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The Surges (IC)

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Since long ago, there has been a group of people, this group of people were called Specials. The Specials were unlike everyone else, they were different... very different. What was different about these groups of people? They had powers. Super powers, some would say, special powers.

The Specials were under the control of one group, headed by Dr. Tobias. The Specials, originally, were nothing more than people. But when Dr. Tobias came to power of his group, he would engineer them to be stronger, faster, smarter, colder than everyone else. They had powers, powers that no one else had. The premise was good, but the power was bad. Dr. Tobias had created his own personal army of Specials. Dr. Tobias would send his Specials on any kind of mission that would be appropriate. Sometimes to wreak havoc on his enemies, other nations, on anything.

Dr. Tobias wielded to much power though. Who would dare to try and stop him? Dr. Panem was willing to try. She had been investing her time and money into creating a force of equal ability to the Specials in nearly everything. They had been evenly matched. Finally, after years of trying, she had figured it out! She had her own group now, they were to be called the Defenders. Both doctors were on the opposite side of the spectrum. Tobias on the end of evil. Panem on the end of good.

The battle had only just begun. Who would dare to join one of these forces? Who would dare hazard an attempt to join this war, dubbed The Surges.


Table of Contents:

1.1 Intro

1.2 Table of Contents/Rules

1.3 The Transformation

1.4 Current Situation

1.5 Character List

1.6 Other Threads


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The Surges (OOC/Bios)
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The Transformation

How does one become either a Special or a Defender? It was relatively simple actually, but not always a easy thing to do. To become a Special or Defender, one had to be an outstanding person. You need to stand out from all the others. Then, of course, you had to hope one of the groups would recognize you and you had to have your own goal set on what side you should, shall, and will join.

Once you are recognized, it gets simpler. You go under the knife. Everything is changed, you're bones made stronger, you become taller, faster, stronger, you gain one power, of which you shall choose. Of course, picking one side over the other also has its consequences/advantages. Although they are negligible, they are still there. They boil down to if you can care for anything or not. Whereas the Specials don't, yet Defenders do.


Current Situation:

The war has only just begun. They are getting ready, the wars progressing. The current setting is primarily North America and the time frame is in the distant future. Every Special or Defender is getting ready, they have their surgery is done, training ready, and are preparing to go to war.


Character List

Key: Name--/--Side--/--Forum User Name


John Peart--/--Defender--/--7185514

Alexei Sehdnierkov--/--Special--/--SerjTankian

Roy Copperstone--/--Special--/--ShinningForce

Harold Fellstorm--/--Specials--/--Rinamir Mortem


Other Threads

The Surges (OOC/Bios)

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The town of Penbrooke used to be a bustling and thriving trading town. Street vendors used to line the cobblestone steets, selling their goods to people from the surrounding towns. There were a variety of small shops selling all sorts of items around the town square in the center of Penbrooke. The houses around the town square were of a marvelous Victorian style. Yet, these were no comparison to the large masons nestled on the outskirts of the northern side, with a grand view of the lush, green plains.

Yet, fifty years of modernization has taken its toll. Most of these houses were, now, crumbling. Potholes lined the cobblestone streets and street vendors were a rare sight, seeing as they would have to contend with the many thieves who now ran the streets. The local police were in over their heads... with no hope of salvation.

What had happened to this town? The Specials had arrived twenty years ago, sensing the growing crime and chance for profit. They had successfully taken over this, once beautiful town, and turned it into a cornerstone for illegal dealings and black markets, thanks to the leadership of Rufus Inrashay.

Rufus Inrashay was, perhaps, the most evil man on the planet, apart from Dr. Tobias, of course. Inrashay was the head of the Specials branch of Penbrooke. Being instructed to simply set up a shipping warehouse, he took his orders to a whole new level. He set up that warehouse, but he didn't stop there. Inrashay recruited many street thugs and ruthless henchmen until he had a very big crew. They began extorting shop owners, one by one, until the Specials branch gained profits from nearly every shop in town.

When the police began to get involved, Inrashay had enough funding to either bribe certain police officers, or hire hitmen to swiftly remove the problem. A long war between the Penbrooke police and the Specials ensued, but the police were no match. They couldn't hold out and now simply ignore the numerous illegal dealings taking place.

