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  1. The Ravendel is searching for allies

    There is the United Aincrad Coalition which is fairly open
  2. United Aincrad Coalition - DOE

    Thanks for the support mate.
  3. Declaration of Existance The United Aincrad Coalition, under the leader ship of the Magisterium and Senate of Aincrad, ​here forthwithdeclares itself as a active and offical alliance of the Project Terra Community. As the modern incarnation of guilds of Aincrad we seek to ensure the safety of our member-states as well as to encourage their growth and prosperity. Built upon the principles that lead to the liberation of over five thousand humans. We seek to prevent another "Sword Art OnlineIncident" and to turn Aincrad from a virtual hell, into a utopia ofsovereignand free peoples. We promote a peaceful coexistence if and whenever practical. We will willingly accept any and all nation who wish to join our alliance. We also seek to establish diplomatic relationships with any alliance. We treat all nations as equals and do not see senior nations as being more important that younger nations and seek to provide a haven for all nation regardless of their past or present and seek to protect and support their future. contact us through these URLs Alliance page:https://project-terra.com/Alliance/View/United_Aincrad_Coalition/1 Alliance Website:http://united-aincrad-coalition.webs.com/register Kind Regards United Aincrad Coalition
  4. UNITED AINCRAD COALITION Carissime Amici The United Aincrad Coalition offers you a place among its members. Come join us and forge new friendships and find shelter in the growing strength of our alliance. Aincrad seeks to buildup thegrowing nations of the Globe and to provide a basicinfrastructureto support its member-states. Aincrad seeks to support all nations upon the Globe. We will protect the Democratic,Pacifist and Commercial Member-States.We will supply the Militant,ImperialisticandIndustrial Nations. We seek to ensure the right to prosperity that nations are entitled to, Aincrad willendeavourto protect all of it member-nations. Aincrad has numerous political positions open to its members. Become a Member of Aincrad and see were you can go. Can you rise to the senate. Perhaps you will lead on of the Allied Legions. Perhaps you will become a popular tribunerepresentingtheinterestsof your fellow member-states. Semper Victrix, Semper Libatas AlwaysVictorius, Always Free Apply and Join through these URLs https://project-terra.com/Alliance/View/United_Aincrad_Coalition/1 http://united-aincrad-coalition.webs.com/register Kind Regards United Aincrad Coalition