe that person is me. (APPLAUSE) James Christie: That is why I announce my candidacy today for President of Homar under the Worker's Party. Thank you. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And also today we're covering breaking news reactions to the newest CNC polls where 5 thousand Homari citizens who were able to vote were asked, who did they support in primary and which party would they vote for in the Presidential elections. Nina Lestuwaki has more. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Worker's Party. (END CLIP) (PLAY CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: National Front. (END CLIP) (PLAY CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, Green Party all the way! (END CLIP) (PLAY CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I support the Libertarian Party. (VOICE OVER) Nina Lestuwaki: In a span of nearly 4 days, 5 thousand people in all major cities of Homar were polled with the simple question, Which party do you support and Which candidate in that respective party do you support for primary? The results were in many ways shocking, and in many ways not. The poll results were a expected overwhelming majority of support for the National Front as the National Front party takes more then 60 percent of the vote, around 61, and the President stands safe with a 77 percent majority in the party. His only real competition is former Congressman John Paul who resigned from the Congress weeks ago to announce his candidacy for President under the National Front, the first candidate to announce. But for the Presidential race, the much tighter race is between the Green party and the Worker's Party which may bear similarities to the fight for the position of the opposition during Congressional elections. At the moment, the Green Party has 13 percent of the vote and the Worker's Party with 11 percent with 15 percent of the vote undecided. In the Green Party, Congressman Jay Nikon leads with a slight gain over Congressman Andy Hannon with Nikon having 42 percent to Hannon's 39 percent with 19 percent undecided, and of course in the Worker's Party Congressman Ron Emmanual is the only person who is running so thus the party remains near 100 percent in favor of Emmanual. Anderson. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And of course the polls under the Worker's Party did not factor Mr. Christie who announced his candidacy today for the Presidency under the Worker;s Party. More on this after the break.
  12. Roundup for 4/29/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Covering breaking news out of Lublin today as President Reberbio makes a statement announcing his candidacy for reelection in his presidential tenure. He made a statement in the backyard of the Presidential Mansion today where he referenced the stories of many Homari citizens as a prelude to his announcement for his candidacy for reelection. In addition to which, he also opened the gates to allow 2 thousand invited Homari citizens to the backyard of the building to watch his announcement. Here's a clip of that announcement made today in which he announced his candidacy for reelection. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: I get letters everday and I respond to like, 10 or so every week. But one stiked me as particularly, particularly emotional. One with great foundations through morals and a great apprecation for what the writer had. That emotion and that passion telling me that he, you know, he couldn't get a job. He had just come as a immigrant he is one of those 3 percent of Homari citizens who even though they've gained more through job growth under this administration then ever, some also aren't able to get jobs period. We need to work harder, I need to work harder and we need to work together to raise the standard and quality of of life in this great country, Homar, the greatest country in the world, and I ask you to help me maintain that quality of our nation that we've stood for, that we've stood for, for so long, and that has made us a nation on the brink of economic miracle. I ask for you to help me continue that goal in joining me as I run for reelection for the office of President of Homar. (APPLUSE) (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And the Congressional Hall today expressing their support for the President as many National Front members went up to the podium to commend the President in his reelection campaign as he announced today. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) NATIONAL FRONT CONGRESSMAN NIKA TODD: As President Reberbio begins his challenge to become reelected upon the highest office in this great nation, it is my duty as a senior member of the National Front Congress to express my wholehearted support and commendation for our President as he continues to serve the people of Homar. (END CLIP) (PLAY CLIP) NATIONAL FRONT CONGRESSMAN GEOFF VEGAS: Mr. Speaker I speak today in support of President Reberbio who has just announced his candidacy for reelection in his office of President and I ask my collegues to do the same in expressing their support for this President. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And if you thought that the name Nika Todd sounded somewhat familar, that was the Congressman who weeks ago made some very controversial comments about abortion and rape in which he claimed that women could shut down their bodies if the rape was not legitament. He has remained in the government despite the leadership calling on him to resign. Jack Flanigan of the Green Party also made a statement today in a speech after the President's announcement in a more condemning manner of the President. Take a look. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GREEN PARTY CHAIRMAN JACK FLANIGAN: In a world which is struggling, Homar is rising steadily by a rising tide. This is a sign not of the President's accomplishments, but the inginuety of the Homari people to succeed despite the government continuing to restrict the lives of those who work to give us such great and happy lives. We will do as we said, and do as we will in what we promised beforehand, and that is our promise to you in which we will make a difference. Whoever wins out of this primary battle in our party will become the next president of Homar, and we also learned today that President Reberbio will be running for reelection. (BOOS) Jack Flanigan: No, no. Let's be clear, ladies and gentlemen, it's only due to the hard of this administration, the Reberbio administration, it's only due to their hard work that we can win in such a huge majority next election. Let's give this election win to the Green Party and let's put a Green Party candidate in office. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: After the break, we talk to Jay Nikon candidate from the Green Party in his bid to become the next President of Homar on his plans for the future of the country. Stay with us.
