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World Cup(soccer/football)(Rosters)

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new game, fresh forums, no sports?


World Cup

Project Terra

For those here that play NS, this will be PTs own World Cup.

How the WC will work

For the first ever PT World Cup, sign-ups will last till next Friday (7-23) pending on the amount of teams, there will be maybe two+ groups made up of four to five teams each. Each team will play three to four games pending how many teams are in each group. Games will be played each day.

RP Bonuses

Bonuses will be added before games are scornated:

Roster: .5 pts

Newspaper clipping 1.5 pts (reasonable length)

Additional information on RP Sports

Sign-ups: (10/??)


West Guiana




Aelius Maximus





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I'd be willing to sign up, although I've never participated in these on NS nor do I know how the NSFS scoring format works.

So a bit more explanation on how this would work would be appreciated.

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What scorinator will be used?

And i'll sign up.

The only one I know how to use; NSFS

OMG, I just realized who you are in NS. Awesome.

on an NS note, can you finish up the finals of your softball invite? Thanks.

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The only one I know how to use; NSFS

OMG, I just realized who you are in NS. Awesome.

on an NS note, can you finish up the finals of your softball invite? Thanks.

I did. You won.

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The only one I know how to use; NSFS

OMG, I just realized who you are in NS. Awesome.

on an NS note, can you finish up the finals of your softball invite? Thanks.

I did. You won.

So you did and I did. Awesome. :P

And you spelled my name wrong in the championship post (typo :P). Even better.

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well it's been more than a week since the sign-ups started and we've got ten sign-ups. So now for the task of putting everyone into two groups of five and organizing the matches. A new topic will be posted for scores and group standings.

Post your rosters ect.. below.

Here, please post your roster. This can be a simple list of your players' names and positions, or include more biographical details. Along with the roster, you can choose a style modifier ranging from +5 to -5. The more positive the style, the more likely you are to score and concede goals, but style modifier has no influence on result or margin of victory.

You should also indicate what your opponents can, or cannot do, if they RP first, such as bolding "Y" or "N" in this RP permissions box.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y/N

Godmod scoring events Y/N

RP injuries to my players Y/N

Godmod injuries to my players Y/N

Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N

Hand out red cards to my players Y/N

Godmod other events Y/N

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Stadium - Luxemburg Stadion (capacity 79,000) in the capital city of Luxemburg-Stadt:




Shirt - Halves. Left half dark red, right half black. Left sleeve black, right sleeve dark red

Shorts - Dark red

Socks - Dark red with white stripe across top


Shirt - Blue w/ black sleeves

Shorts - Black

Socks - Blue w/ white stripe across top

Manager - Alex Thompson (39) - from England (though can speak fluent Vonlenskan)

Assistant Manager - Vladimir Falcovic (40) - from Vonlenska

Head Coach - Marko Strentovic (37) - from Vonlenska

Coach - Zdena Brautonicovic (36) - from Vonlenska

Coach - Marten Zvedenestanovic (37) - from Vonlenska

Goalkeeping Coach - Jens Plenskovic (40) - from Vonlenska

Fitness Coach - Goran Felsovic (32) - from Vonlenska

Tactical Coach - Halin Kelstovic (57) - from Vonlenska

Physio - Dr. Alek Mirtovic (45) - from Vonlenska

Physio - Dr. Bogdan Ustollovic (36) - from Vonlenska

25 Man squad, age in brackets, squad number next to #, club name & main attribute:

First Team (11 players):

GK: Jovan Petrovic #1 (31) - Luxemburg FC - One on ones

DL: Vladimir Jovanovic #3 (26) - Dynamo Lajkovac - Marking

DC: Nikola Popovic #4 (34) - Uppsala FC - Strength & tackling

DC: Goran Nikolic #5 (28) - Lokomotiv Mrdenovac - Tackling

DR: Marko Vilotic #2 (24) - Luxemburg FC - Acceleration

ML: Aleksandr Saranov #7 (20) - Luxemburg FC - Speed

CAM: Miroslav Ilic #8 (25) - Charleroi FC - Passing

DMC: Radomir Miric #6 (27) - Sombor Athletik - Set pieces

MR: Ljubomir Mrdakovic #9 (21) - Lokomotiv Mrdenovac - Dribbling

ST: Todor Kuzmanovic #10 (24) - Luxemburg FC - Finishing

ST: Slobodan Kolarov #11 (24) - Magdeburg FC - Skill/Flair

Avg Age (First Team) = 25.8

Substitutes (7 players):

