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  1. Commerce Union

    The Commerce Union Offical Recruitment Address | The Commerce Union is an alliance that looks out for each and every one of our members. Not just the ones who have experience or seniority. We offer in-game tutoring to newer players, fair trade agreements, economic assistance and military support to our members. Our philosophy is simple: helping one helps the whole. We're an alliance of sovereign states, yes; but we're also an alliance of friends --->> If you wish to join us, you may submit an application for admission on our alliance page located here; Once you have submitted an application in-game, you may visit our forum located here:, register for a free account and begin the rest of the application process here: We hope to see you there! As for members or representatives of other alliances, we also have a section for diplomatic communications located here: ================================================================= UPDATE - MARCH 11TH, 2016 ================================================================= I have been in discussion with some of the previous members of the Commerce Union about revitalizing the alliance and using the forum as a sort of role-play supplement to the game (with each nation also having their own independent areas on the forum). The game's obviously not being worked on any time soon, but that doesn't mean we all have to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. Henceforth, the Commerce Union is re-opening recruitment to the forum for anyone who wants to join us regardless of past affiliations. As of posting this, I am still working on some of the mechanics for the forum, so please give me some time to sort through the details. Thank you for your time, Joshua Wheat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Jovenia, Chancellor of the Commerce Union
  2. Leader. For to long have we been forced to follow that of old ideas, old alliance that uses you for there own gain, This Federation Changers all that, It is not like the other Alliance lead by a single leader. This Alliance has a Government, yes a Government. The Government Structure The government is made up of 2 house 1) House of The Federation (HTF) and 2) House of The People (HTP) House of the Federation The House of the Federation is made up of 5 positions The President of the Federation Minister of Defense Minister of Economy Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Law and Order House of the People Then you have the House of the People. This House is made up of, Head of the people. who is voted in by the MHP's. MHP stands for Member of the House of the People. There is 10 MHP and 1 Head of the People or HP. Voting The President of the Federation is voted in by the Nation of the Alliance, the President then put who he wants into the positions of the 4 Ministers. The Members of the House of the People are all voted in by the Nation of the Alliance, after 11 members are voted in the vote on a HP. for the HP to be voted in the vote must be 8 to 3.The President of the Federation nor members of the House of the Federation have any voices on the vote for them HP. Laws For a Law to be pass by the House of The Federation all members must first agree upon it. After it is passed by the House of The Federation or HTF, it goes thought to the House of The People or HTP. For that Law to be passed it must have a great then 3 vote. in the case of a draw, The HP must ether declear a re-vote where the MHP retake the vote or a Re-pass, this means that the Law is sent back to the House of The Federation for them to change it. or his final options are ether discarded it completely or have his vote as the breaker, this means if he votes for the Law it is passed.After that the Law is official it must be followed by the Nations. Changing of the Charter The charter defines what this nation is therefor, for the Charter to be changed the House of The People must Voteunanimous the Changing of the Charter can only raised by the President of The Federation. Wars For a war to be declared the the Members of the House of The People must agree to this War, by a greater then 2 vote. This may be a new Alliance but the top alliance stated form nothing. Join the Federation of Independent States now and not only will you quickly increase your influence in the alliance you will also get your voices heard, and be able to make a change, changes that mater. "Like Strong metal, Strong definite Alliance are brittle. Foronly the most flexible survive." "For The Federation!"
  3. To all Terrans, This is a Declaration of Existence from the Empyrean Ascendancy. The EA is a relatively small, friendly alliance whose main goal is to promote long-lasting peace and stability for both us and all others and are also dedicated to furthering Terran knowledge. We are currently accepting any and all prospective members with open arms as we guide each other through the encroaching darkness that will surely ensue with the military system's introduction. We are also currently looking for applicants to join our Diplomatic Corps or to apply for the now-open position of Finance Overseer as well as any other positions that may become available in the foreseeable future. Best wishes, Betruger/Delecour, Ambassador-in-chief