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  1. G10 Invitation

    G10 Convention Invitation (pdf) To the leaders of: The New Pacific Order, the Seven Kingdoms, the Union of Independent Nations, the Rest & Relaxation, the Democratic Socialist Assembly, the Guardreich, the United States of Terra, the Empyrean Ascendancy and BLOC-22, As a representative of the Versutian Federation it is my pleasure to invite your alliances to the G10 convention. On this convention we’d like to take the opportunity to establish first contact between our alliances and discuss what the future might hold. Embodying the ten largest and most powerful alliances in Terra, we feel that it is of vital importance to reach out to one another and begin talks on how we can benefit not just ourselves, but all the peoples that roam this earth. The convention will start on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 and will last three days. The Versutian Federation will host this event on its own forum. As such, each alliance is granted one account which will give them specific access to the G10. This also means that every alliance is only allowed to pick one representative. Because of time differences, no specific starting time will be set. Each selected representative will be sent instructions on how to access the G10 as soon as it starts. Some of the matters we would like to discuss on the first day include: Exploring the possibilities for inter-alliance trade agreements. (We realize trade is not yet possible, but we can prepare nevertheless). Exploring the possibilities for establishing an inter-alliance constitution regarding basic nation rights. Declarations of neutrality of Alliances. We will deliver proposals on these matters on the first day. All representatives are encouraged to help us improve and amend these drafts until a final piece is established which will then be signed by all agreeing parties. We’d love to welcome your Alliance on our convention! Please confirm your attendance by sending an in-game private message to Desolum: Please mention who (link nation) will be representing your alliance. Further details regarding the convention will be sent to that person. Signed, Matthew Colebourne, Minister of Defense, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, President of Desolum. This message has been approved by the President of the Versutian Federation, Divair, the Vice-President, Cornupication; and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Valois.
  2. To all Terrans, This is a Declaration of Existence from the Empyrean Ascendancy. The EA is a relatively small, friendly alliance whose main goal is to promote long-lasting peace and stability for both us and all others and are also dedicated to furthering Terran knowledge. We are currently accepting any and all prospective members with open arms as we guide each other through the encroaching darkness that will surely ensue with the military system's introduction. We are also currently looking for applicants to join our Diplomatic Corps or to apply for the now-open position of Finance Overseer as well as any other positions that may become available in the foreseeable future. Best wishes, Betruger/Delecour, Ambassador-in-chief