GK: Vukasin Tosic #18 (26) - Dynamo Lajkovac - Distribution

DR/DL: Zoran Trivunovic #15 (29) - Coka FC - Speed

DC: Vladimir Obradovic #16 (30) - Ruma FC - Concentration

MR: Branimir Jovanovic #12 (19) - Dobanovci FC - Crossing

MC: Budimir Petrovic #17 (20) - Kragujevac Athletik - Stamina

ML: Dragan Injac #13 (18) - Luxemburg FC - Long shots

ST: Aleksandar Jovanovic #14 (29) - Sombor Athletik - Heading

Avg Age (Whole squad) = 25.2

Reserves (7 players):

GK: Antonio Corikar #25 (24) - Coka FC - Handling

DR: Zdrako Yetzanovic #24 (25) - Marmande FC - Tackling

DL: Hratska Narautovic #23 (39) - Atletico Calatayud - Long passes

DC: Tsetov Tramnaj #22 (28) - Luxemburg FC - Heading

MR/ML: Mobdan Subutovic #21 (27) - Vlore FC - Dribbling

MC: Alen Naktovic #20 (18) - Tuzla FC - Strength

ST: Tobias Spartiantovic #19 (31) - Smederevo FC - Shot power

Avg Age (entire team) = 25.8

Style Modifier = +2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y/N

Godmod scoring events Y/N

RP injuries to my players Y/N (after asking)

Godmod injuries to my players Y/N

Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N

Hand out red cards to my players Y/N

Godmod other events Y/N

First XI Bios:

GK: Jovan Petrovic

DoB: 16/8/1979

Origin: Volstoy district of Luxemburg-Stadt, Central Vonlenska (capital city)

Club: Luxemburg FC

Bio: Was born to a peasant family in the poorest district of capital city, Luxemburg-Stadt. From the age of 9 it was clear that he had great skill playing football. During his teenage years he played as a central defender, but gradually became aware during training sessions that he had an even greater talent as a goalkeeper. At a local club match for the Volstoy Park youth team, he was watched by scouts for Division 2 side Loznica FC. He made his first team debut for Loznica at the age of 18 and found his way to the position as regular goalkeeper at the age of 22. His astonishing clean sheet record (32 in 46 Div.2 games) was quoted as being the main reason why his team were promoted while he was still just 23. After a hard-fought season in the top division, unfortunately his team were relegated. But his journey in the premier league didn't stop there. His efforts were not looked over and he found himself signing for Division 1 champions Luxemburg FC where he was installed as a back-up goalkeeper. When Petrovic was 25 years old, Luxemburg's No. 1 goalkeeper Andreas Lukovic managed to receive a broken leg during a one-on-one incident in a game. This opened up an opportunity to display his matchday quality. He performed well for the next few months and consequently replaced Lukovic and the following season was given the #1 shirt to wear. Ever since he has been the Division's most celebrated goalkeeper and has been a member of the national team since he was 26. Now at 31 he is still determined to keep playing for years to come. He has a total of 75 caps.

DL: Vladimir Jovanovic:

DoB: 13/3/1985

Origin: Sombor, North Vonlenska

Club: Dynamo Lajkovac

Bio: Was born in Sombor in North Vonlenska, but at the age of 7 his family moved out to the countryside to pursue a life of farming. The many fields that his family owned provided a perfect place for Vladimir Jovanovic to practice his love of football. He enrolled in the Sombor Athletik youth academy when he was 12 and stayed there until he graduated to the first team when he was 18. He enjoyed 6 years at the club and led the club to Division 1 glory on one occasion, but in 2009 a new manager arrived who took an instant dislike to Vladimir. Vladimir felt a mutual dislike and so handed in a transfer request and was cheaply snapped up by his current club, Dynamo Lajkovac where he has performed well up to the current day. He made his international debut when he was 22 and has a total of 49 caps and 3 goals.

