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  1. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    Post count +1.
  2. Unemployment

    I'm pretty sure it just fluctuates. As for lowering taxes, you have to give it awhile before it can really do anything.
  3. The History of Project Terra

    That sounds like a good ending to my novel!

    Even those are on the border.

    PYTHON FTW!!!! Too bad it's not widely used on web severs, but a great general scripting language. Unless you're doing something really crazy, PHP is pretty good.
  6. It's actually kind of sad that I have to do something like this, but here goes! I am fairly new to PT. I registered in November of 2014. Since seeing this game die and people making references to Alpha, and pre-Beta, it makes me want to know what really happened. Because this game is almost dead, and there are few community members left, I want to put the history of Project Terra into the history books forever, while I can. So what do YOU have to contribute? Please post anything related to the history of PT, Alpha mechanics, developer politics, PT being hacked, etc. New and old players alike need to know these things, so don't be afraid to share!
  7. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    This has just turned into something to get your post count up.

    Some joke, BUT MOSTLY ANGER!!!!!!!!! My philosophy (and probably every other developer) is that programming should be fun. Generally not the case with ASP.NET . A lot of guides specifically say to stay away from ASP.NET . When I was looking at backend languages to learn, I took one look at it, and flew out the door. It is extremely complex and not very fun to work with.

    Guys, I figured it out! The reason that Chris or anyone else doesn't work on this game is because they made it in FREAKING ASP.NET!!!! WORST WEB DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGE EVER!!!!!
  10. Roundup for 1/28/2015

    Amazing as always!
  11. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    u wot m8?
  12. Should I continue CNC News?

    Thats what I'm doing. I got sick of the slow servers and no development. I am slowly learning PHP, and MySQL, (just ignoring the stuff like Javascript, jQuery, and Ajax until I get further on down the road)
  13. Take the game down

    Hey, Chris, why are the servers so slow?
  14. Take the game down

    I agree. Chris should sell the game rights to someone who actually has time. Like some computer nerd living in his parent's basement.