  13. Roundup for 4/28/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Breaking news covering live updates of the situation in Cyrus happening right now with protests breaking out in the city after Mayor Alto of Cyrus initiated a across the board 72 percent cut in all public salaries. A massive pay reduction leading to many public workers and unions breaking out in protest, and CNC went to report live from Cyrus when unfortunately Nina Lestuwaki went and was assaulted and robbed on live camera, leading to a truly shocking and terrible event for her life. Here's a short clip of what happened. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Take her bag! (INAUDIBLE) Nina Lestuwaki: Hey, give it back! (LAUGHTER) Nina Lestuwaki: Give it back! UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shi*, police! (INAUDIBLE) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get down, shut up! Nina Lestuwaki: He stole my bag! UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Calm down ma'am, stay back. We got your bag. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Although Nina did get her bag eventually and the people who committed the crime were apprehended, the event left her shocked and disoriented. But outside of the area Nina was reporting in, the solution was a lot less simple then the resolution to Nina's theft. In Cyrus' downtown area, looting and violent conflict was reported in the masses. Here's a clip of the area from the sky where Charlie Matthews reported for us. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) Charlie Matthews: ...John, you can see the sky and the air right now and it's pretty foggy. That's from the smoke being blown into the air from many fires around the area, just take a look outside, there's around, two, three four, five fires all giving up smoke into the air. It makes it pretty hard to see, but you can just imagine the scope of these riots if there's this much smoke in the air. It is indeed a shocking scene. John Brawnan: And if you can, what can you tell us about the ground and what's happening on the ground? What do you see? Charlie Matthews: Well beyond the obvious fire, clearly there's a large amount of people yelling and protesting and- John Brawnan: Oh, wow, we just heard some gunshots over here, can you tell us where the source of that uh, source of that sound is coming from? Charlie Brawnan: Yeah, we just saw a couple of shots ring from down under us, and uh, yeah it looks like there's a couple of shots being fired and we're going to try to fly over there to see what's going on in that particular area, but there's no doubt a ton of rioting and of course looting. Gunshots here and there as protestors move into new areas as well as more protestors being apprehended by police, that's got to of course lead to a coupe of shots. But overall, the concern really isn't over the gunshots or being shot at, it seems to be more or less the sheer amount of people running around and trampling one another. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: At the moment current released numbers show that there are about 42 confirmed casualties in the area with no specifics number being released as how those 42 died. Current numbers also indicate that the general amount of damaged caused will be around the 20-30 million dollar range at the current moment, and police is expected to ramp up efforts to keep the protestors down. No word from the Presidential Mansion yet. After the break, more on this breaking news.