It was a long and careful process which took almost ten years to fully execute, yet after everything was said and done, Penbrooke was under control of Rufus Inrashay and his Specials branch. With periodical visits from a representative of Dr. Tobias, Inrashay is allowed to continue expanding his empire under the Specials name, but in order to do so, he needs all the soldiers he can get... including a young man by the name of Roy Copperstone - a former orphan, plagued by the murder of his parents.

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John awoke from his dreadful nightmare, one that showed the specials taking over everyone and everything with nothing the defenders could do. He knew how awful those specials could be, he had the scar, flowing down his right arm, to prove it. Whenever he would run his fingers down it he would remember that day in vivid detail. Dr. Tobias had sent him on a mission to assassinate the richest family in america. He had succeeded on killing the parents but when he got to the children he just couldn't will himself to kill them. He left the household immediately and went back to Dr. Tobias claiming he had successfully killed the entire family. The next day Dr. Tobias saw a news report saying that the children had lived. Dr. Tobias called John in, took out a small knife, drove it into John's arm and sliced down all the way to his wrist. After that day John left the specials and joined the defenders to help them in their battle against the specials. John read his e-mail hoping he could get the day off, but to his disappointed, he got to go and spy on the actions of the specials in Penbrooke. Oh how John hated spying, but it was better than going into battle where he actually had a chance pf killing himself horribly. He packed his stuff quickly, grabbed a coat for it was raining in penbrooke according to the weather guy, and headed for the airport.

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It was 7:45, time to wake up. Ryan just wasn't willing or ready to wake up. Eugh, last nights mission killed me. I just want to sleep. Very reluctantly he sat up and thought to himself about what he had to do today. Hmmm, I don't think I have too much to do today actually. I think I'll just go and practice today. As he got up and went through the normal daily checklist, making sure he knew where everything was, and had his weapons ready for anything.

As he put his Katana around his waist and his throwing needles in their respective place, he was ready. Ryan could never get enough training in. After that horrible day. When Ryan was 15, he was wondering around outside when he saw Specials attacking a random passerby on the street. They knew he saw them, so they chased him too. Ryan turned and took off running, even though there was little hope for him to get away. The Specials were much faster than the average, or even above average, citizen. Ryan took corners rapidly, when he went around another *BAM* right into a Special who cut him off. The Specials had told him "If you ever tell anyone what you saw, we will come back for you". At that moment, that was when Ryan knew what he had to do. He had to become a Defender and help stop the Specials.

Since that day, every chance he gets, he will train. Today he wanted to go and train his accuracy and speed with throwing his Throwing Needles. Today he set up his targets 10m back, 25m back, 50m back, and 75m back. He hasn't managed to hit the 75m target yet. He has had off and on lucky with the 50 and can hit the 25 and 10 easily. He was determined to improve to the point of hitting the 75 easily. He had the targets running back and forth on a track, some faster than the other. He was ready for this. He stood back, focused, and threw a needle. It had gone so fast it was hard to tell he had thrown one till it hit the target. Dead on on the 10m target. "Yes" he said. Now, ready to move to the 25m target. He again, took aim, lead this target a bit due to the increase in speed, and let loose. This one was just off center. He was ready for the 50, he took aim, and was about to throw when he was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder.

"Hmmm? What do you need Boss?" Ryan had said. "What do I need? I need you to get ready, its time for a Tailing Mission" Dr. Panem had said. Eugh, I hate tailing missions. Ryan though, but said "Okay, sounds good. When and where?". He just wanted to get this over with. "The shop down in town, be there in 10." Panem seemed odd today, antsy. "Okay" Ryan said as he took off for town.

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Air is everywhere, Copperstone. The first words Roy's instructor had ever told him echoed in his head. His instructor was Catherine Hawkins, commonly referred to as, "Hawk." Roy had finally completed his training. It had taken him over eight months to complete, but he was finally ready for his first mission.

They were going to sneak into a private military research company located in a nearby suburb, a few miles away. This was a big mission, especially for a rookie just out of training. Most Specials who had just completed their training were given something easy; a bank robbery, or reconnaissance missions... this was unprecedented.

