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  1. OFFICIAL FACTBOOK OF THE NEW DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF KARZEGHISTAN, Statistics: Official Languages: Karzeghi, Malay, National Languages: Karzeghi, Malay, English, Mandrin Chinese, Arabic Writing Systems: Latin Alphabets, Chinese Characters, Arabic characters Ethnic Groups: 70% Karzeghi, 26.5% Malay 4.6% , Han Chinese , 0.1% Others Demonym: Karzeghinese Government: Republic - President: Svastily Vasiliv - Prime Mimister: Ashraf Ahmad Tan Land Area: - 12.1 sq mi (31.3 km2) Establishment: Independence from the State of Norkov Island, 1992, July 12th Population - 420,000( as of November 2014) Density 14,213/km2 GDP: GDP per Capita: OKR. 107,328.57 (OKR. 45,128,014,177.77 total) Currency: Karzegh Ruble (OKR) Time zone: MST (UTC+8) - Summer (DST) not observed (UTC) Drives on the: left Calling code: 212 Internet TLD: .KZ Military: (Total Ground Force, Navy and Airforce) Total:8,210 Personnel 6,000 Active Personnel 2,210 Reserves Navy: 1,800 Active Personnel, 200 Reserve Air Force: 1,200 Active Personnel, 200 Reserve Ground Force: 2,100 Active, 2,000 Reserve Coast Guard: 350 Active Personnel 50 Reserve Spec Ops: 150 Active 350 Reserve Military Equipment: IFVs and AFVs BMP-4 BMP--3 BMD-3 Terrex AV81 8x8 AFV Bionix armoured fighting vehicle Tanks T-50, T-70 Pokpung-ho MBT Altay MBT Small Arms MG50, AK-47, Makarov Pistol, Kalekalıp KNT-308 Sniper rifle MKEK MPT
  2. Let's Make a Story!

  3. Let's Make a Story!

  4. Joint Military Exercises (hopefully)

    FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, KARZEGHISTAN ENCYPTION LEVEL: DIPLOMATIC SUBJECT, JOINT MILITARY EXERCISES The glorious leader of Karzeghistan is interested in the said event. Karzeghistan will participate if All is well.
  5. KSCNBC News has officially returned after a long few month break after we have moved office to a new studio in VP Island. Regards, Head Editor Sebastien Axel
  6. KSCNBC News - Karzeghi News Since 1870 Top of the News - Karzeghistan's first airline opens up - Velikiy Pilomaterialy Island - Karzeghistan's first airline, Îs Fljúga Airlines, has officially opened today. The de-facto opening was two years ago, before the airline actually had any aircraft. With such a small budget for aircraft, Îs Fljúga Airlines managed to restore two DC-3 planes, two Antonov An-2Ps, and a Beriev Be-30. All of the aircraft, (except for the two DC-3s) were from the Karzeghi airports junkyard soviet era junkyard, while the DC-3s were acquired from the now modernized Karzeghi Arctic Defense Command Unit. The first flight is scheduled to take off tomorrow, from Velikiy Pilomaterialy Island to the capital Bakubad. Velikiy Pilomaterialy Island officials are due to board the Antonov An-2P tomorrow at Bellion Airfield at VPI.
  7. KSCNBC News - Karzeghi News Since 1870 Top Of The News BAKUBAD - Karzeghi fighters scrambled when undetected military aircraft entered Bakubad Airbase airspace. Karzeghi 21st Fighter Sabre Squadron shot down the aircraft (a A-67 Dragon aircraft). The light attack plane was used by only the 31 Light Attack Squadron and the 99th Armed Scouting Squadron. The aircraft was most likely used by the rebels, whom captured many at the Janrah Island Airbase. Currently, KSCNBC News does not have much to say about the subject, until the investigation begins Tommorow.