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  1. The Ravendel is searching for allies

    I made my choice , and I decided to join the Commerce Union . I think you're what I am searching for I did my application in game , but does it need to be confirmed on an offsite forum or whatsoever ? And I want to thanks all the others for their candidatures , hoping that you will not be angry at me ...
  2. I am a French player that came onto this game last Friday , and I am starting to accustom myself to the game , its rules and secrets . Now , my politic of isolationism is revealing its weakness , therefore I am searching for an alliance to join in . The Ravendel is the incarnation of my personal beliefs : capitalism and republicanism , but in the French meaning of " Republicanism " , not the american one . I deeply admire the afrikaner culture , and the afrikaans language . I would like to find an open-minded alliance , in which I can trade and exchange newspaper articles . But above all , I want and I need peace . Thanks for the answers , thanks for the game !
  3. Nation Help Thread

    OK , so as I am at 9 % with the persons and zéro with the companies , I can raise more taxes ?
  4. Nation Help Thread

    Hello ! I am the player Thunderoad , and my nation is the Ravendel . I have a question for those who know : How much can I increase taxes without affecting the satisfaction of the people, and what is the tipping point where to raise taxes as a percentage reduces the amount received ? Thank you for this fantastic game , waiting for an answer . Bye !