Roy's team walked down the stairs of their apartment. His Commander stopped at the top and turned around to Roy, who was still sitting on the couch, staring at the wooden floor. The possibilities one can do, when manipulating something that constantly surrounds us are endless. Roy took a deep breath and walked towards the staircase.

"I'm ready, Commander Gainley, sir!" Roy said. The determination burned fierce in Roy's eyes - he was ready.

Commander Gainley clapped Roy on the back. "Wait on the porch, I have something you're going to like," Commander Gainley said. Roy did as he was told and sat on the porch railing. He looked up into the sky to see storm clouds gathering. Imagine a portable hurricane, Copperstone. That's what you're going to be one of these days - a portable hurricane.

"Heh... yeah, right," Roy muttered. Commander Gainley emerged from the entryway of the apartment complex with a rectangular black box. He held out the box in front of Roy and motioned for him to take it. Roy opened the box and stared in amazement at what lay before him. Two, long silver-bladed daggers sat in the box. They each had Black hilts with white tape around the grip. Roy, then, noticed something odd. One of the daggers had a small white orb dangling from a golden chain on the butt of the hilt, while the other had a black orb.

"You can admire them, later - we're behind schedule, already," Commander Gainley barked at the rest of the squad who were sitting around the porch. They each scurried to the off-road Jeep - a Telekinetic, a Seer, another Air Bender, and Commander Gainley - an Earth Bender. Roy fully removed the sheaths and daggers from the box, tied the sheath around his waist, and inserted a dagger into each side. He, then, hopped into the back of the Jeep and they took off.

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"Ryan, Wait!" Panem had shouted. "I want you to take this!" She threw Ryan his Katana, but it had looked different This is different... I can feel my power surging through it he wasn't sure what to say, he just kept going with the Katana and yelled "Thanks!".

He began running, he got to the shop in town in record time. He was ready. Now for the funn part... I get to lay in wait for him to go somewhere. While he laid in wait behind some bushes he looked at his Katana again "What did she do to it?" he muttered under his breath. He kept inspecting it and then he realized it, she made this basically a extension of him... I wonder if I can use this to basically help shoot fire through... I want to try it so bad, but I know if I do and give myself away Panem will kill me. This is one of Ryan's first missions, he was given a lowly Tailing mission. As he was thinking he heard a noise. PING. It was Panem, trying to get a hold of him. When he answered it she quickly said "Change in objective. When the citizen is alone, grab him and get any info you can out of him. He is a informant for the Specials" Ryan was trying to make sense of it all when he quickly said "Understood." and hung up. Finally he saw the man begin to leave. The man was pretty small, should be a easy mission.

The man quickly darted down a dark alley, Ryan wasted no time and took off, but he was up above him, he was taking to buildings, sides of walls, everything. Finally, the man took another turn and wasn't visible to others. Ryan sat there wondering What is going on here? Something isn't right here... it isn't making sense. Suddenly out of the shadows stepped a Special. The first thing the Special said was barely audible "Be careful, there is a Defender here. I can feel it." at those words the informant had taken off. Ryan was new, he wasn't sure what to do. He got up and launched himself at the special. Hoping the special was also new. He hit the special dead center and knocked her down. What do I do?!? Take the special or informat?? He went for the informant. He caught him pretty quickly, when he did he wasted no time "What do you know about the Specials? Where is their Headquarters?" the informant stumbled on words "I... I... I dddoo... dont' knooow muuch aboutt the Speecialls onlly that theyy needed my information on yoou Deffenders" Ryan thought, and then decided he was telling the truth and let him go with a warning "Don't give them any more information"

Ryan then took off to hide, worried about the special he had shouldered. When he got back to HQ he told Dr. Panem everything. "Hmmm, good job Ryan. Its time to teach you to confront Specials" Ryan stood there in amazement "Fight specials? That isn't going to be a enjoyable thing at all..." Panem knew what he was also thinking "Don't worry Ryan, we will get you some operations to give you a better Tech side. We can get you Eye Screens to help you communicate with others in your soon to be squad, and you a hover-board for faster transportation. Don't worry"

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John landed in Penbrooke after two hours of flight. He stepped off the small Cesna and headed for the police station. It was a quaint town, miles away from any form of higher power. A perfect place for specials to hide and plan. John knew the specials, he knew they were ruthless and couldn't be trusted. He arrived at the police station looking for work, but the sheriff just stared at him, eyes blank, no sense for anything. John asked, instead of for a job, for a water fountain to fill up his pouch so he could water bend anywhere. On his way out, he asked another police officer, "What's happening here, why's the sheriff so oblivious to other actions?"

