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  1. Well about 6 days ago I pass the law "Free Trade Act" and suddenly a tons of private company pop up. But after I pass another law "Foreign Investment Inducement Act" which I believe create more company. The number of private company didnt rise up anymore now there like 8% of unemployed rate and is getting higher. Is there problem with law I just passed, problem with the tax rate or other thing? If you could told me how to have more company by passing law,... it will be useful -Sorry for me suck grammar-
  2. Some question

    Ty <3
  3. Some question

    Awww ;-; and thank btw But where can I see the"Government Satisfaction"
  4. Some question

    I forgot to choose my nation religion right and I dont know where to change it. Pls someone tell me where to change it. And I really want to see my people happiness over the government too, pls show me where it is.