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  1. Sorry all due to this game having to be in fantasy I have to move it Again pfff. but its now going to stay here. please people have a look at the nations and reply for how you wish to be. (sorry about the inconvenience). After 5 long months of tense and unpredictable negotiations between Givana and Hovana, Givana brakes all relations with Hovana then on the 16th of May 2014 just 5 days later Givana Invades Hovana. Back Story of Nations involved. Federal Independent Republic of Givana The FIRG was Declared After a Coup d'etat lead by General Uon's Great Grandfather, up to that point Givana had strong relations with Peoples Democratic Republic of Glif and Federal Republic of Daski, but After General Uon's Grandfather supported the 1911 North Gilf revolution resulting in the brake away of the Union of Southern Gilf States, The PDRG broke all relations with Givana, and the FRD enforced an embargo. However General Uon's Father began to repair the Relation. But in 1971 Hovanaians protested for Independence form Givana. PDRG supported the Independence movement. So Givana broke Relations with PDRG and requested FRD to join the embargo of PDRG, Givana also request the support from USGS, who agreed to join the embargo and send troops to help keep the peace. But in 1978 After 2 years of UN negotiations, the Independent State of Hovana was created. For the next 30 years of his regain General Uon's Father built up relations with other nations near him and Formed Alliances with, Union of Southern Gilf States ,Socialist peoples state of Davis, Italian Republic, and The Soviet Union (After the fall of the Soviet Union the relations with the Russian Federation remind). As for Hovana it Formed alliances with United States of America, United Kingdom, Peoples Democratic Republic of Gilf and Republic of Golaf. Independent State of Hovana After the Declaration of the Independent State of Hovana in 1978, its first president Odra Prodian immediately formed an alliance with the Peoples Democratic Republic of Glif, with this Alliance he turned to the Federal Republic of Daski, he believed that they would support him due to there history with Givana, However it took 2 more presidents until an Alliance was formed in 1996. Russian Federation After Hovana formed an alliance with the FRD Givana looked beyond its borders for allies, Givana looked to Russia, Russia had been supporting Givana economically during the UN intervention of the Hovana Independence movement, and the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 did not affect the strong relations between the countries. with the signing of the Hovana-Daski Ally pack the Russians agreed to enter into an Alliance with Givana to prevent the pro-US Hovana from gaining a upper hand over Givana. United States of America The US story is much shorter. After the Russians joining in a Alliance with Givana the US believe that Givana was planing to invade Hovana with the Russian help, so to try and prevent there influence in this corner of the world from being removed the US offed an alliance with Hovana, which Hovana agreed to with open arms. I'm not gonna right about the other nations please join in in this game Map of Nations Map of Cities and Towns Please post a request for which nation you wish to be in this scenario. (you may chose who you fight with, the history just tells you who is more friendly then who.) Nations Federal Independent Republic of Givana Leader: General Uon Population: 26 Million Army. Soldiers: 100,000 active / 200,000 Armed Vehicles: 1,000 Transport Vehicles: 6,000 Tanks: 230 Fighter craft: 82 bombers: 25 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 5 Frigates: 10 Destroyers: 18 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 28 Missiles: 200 nukes: 0 Mobile Missile launch sites: 20 Nation playing: Givana Independent State of Hovana Leader: Chancellor Backda Population: 9.5 Million Army. Soldiers: 80,000 active / 100,000 Armed Vehicles: 1,400 Transport Vehicles: 7,000 Tanks: 20 Fighter craft: 30 bombers: 10 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 2 Frigates: 0 Destroyers: 20 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 10 Missiles: 70 nukes: 0 Mobile Missile launch sites: 5 Nation playing: Friendly towards Givana Union of Southern Gilf States Leader: Supreme Government