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Marching through the Dominate

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Intro: The Dominate of Drakia is a relatively small nation and a newcomer to the world stage. It is perhaps one of the more unique groups, most notable of which is just how large a role slavery (Officially called Serfdom) plays in Drakian society. It's named after the period in Roman history where the Emperor was styled the Dominus, or Lord. Dominate is also (roughly) translated from Latin as "Sovereign", a fitting title. The capital, Archona, was the center for what was once known as the Dominion of Drakia, named after Sir Francis Drake.

Government: The Dominate is a mix of several systems of government. The leader is the Archon, who is elected by the free population (by majority vote) to serve a seven year term. The Archon wields great power, but there is a great degree of freedom of speech and movement(again, only for the free population). The House of Assembly acts as a parliament. There is a Senate, appointed by corporate bodies (the guilds, the Landholder's League, the Universities, etc.), which acts as a planning and coordinating authority; membership confers great social prestige.

Local government is based on Provinces and Metropolitan Zones within the Police Zone, the pacified area, and under military/Security authority in the War Zone, where pacification is still going on. The Domination is actually more managed than governed, since over 70 percent of the population is property and, strictly speaking, subject to their owners rather than the State.

Military: The armed forces are divided into the Army(Which is further divided into the free Citizen Force and the Serf Janissary Corps), the Navy, the Air Force and the Special Operations Force.

The Citizen Force is the backbone of the Dominate, it is a sharp and precise instrument, designed to pierce the enemy's line at a single point and break through into the rear areas. The Citizen populations small size means it cannot take huge losses for long periods of time, the Citizen troopers are very good at the art of soldiering, but there are few of them.

The Janissary Corps takes it's name from the Ottoman Empire's slave soldiers, although they have nowhere near the same amount of influence of their namesake's. These are Serf soldiers lead by Citizen officers and senior NCO's designed for attritional warfare, frontal assaults, street fighting. Janissaries come from the countries large Serf population make up at least two-thirds of the Army and take up the most of any combat losses.

The Special Operations Force is a combination of specialist troops, such as Airborne, Marines, Mountain troops, Security Directorate kill teams and special forces groups.

Economy: The Dominate has rich deposits of bauxite ore, clay and oil. It's climate also allows wheat in tremendous volumes. Drakia uses these resources to trade for things that it cannot produce itself, such as wood, metals, meat and rubber. Energy is provided by coal power stations, although the Dominate has plans to move to much cleaner gas power within the next two decades. Drakian goods tend to be either extremely high standard made by Citizen workers or cheap, mass-produced items from Serf laborers.

Society: The population is divided into the free Citizens and Serfs, basically slaves and is split roughly 25% Citizen and 75% Serf. This huge difference in status requires the Citizens to be ruthlessly efficient and brutal in dealing with rebellion, as a successful revolt could possibly mean the deaths of the entire free population. Citizens practice full gender equality(this includes the armed forces) and try to preserve their environment as long as it doesn't interfere with their nation's growth. Citizens can be of any race, so long as their mother and father were both citizens themselves or immigrants from another country(A limited "Mectic" Citizenship, but any children they bear are given full citizenship).

The Serf population comprise the conquered peoples of various tribes and towns within the Dominate's current borders. They are by Drakian law to be properly clothed, fed and treated well by the Citizens, but any resistance or rebellion results is harsh punishment or (in more serious cases) death. The Serfs are factory workers, manual laborers, miners, prostitutes, waitstaff and any other menial or dangerous work. They also serve as "Auxiliary" personnel for the armed forces, serving in non-combat roles which would otherwise be taken up by Citizen troopers. Anyone born by a Serf mother is also made a Serf.

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