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  1. Nation rpg

    Such as a German nation from WW2 amirite?
  2. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    You are welcome to interpret this policy however you wish. Although, you cannot say we did not give a fair warning.
  3. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    Poachers will be mercilessly destroyed where we find them.
  4. G10 Invitation

    I don't think the VF really considered whether initiating this would grant them lasting influence or not, but rather were simply the first ones to propose a meeting of the larger alliances together given no major international moves have been made. Although, it is quite amusing to reading the conspiracy theories about VF's motives. It certainly would be a plus if they gained in that manner or more about game mechanics, but doing this has generated activity and attention that is no doubt beneficial to the international community regardless of what comes out of this.
  5. United States of Terra DoE

    best of luck, seems like a good start.
  6. New Font

    Knowing Russian characters makes me cringe reading it, the ability to do that is cool though.
  7. World War III.

    There's been more than two world wars, but only two have World War in their names. The Seven Years' Wars can be considered a world war due to it involving not only European nations, but also their colonial possessions.
  8. Alliance Bank Cost

    It is probably very easy obtain for alliances with 50+ members to buy one within a few months.
  9. #Market - A Project Terra Trading Channel

    I'm willing to help out, if needed.
  10. The Floodian Empire DoE

    Some things don't change at least.
  11. The Floodian Empire DoE

    There does not seem to be many of you this time.
  12. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    If that was the primary case, then it would be pointless since they already have Novorossiysk. Of course, it does not have the infrastructure Sevastopol has for its Black Sea fleet, but it would have been the location of its fleet had Ukraine not renewed the lease to the Sevastopol port... and this whole situation had not occurred. This is also hardly an economic decision either since they know that the West would react the way it has. It seems to be just another geopolitical struggle, nationalism, and backlash to NATO's expansion and friendship with those perceived by Russia to be in its sphere (just like Georgia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, strong arming Armenia to stay in line with pro-Russian policies).
  13. Cities

    However, you cannot upgrade it like your second city. So, it's worth getting a second city at the least.
  14. Name Change request

    Nation Name: Asoveaux Nation Ruler Name: Izorne Nation Link:http://project-terra.com/Nation/View/Asoveaux Name To Be Changed To: Izorne