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  1. Fellow holdouts, I am sure life will return. If only we have faith. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  2. The Floodian Empire DoE

    Honorable Emperor Foman, I’ve had nothing, but pleasant deals with the Flood Empire. I hope that under your leadership your Empire rises to new heights of success and wonder. I hope that we’ll be meeting the rest of your government as the days go by. I wish you and yours nothing, but the greatest success. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  3. Seeking an alliance

    Thank you, After serious consideration I've decided to apply to the New Pacific Order. Thank you all for the messages, both here and to my nation directly. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black
  4. Seeking an alliance

    Honorable Terra, I had intended to reform my previous alliance, however that wasn’t to be. The convergence of a FEAR-PT has also failed. As such I’m in need of a new place to call home. I’ve browsed over the few postings located here and have found that while the recruitment is of a high quality it is not of a personal nature. I’m seeking an alliance that is active. I wish to be part of a community, preferable a larger community. With the peace the world now experiences I have no need of protection, but should the need arise in the future I’m a capable fighter. I’m willing to do what is asked of me and I work diligently to complete the tasks assigned. I am a man of honor and high integrity. I believe that community and strong bonds lead to strong nations. That a man’s word is a sacred blood oath that must be honored no matter the adversity. That honesty and strait forwardness are preferable to double speak or underhandedness. If you believe that your alliance has what I seek please persuade me of such. I hope to find a new home among many that I will one day call friends. Humble submitted, Joseph M. Black.
  5. Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

    Perspective members, As a community FEAR is welcome to all who want to be welcomed. Some members prefer to simply take part in the in-game aspects and don’t participate in the forum or IRC activity. For those who choose too they’ll find a community that is; close, protective, fun, with the occasional internal conflict. From the moment a cadet is accepted the community tires to embrace them. The academy process serves not only to educate our members, but also serves as a time for the cadet to slowly let their guard down and become part of the community. For those cadets who are willing to let their guard down, they’ll quickly find that everyone in the alliance is talking and interacting with them. Aid over flows and the number of fish your hit with on IRC is enough that you might as well go into business. As members grow in age they’ll discover that we open our hearts to them. We share things that are effecting us in real life far more than we discuss cyber nations. Which helps envelope them in the community completely when they begin sharing their pleasures and pains with us. We as a community will surround a member who is facing a hard time and we celebrate with those of us whose life is full of wonder. Like any other alliance we’ll protect our members from threats inside the game, but once a member has opened up to us and become part of the true community we’re protective of them completely. I’ve known of members who would say up well past their time zone to help another member study for a test the following morning. That protection doesn’t just extend to outside the community either. One thing that impresses me the most is that we protect each other inside the community as well. More often than not debates within FEAR look much more balanced than they are and that’s because we never let someone feel like they are alone. Even if those arguing with you don’t share your opinion, they’ll do the best they can to make sure your opinion isn’t ignored. Fun is an important part of being in FEAR. We wouldn’t be able to keep members if we didn’t have our own way of having fun. Let’s just say when it comes to fun, the label NSFW comes to mind. We like to have fun and especially as we get closer to update our channel becomes much more… interesting. Everyone is playful, and it really helps keep us active when most alliances see activity slow to a crawl. Getting an in-game message telling you that you’re slacking off and that you need to come by IRC goes a long way in getting you there. Even if it’s only for a moment because you’re busy that week, it goes a long way in making sure you remember to come back when you’re not so busy. Our spam section is probably one the most active, I’ve seen. Usually it’s a handful of members. With FEAR I can’t think of an active member who doesn’t participate in our spam. Conflicts are going to happen and FEAR is no exception to that. I guess what strikes me the most about FEAR conflicts is that they disappear just as quickly as they start. And even though they are the most intense conflicts I’ve seen in cyber nations, for the most part everyone seems to walk away unaffected. Some of the strongest conflicts I’ve seen have been between members. Honestly it reminds me of watching siblings fight. Because they know each other so intimately it’s easier to push each other’s buttons. And FEAR isn’t without our share of these fights. I hope to see you around, Joseph M. Black
  6. Honorable Terra, The Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics serves as a democratic meritocracy. We have a democratically elected Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, with an appointed Directorate. We are generally older mature players who've been connected for years. We have a strong presence on our forum and IRC. We are accepting applications at this time and encourage anyone who is interested in relations with our alliance to sign up on our forum. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black, Vice Chancellor of the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics. Membership sign up~Diplomat sign up
  7. New Pacific Order DoE

