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  1. 15th of January, game is still not fixed. No hope is left in sight.
  2. 6th of January, game is still broken.
  3. Even this thread is dead. Bump.
  4. What a disappointment that was. I wish he made that forum. At least we still have his facebook page.
  5. So...Why keep it a secret

    I can't even register on PN i don't know what the deal with it is or the history. It obviously is as dead as this game. The community of PT is dead but we can all see it is not completely dead. There is still a few hundred views on new posts, obviously it's just the remnants of the community and them checking in to see if PT will ever get salvaged and to see what people post about. Most of them don't even post their own comment, they just read others. It would be nice to see Ahovking make his own game that is PT + 10x better. This game will take a long time before it sees the light of day again, or it is finally announced by someone it will be shut down. I will assume that an update will not come out, and if it does it will be shite. So Chris should sell the game before its value is like 5$ (although it will always be worth something a little more) I will also assume most of us will still be checking in, I don't check in to see if there is an update, i check in to see what people say.
  6. I will wait.

    I'm just hoping if he ever does come up with an update, it adds a crap load of stuff. Yet i know an update will likely not come out, or if one does it will be half a year or longer. You're right, a lot of these games don't have some of the amazing features from PT but the community is truly what makes those games amazing (also the fact that most have the features they want, if not all.) Personally since i have posted this i haven't been on the game once, i've just checked this forum. The saddest thing about this is that we don't get an update saying the game is still in development, we are hanging on a cliff waiting for a response. tl;dr: sad we don't get a update saying the game is dead. Also i am not sure if I am the only one but before i left the game i put my tax rates to 100% and i don't think anything is happening (could be wrong)
  7. I will wait.

    I am on the same boat as well. I am just on here to check in every so often. I've actually been playing on P&W and joined the Black Knights The game itself is slightly bland, but it is fun. (pretty contradictory) if anyone is looking for another cool nation game (most people are on p&w) check this out > http://www.ars-regendi.com/register.html So far i haven't seen anyone recommend this or even heard of it. Most of the alliances on this game are in different languages, I haven't seen many english speaking ones. I will come back to this dead forum every week or two to see if anything happens, but since most of the people have left this game, i don't expect much.
  8. So i have been reading a lot of forum posts on here, and well i am slightly annoyed by them. Someone mentioned they are departing or want to depart for Politics and War which i find ironic. I have no reason for posting this, but in search of a good nation simulation game i skimmed through a lot of dead communities. CN is a good example, i made an account hoping for a game that i would enjoy, well, i liked it. A person who recruited me into an alliance was hoping me to not get bored of the game because the community is dead. Before all of this i had not heard of CN or PT i stuck with nationstates, but it lacked something i craved War and Customizable Laws. When i signed up for PT i thought everything was implemented, i realised quickly it wasn't. To my disappointment a lot of things were broken or not added, for one the inbox doesn't work, i get a paragraph of broken code. Some error on line 35. ------------------------ I have redone this post at least four times now accidentally deleting what i said and getting more angrier each time, so i will cut this short. -------------------------------------- I came from P&W because the way social policies do nothing and it's just a set of questions that are pointless made me annoyed. The way Logistics work is perfect, i love being able to distribute how much food i will give to my people. I like to supply power and infrastructure, it makes me feel great that there is that level of customization. The next i want to compliment is the way laws were added, they are extremely customizable and whether they have an impact or not they provide great varied ideologies. If war ever does get implemented, the way alliances or nations will go war to over things is intense. I would choose to be go to war with a nation i wanted cripple, but not just that, i wouldn't go to war with a nation that has a majority of my ideologies. If they allowed slavery and i banned it, i would likely go to war with them depending on the circumstances. Everyone can agree that PT has a lot of issues or things that need to be implemented, but whether the things get added or not i will stick around for as long as possible be it a year, or two or however long. PT has introduced so many things that are revolutionary to the nation simulators, and unless a new simulator comes out and does a copy for copy design i still see the features in PT to be unlike any other sim. To sum this up, Chris if you are lacking money create a way to make special things in game that you have to pay RL money to get cool things. But this could go wrong making it a pay2win type game which is why you would have to make it so it doesn't give people who pay severe leads or handicaps. A good example is NationStates and how they make you pay for stamps to broadcast server wide telegrams to recruit people or 'reserved names' Another suggestion if you read this Chris. if you are going to update the game do not come out with an update that adds one little thing, laws are huge thing. If you want a revival of the game which i am not sure what your motives are (even if they are to make money) create an update however long it takes, be it a year or two that adds everything everyone wants. Don't forget to create a way to make money, well because a project that is revolutionary deserves to make money. ----I wrote this from an all nighter so please don't mention spelling mistakes and i deleted so many things on accident, while i was writing it i somehow deleted two paragraphs again.----