DC: Nikola Popovic:

DoB: 01/2/1977

Origin: Luxemburg-Stadt, Central Vonlenska (capital city)

Club: Uppsala FC (Sweden)

Bio: Nikola was spotted at a local sunday league fixture by a Luxemburg FC scout when he was 13. He was taken to the youth academy there, but at the age of 14 was convicted of attempted manslaughter and sent to a juvenile detention centre until he was 18. While inside he maintained his talent and regularly turned out for the prison's football team as part of his rehabilitation program. He played for small stints at Luxemburg FC, Lokomotiv Mrdenovac, Magdeburg FC and Dynamo Lajkovac but gained a nationwide reputation for falling out with managers and a slightly dirty style of play. Because of this, he decided that a move abroad would be beneficial and so has ended up at Uppsala FC in Sweden for the past 7 years where he has been a leading star in the Swedish premier league. He has only made 14 caps for Vonlenska, but has impressed manager Alex Thompson enough for him to be included in Vonlenska's world cup starting XI. But fans and coaching staff are slightly concerned about the possibility of a rage-fuelled challenge that could result in a suspension. He has never scored for Vonlenska

DC: Goran Nikolic:

DoB: 17/6/1983

Origin: Mrdenovac, South Vonlenska

Club: Lokomotiv Mrdenovac

Bio: He applied to join the Lokomotiv Mrdenovac youth academy when he was 15 years of age. He was accepted into the academy and displayed such a high level of talent that he was brought to the manager's attention when he was just 16. He was promoted to the reserve team and made his debut 2 months before he turned 17. At the age of 18 he took the place of a transferred centre back in the first team and has been a regular first team player ever since. Even after 13 years at the club, he sees no reason why he would ever want to leave, as he is the longest serving player at the club and so has become a fan favourite. He made his international debut at the age of 19 and has since acquired 87 caps for Vonlenska and has scored 7 times.

DR: Marko Vilotic:

DoB: 04/5/1987

Origin: Pilatovici, South West Vonlenska.

Club: Luxemburg FC

Bio: Marko grew up in a small town called Pilatovici in the South West of Vonlenska. He was captain of his school team and local youth team as a child and when he was 16 he began playing for Division 3 team Pilatovici FC. He stayed there until he was 18 when he was signed by Luxemburg FC for £3,500,000 as he was a well known young talent. His skills developed massively while he was at Luxemburg FC and was put into the first team in 2007 when he was 24. He made his debut for Vonlenska only this year and impressed Alex Thompson throughout the qualifying tournament to earn his place in the Vonlenskan starting XI. He has only made 11 caps for the country and scored once.

ML: Aleksandr Saranov:

DoB: 28/6/1991

Origin: Luxemburg-Stadt

Club : Luxemburg FC

Bio: He was signed up for the Luxemburg FC youth academy when he was only 9 years old. He progressed at a very fast rate and was put into the Senior Reserve team when he was still 14. He made his first team debut when he was 15 years old and took a regular place in the team when he was 16. He is Vonlenska's most celebrated young talent and at the age of 20 he is already the leading star for Luxemburg FC and the Vonlenskan national team. He has been Luxemburg FC's 2nd top goalscorer for the last 3 seasons and Vonlenska's 2nd top goalscorer during the qualifying round despite being a left midfielder! He is widely tipped to be one of the national team's top goalscorers for this competition. He has made 20 caps for Vonlenska and scored 12 goals during this time.

CAM: Miroslav Ilic:

DoB: 18/9/1985

Origin: Tuzla, East Vonlenska

Club: Charleroi FC (Belgium)

Bio: Miroslav grew up in the small town of Tuzla and joined their Division 2 team at the age of 17. When he was 22 he decided that to broaden his career he would require a move abroad and so joined Charleroi FC, a Premier Division team in Belgium for a sum of £950,000. He has progressed magnificently since joining Charleroi and caught the eye of manager Alex Thompson in a recent game for his club and also played a solid qualifying campaign and finds himself in the central attacking midfielder position of the starting XI for the world cup. He has made 15 caps for Vonlenska and scored 6 times in total.

