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  1. Thought provoking questions

    1. Don't go for the easy path. If it's too easy don't do it, even though it seems better, or... easier. Most of the times it will hurt you in the future. 2. I wouldn't get involved with other people. 3. The people in it... 4. Indirect control, mostly... 5. More work I actually enjoy doing.
  2. Politics Explained

  3. upvotes all around

    Hey! That is my idea!
  4. A philosophical question

  5. Lets Play, anman style.

    I know I'm being repetitive but... Sexy.
  6. So

    Still sexy.
  7. Lets Play, anman style.

    Anman, boy, your good looks won't change the fact that Lavender Town is scary as hell.
  8. Lets Play, anman style.

    I will watch because of your sexiness.
  9. Favorite Websites?
  10. UFOs and Human Observation

    What do you have against ponies, Pandora?
  11. UFOs and Human Observation

    PS: Don't use Google.
  12. Mermaids

    You people can't even post without cursing... It's like you guys love ponies. Goddammit.
  13. UFOs and Human Observation

    In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen.
  14. I don't really remember much about the old market. It was okay but it felt strange. However, the trading part, the vehicles, etc, were just fine. I don't have any ideas myself but rounding the clock back a few months, this proposal: ...seemed perfect. The original proposal can be found here.