    Honorable Pacifica, It is a privilege to congratulate you on your re-emergence in this new era. Best wishes, Joseph M. Black
  8. Game Development Update

    Honorable Terrans, It has been an amazing adventure, but this is good bye. I wish you all the best in other world and in real life. Farewell, Joseph M. Black
  9. Discussion of Donation Benefits

    Honorable Terra, If individuals are going to donate to the game, let them have an significant bonus. 5/500K, 10/1M, 20/2M, ect, and don't cap the amount a person can donate. I understand some don't have large pockets and I'm among that group, however this is a free game and the only way to keep it that way is for individuals to donate. So unless we as a community want to collectively fund the game we should reward those who are investing in the game. If it makes them ungodly powerful as a result don't envy them, thank them. Just my 2 cents. Joseph M. Black.
  10. Beta And Alpha Info

    Honorable Silberner, I won't argue your not entitled to your view of democracies, but I do feel your over generalizing the governmental structure. Democracy can be a very effective way of doing many things and when done correctly it promotes activity, divides the work load, and provides a creative outlet. I'd like to point out that the USA-B was ranked 10th, with an increasingly high number of individuals who were participating both the legislature and the election process. In terms of taking more out of the individual I'll have to disagree with you. If an individual is leading a nation because they crave power than I can see why another qualified individual taking their position would be taxing on the leader. I'd also argue that if the individual is only after power they are not much of a leader and it does show both in the quality of their community and in their membership retention rates. Dictatorships or Democracies should be a process of rewarding individuals for their hard work and acknowledged their contributions to the alliance. In a dictatorship this is done with positions and titles, given out by the leader of the alliance, which can create a bit of a glass ceiling over a period of time. In a democracy this is done by the election process, and it is renewed every election cycle. Sincerely, Joseph M. Black.
  11. The swear filter is completely unnecessary.

    Lords of Terra, Interesting choice of filter, but something that I feel has been needed. I'm interested to see how the more profane members of our community cope with the loss of the most fundamental component of their speech. It will definitely make the quality of discussion more enjoyable. Sincerely, Joseph, M. Black
  12. Beta And Alpha Info

    He said early October, there are 31 days in October it's not past early until the 16th. That aside it was an estimation, so just relax.
  13. Beta And Alpha Info

    Lords of Terra, You have my complete support. I hope that your time in our realm is not inhibiting that of your own, and I wanted to thank you for your continued dedication. Joseph M. Black
  14. Views like these don't help the American stereotype...

    Honorable Terra, My guess is this individual knows that comment isn't true, but that enough individuals will only see the abortion issue and will side with him.
  15. Welcome to Fascism, America.

    Honorable Terra, There are some aspects of this bill that don't make any sense and others that do. I think the restrictions on pre-existing conditions and drop rates are long over due. These should have been passed many years ago and the fact that they were not is simply the result of a horrible political system that helped the last US president remain in power for eight years based on the money his family had. We will forever play catch up in terms of our developement, so long as the great political divide exists and comprimise is considered a bad word. I'd like to clarify that nothing about the bill is like fascism, not even remotely close. Words have meaning and no matter how much individuals and news networks would like to, these words should not be used to describe things they don't represent, because it's like the boy who cried wolf, call it to many times and when it does show up, people won't care or believe you.