DMC: Radomir Miric:

DoB: 21/1/1984

Origin: Luxemburg-Stadt

Club: Sombor Athletik

Bio: Radomir is son of legendary Vonlenskan striker Miria Androvic who is the most capped Vonlenskan player of all time (he was capped 131 times). Because of this, Radomir was almost forced into a life of sport and was signed by Luxemburg FC from his local non-league club. He didn't impress at the club and after one season made a move to his current club Sombor Athletik where he has enjoyed a much more productive career. He has made 29 caps for Vonlenska and scored twice.

MR: Ljubomir Mrdakovic:

DoB: 14/7/1990

Origin: Mrdenovac, South Vonlenska

Club: Lokomotiv Mrdenovac

Bio: Also born to a professional footballer, Alek Mrdakovic, who played 20 times for Vonlenska and played, as his son does, for Lokomotiv Mrdenovac. Ljubomir has been at the club since he was 14 years old and is one of the club's most important players. He is the fastest member of the Vonlenskan world cup squad with a 100m sprint time of 10.4 seconds. He has played 22 times for Vonlenska and scored 5 times.

ST: Todor Kuzmanovic:

DoB: 30/3/1987

Origin: Luxemburg-Stadt

Club: Luxemburg FC

Bio: Todor is the team's top goalscorer with 36 goals in 52 games. He is expected to continue his goalscoring form throughout the competition and end with Vonlenska's golden boot award. He was signed by Luxemburg FC at the age of 17 after scoring 65 goals in a season of 46 games for Division 3 team Lokomotiv Vrbas. While not scoring quite so many goals for the Division 1 champions, he has been top goalscorer for the team and division for the past 4 seasons and is truly one of the national team's main talents.

ST: Slobodan Kolarov:

DoB: 23/3/1987

Origin: Manaus, Brazil

Club: Magdeburg FC

Bio: Slobodan was born to Vonlenskan parents who had emigrated to Manaus in Brazil two years before they had their first child. Slobodan grew up there and as a result has learnt his football from players who have the most flair of anyone in the world. He is Vonlenska's most skilful player and can pull off a whole variety of tricks to show off to and entertain the crowd. He first started playing professional football in Brazil, but with the death of his parents decided to move back to his true home with his other family in Magdeburg, where he continued his career. He has played 43 times for Vonlenska and scored 20 times.

Prime Minister Optimistic wishes all participants in the tournament good luck.

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Hossaim Roster

Manager: Joe Black

Assistant coach: Carlos Santrilo

forward coach: Nam Mossibou

Midfield coach: Hoberrison

defender coach: Stalnco Metando

goalkeeping coach: Niki Hawck

Team Doctor: Dr. Jay Evans

Stadium: Hossaim Stadium (115,000)


Colours: Green, Black, Light Blue, red


GK: Chris Wood, #1, Age 22, Southport F.C

GK: Herbert Steel, #30, Age 35, Danesville F.C

RB: Ryan Sinclaire, #2, Age 23, Carson United

RB: Corey Fisher, #13, Age 26, Lakeview F.C

CB: John Stash, #5, Age 29, Carson United

CB: Jack Roberts, #4, age 26, Helbersort F.C

CB: Pearson Michales, #25, age 20, Mestrock Rovers

CB: Allan Febront, #17, age 23, Southport F.C

LB: Patrick Menager, #3, age 26, Carson City

LB: Jamie Zalaber, #23, age 20, Carson United

RM: Jason Smith, #7, age 22, Helbersort F.C

RM: Bradley Heborec, #12, age 30, Mestrock Rovers

LM: Barry Frash, #11, Helbersprt F.C

LM: Nicolas Dash, #15, Lakeview F.C

CM: Paul Emerton, #18, age 33, Carson United, Captain

CM: Zach Mebossa, #40, age 16, Korla F.C

CDM: Harry Breck, # 6, age 24, Jesport F.C

CDM: Avando, #28, age 29, Carson City

CAM: Steven Johnson, #10, age 21, Carson United

CAM: Andrew Lestron, #16, age 28, Southport F.C

ST: Adam Wells , #9, age 21, Carson United

ST: Jason Steboric, #8, age 27, Southport F.C

ST: Arron Jevik, #24, age 24, Helbersort F.C

ST: Michael Daon, #31, age 18, Hlebersort United

Starting XI: 4-2-1-2

GK: Chris Wood, #1

RB: Ryan Sinclaire, #2

CB: John Stash, #5

CB: Jack Roberts, #4

LB: Patrick Menager, #3

LM: Barry Frash, #11

CM: Paul Emerton, #18 ©

RM: Jason Smith, #7

CAM: Steven Johnson, #10

ST: Adam Wells , #9

ST: Ason Steboric, #8

Select my scorers: Y (Wells and Johnson are the stars)

