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    What's going on in here???
  2. My Current state of affairs

    As of Today, I am entering hibernation. I need a break. Terra's community is so bad, that I'm ashamed to be part of it. There are a select few who are good, but the rest are ********. I've tolerated it since PT R1, but their personalities as sperglords are starting to turn me into one too. I yelled at Statefarm, treated him cruelly. As of now, Fon Master Ion is the probationary President of TFE while I decide what to do.... Terra's so called "community" makes me sick, no community should act like Terra's. It's the worst I've ever been a part of in fact. The volatility on here makes 4chan look peaceful. I will continue my game dev blog posts, and I will still be on IRC and post on AP, but I need a break from the most of it. Until we meet again in-game, HWJohn/True Evangelion