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  1. Extractors and refineries are totally worth it. Yeah they cost 4 or 10 mw and money but the resources they produce they produce every day. Pretty soon you'll have made more than you spent. I presume the same goes for services and infrastructure as well but I don't know for sure.
  2. I've set my taxes to 45 and 100 now. I had been getting extractors and refineries to have stuff to sell and give to the people in case a famine broke out or whatever I have to supply construction materials for. I have a few roads and 200 police and 480 nurses but I assumed that extractors and refineries would be a better return but maybe they aren't. More land means more people but I don't have enough jobs for the people I already have, unemployment is 8% at the moment. Edit: These tax rates are working out brilliantly.
  3. I can't buy any more extractors or refineries* as I'm generating as much power as I'm using. I could buy more land but recently there was a glitch that gave me 100 million Euro and I spent that on land thinking it would be better in the long term than saving up for a coal plant since my population is always growing so fast and I think I read that if you have too many people in too little space there'll be more disease and now I have so much land that one square km would cost785,736.05 . I think you're right about raising taxes though. A higher tax rate means lower literacy and a higher disease rate (I don't know how this works but that's what happens) and I like my people to have as high a standard of living as possible so I keep taxes as low as possible while still bringing in more than I spend but 150 million won't be too far away if I keep taxes high for a small while. I just hope that the government doesn't get overthrown. ("However, note that higher taxes are not necessarily better, as people are more reluctant to work hard if they are heavily taxed and very high taxes may even lead to protests, riots and the overthrowing of your government." *I buy these and not nurses etc. so I can generate more resources and make more money. I have 63 extractors, 9 refineries and 11 warehouses.
  4. It would be realistic if prices were based on what you have or don't have in your nation like buying coal should never cost me much as I produce it myself but cement should cost me a lot of it as I can't produce it. Countries could sell stuff they produce anyway for more than they buy it for to countries who don't produce it. As it stands I can rarely buy stuff in the market as everything seems to cost over 1,000 Euro PER TON/LOAF/WHATEVER. I haven't even been here 2 months so I'm basically priced out of the market although at the moment this isn't a problem since I can't build anything as I don't have any power to spare and getting more will cost me 150 million. Needless to say I'm not even 1/10 of the way there. It's hard being a new nation.
  5. The Middle East is always the same story; Hamas launches rockets so Israel bombs the Arabs indiscriminately and then paints them as the bad guys even though the Israelis have killed far more civilians throughout the decades. I've seen some zionists say that Hamas launch rockets to provoke the air bombings to win sympathy. As if anyone would want to lose more people than the enemy on purpose when they don't have as much land. If I had to live in Gaza-like conditions I'd be angry too, not that I'd kill civilians though.
  6. Suggested priorities

    I hope military gets worked on last as you can opt out of being attacked (peace mode) plus a stronger economy means a stronger military.
  7. Party Discipline

    Sounds good to me.
  8. Can a mechanism be put in for keeping the party in line? I don't see the point of having 447 of the 500 seats if 227 or so representatives vote against what I wouldn't have thought was an extreme law (a levy on the banking sector).
  9. Rant:

    Then more people smoke it, more brain damage and it'll cost more in the long run. With a sales tax there'll be a black market anyway as a sales tax is a flat tax so not everybody will be able to pay. I don't see the need to send people to jail for just possession though.
  10. Economy Tips

    Here's a good tip; set corporate tax to 0. This lowers unemployment to near nonexistence and you'll actually make way more money this way.
  11. Political Affiliation Poll

    That would be me. Internationally minded, socially and law and order moderate and economically left wing plus deeply religious.