The policeman replied with not words, but a quick glance around and, after he was sure no one was around, he gave John a note and told him, "I knew the defenders would come, I knew it, get as far away as possible, then read the note, if you read it here, the specials will know you're a spy, they don't read that much with paper, only on their fancy computers, we don't have them here, they took them and our phones away so we couldn't call for help."

John bowed respectfully and in a hushed voice said, "Thank-you." John immediately left the police station, and after taking one last inquisitive glance at the sheriff, he was off to the airport where he would fly back to Britain to read the note and send the information back to Dr. Panem.

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"How much longer until we get there, sir?" asked the other air bender. He was sitting next to Roy, in the back of the Jeep. He was most likely only a few years older than Roy, but his maturity level was that of a child.

"If you ask me that one more time, Weston, I'm going to bury you alive - shut up!" barked Commander Gainley. Weston crossed his arms and scoffed, then began tapping the side of the Jeep. To counter this annoyance, the Seer, riding shotgun, turned the radio on.

It had only rained for a few short moments before their squad had ridden out of the storm radius. Roy was nearly completely dry but the cold air whipping against his skin made things very chilly. Circulating the air around the open Jeep wouldn't be too hard, if they weren't moving as fast. However, being able to completely bar off the fast-flowing wind would be too difficult a task for Roy to handle, at his current state.

Roy began rubbing his arms, for warmth. It helped, but Weston was doing a much better job at staying warm. He apparently, had found a way to block the incoming air flow, as evidenced by his hair, which lay completely still.

"How are you doing that?" Roy asked him. Weston eyed Roy, suspiciously.

"You sure you're actually an Air Bender, kid?" Weston laughed.

What an idiot. Roy thought. Weston smiled and held up a hand. The wind began to whip even harder around Roy. Whatever. We'll be there, soon, anyway.

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*BEEP* *BEEP* Eugh, time to get up already? That nap sucked. Ryan slowly, again, sat up. He had a messaged from Dr. Panem "Its time for your second mission. This is a capture mission, you are to follow this special *(Insert Picture Here)* and bring him back to HQ for questioning. Waste no time. He will be headed towards town soon. We suspect he may head towards the Air Port"

"Eugh, atleast this one isn't finding an Informant again. That mission sucked." he had said lowly under his breath. He got up and thought Hmmm, maybe just my Throwing Needles today... Nah, I should take the Katana also. He got his seath and wrapped it around him and put his Katana in its place. He had everything ready, and was on his way. As he was going, he messed with his Eye Screen, he saw he had one other message... from "Unknown". It had read "You got lucky the other night. You better watch your back" The message sent shivers down his spine...

He got into town and had rechecked his picture of the Special and finally located him. He slowly had followed him, it seemed as if he was just walking around. He could get him right now if he wanted, but he decided to wait to find out where he was going. It looked as if it was towards the Airport. He kept following him, at a safe following distance.

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John had arrived in Berlin, at around 11:06, a few minutes late, but he shrugged it off as he was flying into the wind, his water bending would be stringer with the full moon. He was to go to a hotel to set up a small base for basic recon within the city. John knew there would be specials following him so he was sure to keep his hand on his water pouch at all times in case he needed to quickly stop a flying projectile or attack a follower. He zigzagged thorough the alleys at which point he came to a small street, he looked right, left, then right again, making sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. John quickly darted across the street and into another ally, this one would lead him straight to his hotel. He found a large jug of water and decided to make sure he could still water bend as well as he could when he was 36, what a wonderful age, he was at his prime, he could take down 10 specials at once, he was nearly unstoppable. But that was the past, and you can't go back there. He bended the water onto the ground and made a small wave to propel himself quickly through the ally. He made it to the front of the hotel, walked in after putting the water back into his pouch, checked in, and walked up to his room.