  14. Roundup for 4/27/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Covering reaction to controversial actions made by Mayor of Cyrus Rob Alto today in the Cyrus city assembly where a vote was passed by councilmen to lower the salary of all public employees in Cyrus by 72 percent. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) MAYOR OF CYRUS ROB ALTO: Alright, vote passes with majority, salaries for all public employees are reduced by a 72 percent effective immediately. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Protests break out in the assembly building to the point where federal police have held the building under control and restriction with the mayor himself stuck inside the building. Here's a short clip of the protest. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If we are the enemies of this mayor, if teachers and firefighters are his enemies then how about looking at his friends! UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah! UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Recall Alto! UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's send Alto back to Leoben and out of Cyrus! UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Man is a fraud! UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why has he cut our salaries? Why! UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because he hates public service! (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: Now with us, the man himself, Mayor Rob Alto of Cyrus. Mr. Mayor, do we have you? Rob Alto: Anderson, good to be with you. Anderson Palmer: Mr. Mayor, can you give justification to the recent piece of legislation you passed where you reduced salaries by 72 percent? Rob Alto: Yeah, Anderson we all know that our budget is relatively hard to balance considering we're used as the cesspool the Congress takes from to justify further economic stimulus packages, so we need to balance our budget some how and this should be a message to Lublin to keep their hands from abusing our budget. Anderson Palmer: But isn't this just hurting your citizens who have just served the people of your city? Rob Alto: We see it as simply a contribution to oppose the new government intervention against municipal government budgets. That's it, and that's the end of it. It's a simple case of expression- Anderson Palmer: But this expression could get you kicked out of office, no? People are calling a recall election and beginning to collect signatures for a recall election. Rob Alto: Polls show that very simply people are willing to sacrifice a bit in order for the better good. That's what I think people will recognize, and we also do not think that they will recieve enough signatures to raise a recall vote. Anderson Palmer: Alright, after the break we'll be back with more on this breaking news in Cyrus where salaries for all public workers have just been reduced by 72 percent.
  15. Roundup for 4/26/2015

    Anderson Palmer: Right onto the campaign trail today with Congressman Ron Emmanual of the Worker's Party making a speech at Brawnan University to a full room. There the Congressman and Presidential hopeful blasted the President and his choices in choosing cabinet positions, particularly Secretary of State. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) WORKER'S PARTY CONGRESSMAN RON EMMANUAL: Let's go down the line, shall we? Number one, this President brought a secretary of state who allowed the deaths of two Homari diplomats and 19 injuries, despite being brought information earlier in the day that there would, guess what, be a attack! Next, we've got Secretary of State Bartlet refusing to negotiate with Silistrious, I mean, with a record like this his cabinet remains defenseless. In fact, the cabinet is a prime example of exactly why this President cannot lead, he leads a party and a administration which prides itself on negligence! If you ask me, the signals for a change in leadership. (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And on the Green Party current polled frontrunner Congressman Nikon made a impassioned speech at the convention for Environmental Protection where he blasted Emmanual for his positions on environment. (PLAY VIDEOTAPE) GREEN PARTY CONGRESSMAN JAY NIKON: Emmanual opposes pollution restrictions, he opposes mileage minimums, he opposes the foundations which have made this nation one of the most environmentally friendly in the world. Emmanual himself is a shyster, he opposes the solutions which have made our economy great and strong, and he even opposed the Clean Air Act! (BOOS) Jay Nikon: I know, it's in the name people. Clean air, he opposes it, that's all you need to know. Emmanual's positions on the environment are not only unrealistic, but they are fantasy period. (APPLAUSE) (END VIDEOTAPE) Anderson Palmer: And also covering news on a fire ripping through Leoben which has claimed 8 lives and at the moment first responders are still on the scene, trying to find survivors. Nina Lestuwaki joins us now as she's on the scene, Nina, what's going on? Nina Lestuwaki: Well Anderson the scene is chaotic, people have gathered around to take a glimpse of what's happened here and of course the police are doing their best in attempting to hold back these people, but of course as you can imagine these first responders are under a lot of stress as the entire eyes of the nation are on them. Anderson Palmer: How did this fire begin Nina? Nina Lestuwaki: Well, the fire is suspected to have begun off of a faulty oven which sparked and caused the fire, but of course it's not finalized as the final details are still being ironed out. But, of course, we're going to confirm everything which comes through our airways. Anderson Palmer: And Nina, do first responders expect to actually find any more survivors? Nina Lestuwaki: I think that overall the first responders have a optimistic view on finding more suvivors, but of course, given the sheer scope of this matter it would be hard to definitatvely say that they will find more survivors. Anderson Palmer: Alright, thanks Nina, after the break we'll be right back with more on the campaign for President and the recent fire which has killed a total of 8 so far.