Give out yellow cards to my players: Y (max 3)

Give out red cards to my players: N

RP injuries to my players: Y (ask first)

Godmod injuries: N

Godmod scoring events: Y (ask first)

Godmod other events: Y (weather only)

Style: +2

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+4 Modifier






-----DEL NIERAN-----


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Home: 2ughto9.jpg

Away: 23sgeg0.jpg


1- Roberto BENNEDETTO (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 6’4’’ - Weight: 193lbs – Age: 21 years old

Roberto Bennedetto is is the best goalkeeper in Erathore. No doubts about that. He surpassed Galigilygano as the best keeper of the modern day when he put on a flawless display in the 55th World Cup. During his young career, he has won the Seria-A golden glove twice and has won it in the King’s Cup. With so many years in front of him, we could possibly see Bennedetto become the best keeper in the world.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A

12- Alessio Affonso GALIGILYGANO (Team: Juvillian Martinax)

Height: 6'2'' - Weight: 191lbs – Age: 30 years old

Galigilygano has been considered one of the greatest keepers to play in Erathore for the majority of his professional career. Lately that title has been taken from him and bestowed upon the young Roberto Bennedetto. Galigilygano does not care; he is far too professional for that. He missed out on the majority of the 55th World Cup do to him having sustained a serious injury but he looks set to play in this one, albeit as a sub. Galigilygano pulls off saves that he deems to be comfortable and not too risky, but if a more spectacular save is necessary he will not hesitate to perform it. Galigilygano is reluctant to challenge an enemy offender due to him having broken 3 ribs in his first professional game that saw him missing a few games.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: A

19- Hérion GALONLOTH (Team: Royal Bosaroni Anetenelli)--Elf

Height: 6'4’' – Weight: 179lbs – Age: 1114 years old

Looking not a day over the age of 20, Hérion Galonloth is one of the better keepers in Erathore. He may even be the best as he captained Royal Vosaroni Anetenelli from Seria-C to Seria-B, then from Seria-B to Seria-A this last season.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A


2-Fredrico MANLIO (Team: Manlio)

Height: 6' - Weight: 176 – Age: 24 years old

Fredrico Manlio is the great-grandson of Diauiditori Manlio, the great striker of Erathore and founder of the Manlio football club. However there are some on the team who resent him for his connection to Manlio. Despite the immense pressure that comes with this relationship, Fredrico performs very well, almost flawlessly.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A

3-NERO Romo (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 5'8'' - Weight: 167 – Age: 26 years old

Nero has been trained to be a top footballer since his youth, participating in most of the youth high level club teams of the country. Even though he had the misfortune of always landing on a losing team during that age, as a professional he toke Elidoro FC into Seria-A before transferring to the Erathi powerhouse team FC Mildrid.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: B - Morale: A - Form: A

4-Barino DINO (Team: FC Mildrid) - VICE-CAPTAIN

Height: 5'9'' - Weight: 166 - Age: 26 years old

Barino Dino is the best defender in Erathore as exemplified by him being named Defender of the Year in this past season and coming in 5th place for the same award two seasons ago. He is fast, strong, and plays to win. Hopes are high for him as he makes his international debut in this World Cup.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A

13-Tom LATHAN (Team: Arsar)

Height: 5'9'' – Weight: 160lbs – Age: 28 years old

A versatile center back, Lathan's main is his speed and his wonderful tackling ability. He also has good technical ability, allowing him to push up the field during important parts of the game.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: A – Form: A

14-Vanni DEL NARAN (Team: Charzzan)

Height: 5'7'' – Weight: 161 – Age: 22 years old

Since being placed on the national team, Naran has found that his domestic and international game have improved immensely. He has crisp passing, good heading, good standing tackles, good speed, just an all around good player.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A