Chancellor Ladda Population: 32 Million Army. Soldiers: 230,000 active / 500,000 Armed Vehicles: 2,200 Transport Vehicles: 6,000 Tanks: 390 Fighter craft: 120 bombers: 40 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 1 Frigates: 5 Destroyers: 22 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 38 Missiles: 160 nukes: 4 Mobile Missile launch sites: 35 Nation playing: Socialist peoples state of Davis Leader: Governor Wilgon Population: 62 Million Army. Soldiers: 120,000 active / 480,000 Armed Vehicles: 3,100 Transport Vehicles: 4,000 Tanks: 320 Fighter craft: 100 bombers: 20 Aircraft Carrier: 1 Cruisers: 2 Frigates: 8 Destroyers: 11 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 36 Missiles: 500 nukes: 0 Mobile Missile launch sites: 20 Nation playing: Russian Federation Leader: President Putin Population: 146 Million Army. Soldiers: 766,000 active / 2,485,000 Armed Vehicles: 27,600 Transport Vehicles: 40,000 Tanks: 15,500 Fighter craft: 736 bombers: 1,300 Aircraft Carrier: 1 Cruisers: 5 Frigates: 4 Destroyers: 13 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 180 Missiles: 20,000 nukes: 100 Mobile Missile launch sites: 3,700 Nation playing: Friendly towards Hovana Peoples Democratic Republic of Glif Leader: President Zorn Population: 34 Million Army. Soldiers: 50,000 active / 430,000 Armed Vehicles: 1,200 Transport Vehicles: 5,000 Tanks: 300 Fighter craft: 50 bombers: 30 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 0 Frigates: 0 Destroyers: 0 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 0 Missiles: 280 nukes: 2 Mobile Missile launch sites: 30 Nation playing: United States of America Leader: President Obama Population: 316 Million Army. Soldiers: 1,430,000 active / 850,900 Armed Vehicles: 25,800 Transport Vehicles: 40,000 Tanks: 8,400 Fighter craft: 2,300 bombers: 2,600 Aircraft Carrier: 10 Cruisers: 10 Frigates: 15 Destroyers: 62 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 260 Missiles: 20,000 nukes: 100 Mobile Missile launch sites: 1,330 Nation playing: Republic of Golaf. Leader: President Aaban Population: 22 Million Army. Soldiers: 30,000 active / 190,000 Armed Vehicles: 11,200 Transport Vehicles: 30,000 Tanks: 10 Fighter craft: 40 bombers: 10 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 0 Frigates: 2 Destroyers: 12 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 20 Missiles: 300 nukes: 0 Mobile Missile launch sites: 23 Nation playing: Neutral Federal Republic of Daski Leader: President Dalza Population: 36 Million Army. Soldiers: 60,000 active / 400,000 Armed Vehicles: 1,100 Transport Vehicles: 6,000 Tanks: 320 Fighter craft: 60 bombers: 20 Aircraft Carrier: 0 Cruisers: 3 Frigates: 14 Destroyers: 17 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 44 Missiles: 210 nukes: 2 Mobile Missile launch sites: 28 Nation playing: Italian Republic Leader: Napolitano Population: 60.92Million Army. Soldiers: 320,000 active / 42,000 Armed Vehicles: 9,500 Transport Vehicles: 20,000 Tanks: 600 Fighter craft: 140 bombers: 100 Aircraft Carrier: 2 Cruisers: 4 Frigates: 13 Destroyers: 4 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 39 Missiles: 700 nukes: 10 Mobile Missile launch sites: 35 Nation playing: United Kingdom Leader: David Cameron Population: 63.4 Million Army. Soldiers: 205,000 active / 182,000 Armed Vehicles: 6,200 Transport Vehicles: 20,000 Tanks: 400 Fighter craft: 84 bombers: 180 Aircraft Carrier: 1 Cruisers: 4 Frigates: 13 Destroyers: 6 Transport ships(each hold 2000 men or 500machines): 60 Missiles: 12,000 nukes: 50 Mobile Missile launch sites: 56 Nation playing:
  2. Imperial Wolfian tanks roll into Lesser Wolfia With the failure of their latest investment, and the destruction of a major oil refinery by Islamic extremists, the state of Wolfia becomes more desperate towards their oil crisis. Their former colony, Lesser Wolfia, located in a southern continent called Afrika, is rich in petroleum. However, the colony seceded more than a decade ago, and Wolfia no longer owns the businesses of the country. The government concocts a casus belli involving the deaths of seven border patrol guards, and maiming of several others. This is enough to agitate the Wolfian people, and the government demands reparations. The Lesser Wolfian government apologizes, but says there is no proof that the actions were undertaken by partisans from