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"Project Terra is an advanced, complex, and free online nation simulation game that aims for total realism through continuous development and improvements. This game presents the player with thousands of options. Choose from among various government systems, which laws you wish to propose, a mega-city's worth of buildings to construct, what resources to trade (and which resources you will keep), all while managing your population and workforce, and building, researching, and deploying numerous military units. With over 50 complex, interactive nation variables allowing you to lead a revolution, form a new nation, and rule it as you choose!" - description on Project Terra Home Page.

The above is the giant lie plastered on the Project Terra homepage. Their are numerous, HUGE, problems with this description of the game. some of which I will now explain. In the first sentence, the game description advertises "continuous development and improvements". However, it has been over a year since any developments or improvements have been implemented, which is as far from continuous as one can get. The description goes on to say the player has "thousands of options", while I have barely seen just shy of one hundred. The description later mentions "researching and deploying numerous military units." This is a double lie as their is no research system in the game, and their are no military units in the game either.

If any developers would like to respond to my arguments, i would welcome it, but it is highly unlikely. This game has likely been abandoned almost entirely.

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