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  1. The Legacy Group is here!

    In the beginning, there was Admin. Admin was all powerful. Admin was mighty. Admin was a fool. Admin abandoned Terra. Almighty Chris rose up from the ashes, He embraced Terra and shown down His Holy Countenance upon it. From the cataclysms of Admin, a new world was formed by the grace of Almighty Chris. As the old world burned and a new world was formed, a legacy was born. We are the living embodiment of The Legacy. We are here now. Join us.
  2. To all Terrans, This is a Declaration of Existence from the Empyrean Ascendancy. The EA is a relatively small, friendly alliance whose main goal is to promote long-lasting peace and stability for both us and all others and are also dedicated to furthering Terran knowledge. We are currently accepting any and all prospective members with open arms as we guide each other through the encroaching darkness that will surely ensue with the military system's introduction. We are also currently looking for applicants to join our Diplomatic Corps or to apply for the now-open position of Finance Overseer as well as any other positions that may become available in the foreseeable future. Best wishes, Betruger/Delecour, Ambassador-in-chief