Once he was in his room and all the blinds were closed, he laid out a small antenna, a few transistors, about 20 wires, a microchip, and his weapons, dual swords, some daggers, and his pouch of water. He took about an hour to set the entire thing up, but he did it, and all he'd have to do is keep room service from coming to the room to clean it for they'd surely break it. He lay in wait for another mission to show up, but nothing came. He decided to go down to the lobby to get some food, relax, and what-not, when he put his hand in his pocket and remembered the note. He opened it to find a message as follows:


Our city has been overrun by the specials, they have a massive base here and they are planning some sort of strike, I know it, they truck in about 10 specials a day and when they leave they look ruthless and they almost killed one of our police officers! Please send help immediately!!!

John sent the note to Dr. Panem via e-mail and asked if she thought it was legitimate or just a trap.

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"Stick to the plan and everything will work out," Commander Gainley told the squad. They had arrived at the research facility around an hour ago. After some quick reconnaissance, the squad returned back to the Jeep, parked two blocks down from the facility.

Wow... it's been a while, Roy thought, They really cleaned up around here... that's nice. Night had washed over the city, allowing the true luminescent beauty of the city to emerge. Some would call the constant illumination of city lights to be distracting - Roy thought otherwise.

"Let's go, then, people!" Commander Gainley ordered. The squad began to walk casually towards the research facility, apart from Roy, who was to stay with the Jeep. "You're originally from here, right?" Roy nodded and dropped his head. "That's over, now. Remember that, Roy." Roy waved a hand, somewhat dismissively. Commander Gainley grinned and began to head off with the rest of the squad.

"Don't worry, Copperstone - you'll get your fun, soon enough!" Gainley yelled as he caught up with the rest of the squad. I knew it was going to be something boring. Oh well, whatever. We all have our jobs, I guess. Roy looked around the area, making mental notes of anything which could have been of strategic importance.

Directly on the opposite side of the street, was a fancy hotel. There was a large balcony overhanging from the main entryway, three floors up. No enemy scouts, apparently. That would have been a good place for recon photos, Roy thought. He continued scanning the area. He observed a narrow alleyway, just big enough for the Jeep to squeeze through.

Roy walked over towards the alley and confirmed that it reached through to a street, a few blocks down. That's going to be their escape route, Roy decided. Hand the decoy bag off to me, then they take off. I run away, attracting enemy attention... man, that's boring. They won't catch me - hell, they probably wouldn't catch me even before the operation! This sucks.

Roy made note of an older building, two blocks down from the research facility entrance. There was a helipad with little red blinking lights. Roy could also faintly make out a small flashing white light. He observed it for a few minutes, noting that it kept flashing periodically and with no obvious pattern. What the hell is that? Roy wondered. Roy decided to keep watching the helipad.

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Ryan got to the Air Port a few minutes after the Special, he was following him still and he went to the Rest Room, before he could go in and catch him, someone ran into him, and as he did it slid a paper into his palm. When he read it, it had said


Our city has been overrun by the specials, they have a massive base here and they are planning some sort of strike, I know it, they truck in about 10 specials a day and when they leave they look ruthless and they almost killed one of our police officers! Please send help immediately!!!"

What? What do I do now? Ryan quickly sent a message via his Eye Screen to Dr. Panem asking what he should do. Dr. Panem wasted no time replying, it was a simple message "Go, I had another Defender get that note to you. The original note was sent to me from John Peart. He was in Penbrook when he was given the note."

Ryan was ready for action but he realized, where was Penbrook? He sent another message, this time to John Peart "I got a message from a fellow Defender. Panem said you got the note while in Penbrook... Where is that?"

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The death of a close friend of Alexei, named Mitch, has left him in a depressing state. The past week has been drink after drink, trying to negate the effects of his tragic loss. Unfortunately, work is still a necessity for a special, even with the unfilled void in his spirit. A fellow special has alerted him via email that he is to travel to Penbrooke. The old, grief stricken, drunken man prepares for the trip. Esh... I... just.... can't work now...... The drunken man slowly walks himself to his house.

