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  1. Chris' Daily Reminder That PT is Broken.


    What's going on in here???
  3. Let's Make a Story!

  4. Let's Make a Story!

  5. Let's Make a Story!

  6. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    Really? I don't try to be, honestly. I'm blunt, but don't consider myself one.
  7. Anime Thread 2, the revengening!

    The revival of one the best topics on this entire site... I like it!
  8. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    When you've experienced having everyone shill you to make you look bad for a casus belli, you understand why being a dick is pretty immature. So yes, I do honestly.
  9. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    I prefer being supportive rather than being a dick to someone, after all
  10. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    I give Sons of Rumsod my full support. An excellent alliance with an excellent background.
  11. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    I for one support this alliance completely. BLOCPARTY is the ultimate alliance, you all here should strive to be like them.
  12. The Floodian Empire DoE

    I haven't been here in a while, if the whole "OOC" rules still remain, please forgive me. I can't think of a way to post this in any other way. If I need to be banned, so be it, but at least leave my post intact. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I never thought I would be posting here again, but listen up man. TFE is gone, that boat has sailed a long time ago with blowing away 3/4 of the site members. TFE was in spirit the alliance, but now that has ceased to exist, becoming something that is a shame to its deceased ancestor. I had fun running TFE and being a member of it. Sure did it have a lot of bad times, especially with the community due to both our actions and the community's own actions. Do I still believe we(TFE) were wronged in the last great war? Yes I do. I will stand by that statement until the very end of the world, but to each their own truth I guess, as little have the will to believe what I say here on the forums. I could talk about it more, but I don't want to go off on a tangent. I'll be honest, I made a lot of mistakes. Running as president was harder than I thought. I had family issues spanning several years coming to a head while I was running, synchronizing with the whole great war. My brother almost died in a car accident, who will now never drive again or probably be successful in life because of it, my dad's mental health declined to a point where he is a threat to the people around him and himself, and my mom is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I'm in college now and picked up a job to help the family. This all interfered with my capabilities. Don't feel bad for me, nor take it as an excuse. Maybe I'm just trying to explain myself in the best way I can... BUT, TFE will always remain a primarily happy point in my life. I still brag about it to this day, een with all the mistakes done. I tell people I used to lead a huge group of at the least 200+ people online. If I could successfully revive TFE today, damn right I would attempt to, but the userbase is simply not there anymore. With the crash of Project-Terra due to the SQL breach, combined with the change, TFE's members scattered. Me and Soulstealer, if you remember him, manually PM'd each and every member on's group. That was over 300+ accounts. We only got 12 replies wanting to play in anothe browser game(now defunct due to Goons. Website is still up but game database doesn't function) called ">BLOC". TFE to me was about unity. Drawing members from just a simple place to talk about things irrelevant to the website we were on and uniting as one group. I have to thank my pre-cursor lonepaul, for carrying out that task on CyberNations. No insignificant person could of done that. I want to thank those members who stayed with us all those years, those members who stayed through the ups and downs. I want to thank my government members: SoulStealer, Statefarm, Dark, Cirno, Comrade Napoleon, Potato, Nexus, and to all of those others whose name I can't remember because of my failing memory.'re a traitorous ********, but I still love you to this day. TFE had a political golden age with me and you leading the helm. You may say negative things now, but I bet deep within that wizard heart of yours there's small, yet still present, soft spot for TFE. If not, oh well. I can't stop you from trying to reform TFE. I don't hold some copyright over it like Microsoft has on halo. But, I can say this: Are you up for the task of running it? Do you think you can reform TFE to its former "glory"? Can you learn from the mistakes I made and improve upon them? Can you earn the respect of the other alliances, who despised us so much, who wanted us dead more than anything else? Can you deal with the community, who is more toxic than acid 80% of the time? If you believe you can answer yes to all these questions, I can't and won't stop you. But if you want to use TFE's moniker, make sure you use it well. This "DoE" is poor, and you should of have a government created already. What am I doing myself you might ask? I'm a developer on another political simulator game, but I'm not an ******** and I'm not gonna advertise it here. I'm still in the #FloodEmpire IRC channel on coldfront server, waiting for the day TFE rises again, if it does. But to me, TFE is ancient history, I honestly don't think it will come back successfully. I don't say this lightly, or push it off as nothing. It makes me sad to type/say that. But if you have the will and a way, prove me wrong! Show me that I was an idiot for typing this out, make me feel ashamed for doubting you! Show me that even though The Flood Forum on bungie is gone, that you can unite its members again. Will I come back to lead TFE if it reforms? Maybe, possibly, there's a chance for everything. But that chance is very slim, but still present which is all that matters. I'll be watching, feel free to message me anytime. After all, you guys are my friends. -HWJohn/True Evangelion Final Decree as Original TFE Overseer
  13. Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny

  14. Gun Control is it good or bad?

    England has a higher rate of violent crime. Strict gun laws only hurt the law-abiding people of the country. Since when do criminals care about laws? Maybe in the UK the gun crime rate is lower, but like I said the overall violent crime rate is much higher than the US. When the first AWB passed in the US, there was a giant spike in the violent crime rate. There is also a positive correlation between high gun ownership rates and low crime rates. The UK is actually the most violent country in Europe, which is astonishingly high for a "no-gun" country. Australia is also known for violent crimes as well. All the evidence points to pro-gun, yet the anti-gun arguments continue to circle around the same reason, even after refuted: "LEL NO MASSACRES IN THE COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!11!ONE!" Maybe no massacres, but the overall violent crime rate? It's almost always much higher.
  15. True Evangelion's game dev thread

    Hit a snag on the shotgun, normal maps won't bake and I have not a single clue why.