their country. In retaliation, Wolfia launches an assault on their former Afrikan colony, composed of thousands of infantry and armored vehicles. The campaign does not go according to plan, and the Wolf Korps suffer casualties due to plain inexperience, coupled with poor logistics, guerrila forces, and diseases. The Lesser Wolfian forces have also been supplied equipment from concerned nations, and this helps their resistance effort considerably. Hoping that a lightning-fast assault will take the enemy off guard, Wolfian generals send orders to their field commanders. The Afrikans are not prepared for the combined arms assault, and the Wolfian forces manage to force them all the way to the sea. The country has been effectively annexed. The Afrikan Wolf government-in-exile sends a message to the international community, begging for help, while Wolfia dismisses these claims. They claim to be protecting Wolfian loyalists, and avenging unprovoked partisan activity. Nation name: Form of government: Nation Tech (American, German, etc.): Nation leader: Size of military (keep it reasonable): Size of nation (again, reasonable): Position on the Afrikan-Wolfian crisis: Map claim: My app- Nation name: Wolfia Form of government: autocratic dictatorship Nation Tech: British/Italian Nation leader: Oswald Wolff Size of military: 1,200,000 Size of nation: 40,512,722 Position on the Afrikan-Wolfian crisis: it is a matter of dispute between our government and our former colony. The Wolfians are protecting ethnic loyalists from persecution, and stopping partisan activity. Map claim: Yellow
  3. Invasion of Hovana

    Due to this being in the wrong place please go to here to find out more or to join the RP
  4. I Declare Forum War

    I declare forum war upon you all. (This is an RP war, since the war system is not working.) I land 30000 troops on Admin's beaches.

    So, how many of you are going to send someone this message the moment the war system is finalized? How many of you have already sent someone this message?
  6. To War or Not to War

    I feel like I blog better late at night, but that may just be head playing tricks with me. Also, I'm listening the the bootlegradio setting (which is awesome, grats guys!) Thought I would discuss the recent war possibilities between Sapphire and apparently the rest of the world. I know this topic is getting talked to death, and I'm definitely getting sick of it, but I thought I would do one last encore to hopefully put it to bed. So in case anyone's lived under a rock for the past week, a new alliance called Sapphire decided to enter the playing field. You'd think everyone would be celebrating with the addition of 40 new Terrans. Wrong. Because Sapphire lacked a forum dedicated to PT diplomatic relations ranged from both welcoming with both arms to outright refusal of relations. It would have stopped there, but because one of the Sapphire member allegedly went on a rant and declared war on all of PT. Let's just look at this. 1. You guys are arguing about location of forums. Think about that for a couple minutes and get back to me on why it's such a pressing issue. Sure, maybe non-PT forums are kind of a pain, but just don't conduct diplomatic relations with them. End. Of. Story. 2. As far as I can tell, it's impossible for Sapphire to declare war unless a large majority of the alliance is for it. So one person declaring war doesn't exactly create a war, so don't make it into that. 3. The war system isn't even that good at the moment, and it's being reworked. Use it as you will, but it's gonna be pretty useless until it's been redone. 4. Finally, the arguments have just been reduced to poo-slinging. There's no more valid arguments in the threads and there almost all off-topic. So if you really have any good arguments, you might as well just post it here and keep it out of alliance discussion. To conclude, like I said, post here if you have any further comments on the issue, I hate seeing six new threads posting about the same thing. Also, lay off Sapphire a bit, they're pretty new so they may decide to change their policies. If you don't want to talk to them, don't. Stop whining on the forums about the new guys on the block not conforming exactly to the current trend. We'll find out later which way is the best way. Now to listen to the second half of the radio cast. Master Ninja