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Roy began rummaging through the Jeep, checking every compartment for a pair of binoculars. No binoculars? Are you serious? Roy thought. He gave up on the act and slowly pushed a hand through his dark brown hair.

"Sir, is this your vehicle?" a man asked. Roy turned to his side and saw a police officer, eying the Jeep suspiciously. "You don't see too many of these in the city." Do I play along? What's he doing? What does he want? I can run. One quick punch and... A million thoughts began to race through his head.

"Sir, are you alright?" the officer asked. Here goes...

"I'm just a little worried, to be honest, officer," Roy sighed. The officer's concerned look grew serious, as his hand slowly moved over to the handle of his gun.

"What are you worried about, exactly?" the officer asked. Roy stared at the hotel building, across the street. "What are you worried about, sir?" the officer asked again, firmly. The officer had completely gripped his pistol, now.

"It's my cousin, I'm worried about," Roy said softly, "His girlfriend's been real sick for a while, now and she refuses to go to the hospital." The officer's grip on his pistol slightly relaxed. Roy continued, "He's in her hotel room, now, actually. I hope she lets us take her. She's been like a sister to me."

The officer removed his hand from his pistol. "How long has she been sick?" the officer asked, sincerely. Perfect. Raise his suspicions then make him feel awful about having them, with a sappy story, Roy thought.

"We thought it was the flu, last week," Roy started. A large part of him was actually having fun with all of this. "Then, she started coughing up a lot of blood a few days ago. We've been trying to get her to go to the hospital, but she's always had a thing with them."

"A... thing?" the officer wondered. Alright, time to go in for the kill...

"She's had a sister and little brother both die in a hospital," Roy dropped his head. He picked it back up and looked at the officer. "Please... I-I don't know," Roy convincingly faked being choked up.

"Where's her room?" the officer asked, as he gripped Roy's shoulder gently, "We'll convince her." Roy sniffled and motioned for the officer to follow him into the hotel.

Roy opened a door, leading to a staircase. He held it open for the officer, who walked through. Roy entered, as well and closed the door behind him.

"She's upstairs, then?" the officer asked, as he turned around. Before completely facing Roy, he was met with a stunningly fast strike to the neck. Roy slipped a dagger into the officer's throat, splashing blood all across the dagger. Flecks of blood stained the taping on the grip, as well as, the small white orb attached to the butt of the grip.

"Sorry, but I'm not letting you ruin my first mission," Roy whispered. He swiftly pulled the dagger out and kicked the officer down the stairs, where the body came to a rest against the broiler room door. Roy rubbed both sides of the dagger against the wall, cleaning off most of the blood. He then, returned to the Jeep, where he continued watching the helipad, intrigued by the occasional flash of white light.

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Hmmm, maybe Dr. Panem can get me the exact location of Penbrook Ryan thought as he quickly sent a message to Panem asking where it was.

When he finally got his message he started off towards Penbrook he was very careful. He saw several Specials... he snuck into a nearby house and planned to wait till nightfall. Suddenly, a citizen sympathetic with the Specials emerged. Ryan knew he couldn't let him inform the Specials. What do I do? Ryan always was worried about killing people, as he was a Defender. But he remembered what hew as tough as a little kid. His mind raced with flashbacks When I was little, didn't a teacher say "You know, there really is a fine line between the difference of a Special and Defender. Its what they are fighting for. They both tend to do the same things to get their side a advantage." He then realized he'd have to have a few... Acceptable Losses.

The man was running towards the door when all of the sudden, Ryan dashed from his hiding spot, tackling the man right to the ground. He hissed "You will NOT tell the Specials." The man uttered "I... I didn't plan too." Ryan decided to let him go. It had been a mistake, the man immediately took off for the nearest Special. Ryan had little time to react, before he got to far, Ryan through a Throwing Needle and caught the man right in the back. Knocking him down and possibly killing him.

Finally, after hiding the body and hidding in a new spot, he nightfall finally came.

Then he finally realized it... I'm a new recruit. What am I supposed to do? I'm all alone here... I don't know what to do! He sat down continuing to hide and just sulked and thought.