16- Mariano ALBERICO (Team: Vincanto)

Height: 6'3'' - Weight: 181 – Age: 30 years old

Alberico is not a clean footballer. Given his brief stint in the military, he likes to argue with officials and players from the other team. A lot. This has resulted in many a yellow and the occasional red. However he produces results so he is kept on the team. He plays hard and plays to win.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: B - Form: A


5-NARAZO Del Pietro (Team: Charzzan)

Height: 5'7''– Weight: 163lbs – Age: 28 years old

Narazo Del Pietro is a player who can play both sides of the field, although he prefers to play on the right side. His passing has improved immensely and this results in a better game for him and the team. He is pretty good at distributing the ball, but his real strength comes from his slide tackles and his speed.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: B – Form: A

8-Espen Úpaddol ROLODEL (Team: FC Mildrid) --Elf

Height: 6' - Weight: 153lbs - Age: 3255 years old

The first non-human player in Erathore, Rolodel has proved that you don't have to be human to be good at footy. In 47 appearences for FC Mildrid, he found net 37 times, earning him the golden boot and several other awards. He is looking to nab his first few caps and goals in this tournament. Rolodel blends speed, power, and skill together to form a weapon that he uses to deadly effect.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale A - Form: A

20-Julio LANZIANO (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 5'7'' - Weight: 159lbs - Age: 24 years old

Another player making his debut, Julio Lanizano is one of the premier midfielders in Erathore. He might be small but Julio makes up for it with speed, a sublime left foot, wonderful technical ability, and pure skill. He knows when to pass, when to carry the ball, and when to shoot. Lanziano is a wonderful addition to the midfield of FCM

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A

8-Isidoro NAO (Team: EMI FC)

Height: 5’10’’ – Weight: 160lbs – Age: 19 years old

Nao is another standout youth player. Already the subject of a transfer over seas, Nao is a brilliant youngster. Isidoro is know for his technical ability, creativity, pace, and ability to read the game. He has been described as a player whose vision and imagination make him an unpredictable opponent.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: B – Morale: A – Form: A

14-Marcello ALONSO Defon (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 6’ – Weight: 179lbs – Age: 19 years old

Alonso is the man you want in midfield to start attacks. No one his age passes better then him. No one can hit a player with a long pass with his level of accuracy. No one can predict his teammates runs as well as he can. He is the passing master. He also boasts a wickedly powerful and accurate shot, especially from long ranges. He has average footskills, which is fine, as he prefers to pass the ball along to a teammate.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A

7- Alexio DEL NIERAN (Team: FC Mildrid) -CAPTAIN

Height: 6'1'' – Weight: 165lbs – Age: 22 years old

Alexio is a quiet and respectful footballer. He enjoys training whilst listening to dubstep and classical music. He is equally adapt at offense and defense. He is always respectful to the referees, calmly and rationally arguing with them and if proven wrong he apologizes to, and then thanks the referee. He has been compared to an artist creating a masterpiece on the field and it is evident why. He is widely credited with being the most proficient at bending the ball in Erathore. This has caused many a keeper to scramble and fail to save his ball that curves first one way then another.

Rating: A+ – Team Relationship: A+ – Morale: A+ – Form: A+

22- EMLIO Fredrico(Team: Juvillian Martinax)

Height: 170cm – Weight: 72kg – Age: 30 years old

Emlio is a player that loves to play the game. He trains everyday, wears his jersey around the house and has been known to sleep in it from time to time. As a player, he works as a second defensive midfielder, with more freedom to go to the attacks, mostly due to his ability in controlling the ball and making precise passes. His favored and most classic move is performing a backwards pass with his heel after catching the ball on a bounce.

Rating: B – Team Relationship: B – Morale: A – Form: B


9-Erurcion NARYAIEL (Team: Vincanto)---Elf

Height: 5'10'' – Weight: 149lbs – Age: 8962 years old

Another elf to add to the team. And just like the other one, he is up to the task. Naryaiel is fast, good with the ball, and has a natural talent for getting goals. Just like any striker. But what sets Naryaiel apart is his wonderful passing/opportunity making. He was praised this season, not only for scoring goals, but for his inventive play and long passing. He has a vast array of tricks to use and will not hesitate to make new ones. Naryaiel is also a set piece expert, scoring and setting up multiple goals on them during this past season.

