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  1. I am a French player that came onto this game last Friday , and I am starting to accustom myself to the game , its rules and secrets . Now , my politic of isolationism is revealing its weakness , therefore I am searching for an alliance to join in . The Ravendel is the incarnation of my personal beliefs : capitalism and republicanism , but in the French meaning of " Republicanism " , not the american one . I deeply admire the afrikaner culture , and the afrikaans language . I would like to find an open-minded alliance , in which I can trade and exchange newspaper articles . But above all , I want and I need peace . Thanks for the answers , thanks for the game !
  2. The United Democratic

    The United Democratic Alliance is looking for its highly ambitious members. The Alliance is at its early stage, so the the alliance will be looking for its core members. New nations will be guided thoroughly on how to run their nation in an effective & efficient way. Interested Nations may apply to the alliance, only if they are active. Regards, Lord Hemant (Admin, The United Democratic)
  3. ******************* 1st Commerce Union State of the Union Address Council Members - Tobiash, our Minister of Recruitment, is currently on a leave of absence due to some familial issues. He will be returning soon. In the mean time, his duties have been spread out amongst the other ministries and the Chancellor's Office. - Mitch, our Minister of Defense, has stepped down from his position due to RL schedule conflicts. His duties will be temporarily taken over by the Chancellor's Office under the Executive Authority Clause of the Charter. Our Deputy Chancellor, Alexio15, will head the Ministry of Defense until the next election can take place. Council Agenda - The Council is currently in-debate on new legislation. The most recent of which includes a solidified Operations Security Act, a Membership and Forum Security Act and Amendment II to the Charter which will allow the Council to readjust conflicting term lengths amongst ministries. Reimaging Efforts - The Commerce Union is currently undergoing a reimaging of sorts. Our new forum theme and flag are only the first steps in this process. Expect updated Union policies as part of this as well. Foreign Policy - We're currently in-talks with other alliances for an interalliance event which will spur activity across Terra and help strengthen ties amongst alliances. - Furthermore, we're currently working on negotiations with some alliances that of which will benefit all parties involved. - More on both of these will be announced later by the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Further Updates - We're currently in the process of adding new features to our forum which will benefit not only Member States, but anyone who is a member of and frequents our forum. Be on the lookout for these new updates. - Admissions to the Diplomatic Academy is still open. If you're interested in the courses, please contact our Minister of Foreign Relations, Dabigbluewhale. - 3rd Term Elections will begin August 15th, 2014. Any potential candidates needs to register with the Chancellor's Office and submit their agendas and debate platforms before that date. - Activity Across Terra: Activity has been down across Terra. Some other large alliances are all but dead. The Union takes great pride in being one of the few larger alliances who has not succumb to this wave of inactivity. I'd also like to take a minute to thank every single one of our amazing members. The Commerce Union couldn't be what it is without each and every one of you! Further announcements will be made independently. - P. M. Joshua Wheat, Chancellor of the Commerce Union
  4. Commerce Union DoE

    ************* Declaration of Existence ************* The Commerce Union formally declares its existence to the Project Terra Global Community. We're an alliance of game-players dedicated to the mutual benefit of each and every one of our members. We work to help each and every one of our members in times of need. We advocate for the open and free exchange of ideas and discussions amongst our member states, fair trade, and national sovereignty. We allow each and every member to have an equal footing within the Union, so long as they pull their weight and help their fellow member states. We're an alliance that looks out for each and every one of our members. Not just the ones who have experience or seniority. We help each other through fair trade agreements, economic assistance, military assistance, in-game tutoring, and much, much more. We're an alliance of sovereign states, but we're also an alliance of friends. We look forward to our time on Project Terra and opening diplomatic channels of communication with our fellow alliances and nations. Our forum can be found at: Our alliance page: We hope you all have a terrific day and enjoy your time on Project Terra!
  5. To all Terrans, This is a Declaration of Existence from the Empyrean Ascendancy. The EA is a relatively small, friendly alliance whose main goal is to promote long-lasting peace and stability for both us and all others and are also dedicated to furthering Terran knowledge. We are currently accepting any and all prospective members with open arms as we guide each other through the encroaching darkness that will surely ensue with the military system's introduction. We are also currently looking for applicants to join our Diplomatic Corps or to apply for the now-open position of Finance Overseer as well as any other positions that may become available in the foreseeable future. Best wishes, Betruger/Delecour, Ambassador-in-chief
  6. So, me and Divair were talking about this over a steak tonight (well, I was having steak at least...not sure about him), while we were discussing possibilities of the functioning of the alliance bank, and what it could be used for, how to fund it etc. etc. So essentially I thought I'd set up a bit of a dumping ground of sorts where myself, Div and anyone else can talk about their ideas for the bank and hopefully one of the highers will see, and take a look. (A lot of this is paraphrasing from our discussion on ) The main point being discussed was a tax system that could be put into place that could fund the alliance bank for both setting it up and supplying a steady income for whatever the alliance wished to do with it next. For an example, if we taxed players and had a single community bank, we could both financially help newer nations in the alliance, as well as send out perks or rewards for commitment to the alliance. I don't think it would take much for alliances to dedicate a leader to organise such rewards packaged and tax systems, like a treasurer in a way. My thought was that if members were allowed to withdraw funds from the bank, that there should be a way to cap how much they can take out for a certain time period. Almost like a grant system, with the possibility of tiers (the longer you've been in the alliance, the more you can take out - or if you've donated a certain amount into it, you can take more out, just a thought). How this would be managed, I'm not sure. Perhaps a tier system that you climb up the longer you stay in an alliance? (NS players - wouldn't that be similar to Influence?) Those are my thoughts anyway, I'm sure Div will chip in with more at some point. I just wanted a central point to focus related thoughts in one place.