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Aelius Maximus

We Are Not Alone

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AELII, MIRACULUM - Aelius didn't like this business, not one bit. He shuffled uncomfortably as the... the alien looked over him. He kept his head bowed reverently, and eventually, the man - alien, Aelius reminded himself - said, "Well?"

Aelius pursed his lips, and said, "The people of Miraculum thank their friends within the Sublime Island Kingdom of Astrolinium for their patronage."

"That's good to hear. I will return in one Terran month to check on the progress." The alien turned and left the room, and Aelius slumped into his chair, mulling over what had just happened.

Just yesterday, the man had appeared in a very strange sort of craft. It resembled a plane, but the way it flew made it look like it was better suited to be a submarine.

And yet it had flown.

It had landed at the capitol building, and this man - alien, Aelius reminded himself again - had stepped out of it, claiming to be a thing not of this universe. He had quickly been taken captive and rushed to a medical center, where tests had confirmed his words. The DNA was like nothing anyone had seen before. Certainly, it wasn't Terran. The man then identified himself as one Giovanni Belarus Romero, Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Sublime Island Kingdom of Astrolinium. Upon further inquiry, he gleaned that Astrolinium was a nation on a world without a fixed name, and physics wildly different from those on Terra. It resided in a part of its world known as The South, and there was some talk about something called a Eugepae and a Malsitar, and military forces and lots of strange words.

At the end of it, Aelius found that his new nation, Miraculum, was now a client state of a nation on another world - possibly even another reality - and, in return for information and technology, was providing - of all things - milk and gasoline to them. How very strange.

Aelius sighed, and began typing on his computer. This was not an occurrence he could keep hidden from the rest of his world.


Official Communiqué of the Government of Miraculum


42 Hadrian Boulevard, City of Aelii, The Astrolinian Client State of Miraculum

tele: +2 (555) 597-2639 #4 web: http://www.foreignaffairs.mir



To: The Nations of the World

From: The Astrolinian Client State of Miraculum

Subject: We Are Not Alone

Dear friends,

As a member of that most selective of clubs, the leaders of nations, I feel it is my duty to inform you of the following:

Yesterday, in the capital city of Aelii, my nation was visited by beings from another world. They may have even been from another reality entirely. These aliens look more or less humanoid, but have a DNA structure totally unlike anything found on Terra. Furthermore, their reality or world or whatever-it-is seems to function under different laws of physics and, like comic book superheroes, they seem to have highly augmented abilities on our world. I urge you all to take precautions against any invasive force sent by these aliens, but not to be too rough in any dealings with them you might have, as they seem to mean well. That said, I would like to state that I will be holding a conference in the city of Aelii to discuss these beings, and anyone who wishes to attend may do so.

Lucius Aelius Maximus Casca

Governor of the Astrolinian Client State of Miraculum

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