10-Gaspare MALVOLIO (Team: Juvillian Martinax)

Height: 5'8'' – Weight: 163lbs – Age: 27 years old

Malvolio is incredibly quick and agile with impressive dribbling skills to match that speed as well. He also has a massively powerful and fast shot that can go from ground to goal faster then the keepers reflexes.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A– Morale: A – Form: A

11-CESC Celestino (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 5'7'' – Weight: 159lbs – Age: 20 years old

Cesc Celestino is a wonderful forward who, at the age of 18, was the subject to a $21 Million deal to the best league in the world. With 6 goals in 5 U-21 games and 8 goals in 11 appearances for the senior team, Cesc is undoubtly the most accomplished player of his age. A product of the FC Mildrid Youth Academy and a promising striker FCM slipped him into the senior squad at age 17. He was named player of the week during his professional debut game against Drago de Celio. He finished the season with several awards and 38 appearances and 23 goals.

Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Form: A

15-Lucifer ANDREA (Vincanto)

Height: 6'2'' – Weight: 176lbs – Age: 27 years old

Lucifer is a jack of all trades, master of none. He is also damn good at those trades. He's fast, he's strong, he's good. What more must be said?

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A

23-Ricardo VILLA (Team: FC Mildrid)

Height: 175cm – Weight: 71kg – Age: 20 years old

Nicknamed Le Bambino Dorato (The Golden Kid), Villa is expected to be the next big thing in Erathore football. With loads of goals to his name whilst playing for the FCM Youth Squad and a solid performance after this DBC, Villa is expected to preform well in the World Cup.

Rating: A – Team Relationship: A – Morale: A – Form: A

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Just gonna copy stuff, don't know soccer, don't care to know it, and I've not rp'd soccer before, almost everything else, but not soccer.

Manager: Jeremy Clarkson

Assistant coach: Richard Hammond

forward coach: James May

Midfield coach: Peter Brock

defender coach: Craig Lowndes

goalkeeping coach: Anthony Reid

Team Doctor: Dr. Dorian

Colours: Hooloovoo Blue, Black, Small amounts of white


GK: Jim, #7, Age 22, Dark Fowl Island, Captain

GK: Bert, #71, Age 35, Mobius

RB: Gerry, #1, Age 23, Dark Fowl Island

RB: Brian, #18, Age 26, Reykjavík

CB: John, #8, Age 29, Dark Fowl Island

CB: Ronald, #85, age 26, Mobius

CB: Richard, #14, age 20, Reykjavík

CB: Ale, #55, age 23, Mobius

LB: Rick, #51, age 26, Dark Fowl Island

LB: Haime, #5, age 20, Dark Fowl Island

RM: Adam, #16, age 22, Mobius

RM: Andre, #32, age 30, Reykjavík

LM: Joe, #23, age 33, Mobius

LM: Anthony, #90, age 24, Reykjavík

CM: Paul, #78, age 33, Dark Fowl Island

CM: Josh, #72, age 16, Mobius

CDM: Nick, # 76, age 24, Mobius

CDM: Mr., #77, age 29, Dark Fowl Island

CAM: Steve, #74, age 21, Dark Fowl Island

CAM: Mike, #73, age 28, Mobius

ST: Jerry , #79, age 21, Dark Fowl Island

ST: Tom, #17, age 27, Mobius

ST: Tony, #27, age 24, Mobius

ST: Tyberius, #37, age 18, Mobius

Starting XI: 4-2-1-2

GK: Jim, #7 [C]

RB: Brian, #18

CB: Ale, #55

CB: Richard, #14

LB: Haime, #5

LM: Joe, #23

CM: Josh, #72

RM: Andre, #32

CDM: Mr., #77

CAM: Steve, #74

ST: Jerry , #79

ST: Tyberius, #37

Select my scorers: Y

Give out yellow cards to my players: Y (max 3)

Give out red cards to my players: y

RP injuries to my players: Y

Godmod injuries: N

Godmod scoring events: n

Godmod other events: n

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Romania withdraws from the cup.

( OOC: I don't have the time to develop the roster. Too much micro managing for my liking. )

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