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Hurry up, guys. Roy was growing restless. This should have been a quick find-and-grab job, but the squad has been in there for almost 20 minutes. Roy could use the comms. radio he was given, but Commander Gainley had strictly ordered radio silence.

Alright, whatever, he told me it would take 15 minutes. He'll be coming soon. Roy tried to calm himself. He eyed the key jammed into the Jeep ignition. He's got 10 minutes, then I'm out of here. Roy eased himself into the driver seat. He remained focused on the research facility, ready to bring the Jeep to life at the first sign of trouble.

Roy tapped on the dashboard for a few moments. How boring. I would have much rather done a simple bank robbery than this. This is just-

"Hey, kid!" Roy's radio transmitted a muffled voice, "Kid, come on!"

Roy scrambled to bring the radio out of his back pocket. "Yeah - I'm here!" Roy answered hastily.

"I hope you're being a good little boy," Weston laughed. There was a soft thud. "Ease up, Relicum!" A brief period of muffled struggling and static began.

"Private Copperstone, this is Corporal Relicum," a commanding voice emerged from the brief struggle.

"You didn't have to hit me like that, ya know!" Weston's whining voice was barely audible in the background.

"The enemy has bolt-locked the doors," Corporal Relicum continued, "Commander Gainley is unconscious - we need you to ram the side entrance with the vehicle."

"I'm on it," Roy replied. He gave the key a quick turn, bringing the engine to life. "You should probably get back." Alright - let's do this. Roy jerked the shifter out of 'Park' and stomped on the metal peddle. Roy cruised the Jeep down the street on the opposite side of the road, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, which thankfully, was low.

Upon arriving out front of the research facility entrance, Roy pulled back on the handbrake and made a quick left-turn. The Jeep was on two wheels for a few seconds before slamming back down to the ground. Roy, drove down the side entryway to the back parking lot and stopped outside the side entrance. He backed the Jeep up, lining the vehicle up with the door of the facility before slamming a foot down on the accelerator again.

The Jeep hit the metal door, making a deafening clanking sound which echoed throughout the back parking lot. A few metallic sparks shot out from the zone of impact and fell to the ground, igniting the patch of grass outside the door. The Jeep was nearly flipped onto its top, as Roy's head smacked off of the steering wheel.

Roy slowly picked his head up and wiped the blood out of his eyes. His eyes weren't focusing properly and everything was distorted. He managed to make out a blurred outline of an extremely dented door and bits of concrete rubble all along the side. An invisible force surrounded the door and slowly began to detach it from the hinges. It finally fell to the ground with a clanging sound.

The floating body of Commander Gainley emerged from the doorway. Weston walked out, next, hands outstretched. He gently dropped the Commander into the back of the Jeep. A woman with long, red hair sprinted out of the doorway. She ran well past the Jeep before doubling back.

"It's clear - Copperstone, move!" the woman said. Is that... what? No one from our squad had red hair... The woman kicked Roy into the passenger seat.

"Who... who the he-hell... you?" Roy dumbly asked. The concussion was beginning to take its effect on Roy.

"Corporal Relicum, you idiot!" the woman barked, "Pull yourself together, damn it!"

"Corporal, he's in no shape to run decoy," Weston pointed at the gashing cut between Roy's eyes. "He'll be captured and this kid doesn't exactly look like he'll survive an interrogation."

"F-F*ck off... you... creep," Roy moaned as the Jeep made a hard turn and his head bashed into the side of the door. It came to a screeching halt. Corporal Relicum threw a bag to Weston, who made a big deal of strapping it carefully to his back before he jumped out of the Jeep and took off down a side alley.

Roy poked his head up and looked around. They were parked in the middle of the street, across from the hotel Roy played 'lookout' at. He looked up at the helipad and saw the small white light shoot off into the sky, heading for the alley Weston had just went into.

Roy's vision grew dark, there was no use fighting it. He was going to pass out. Sh*t...

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Come on Ryan! Pull yourself together, what are you doing? You are a Defender! Not a wuss. A Defender! Ryan thought to himself, trying to will himself to think out a plan. Lets start this way. I'm Ryan. I'm a Defender. I'm in Penbrook. Penbrooke is under siege by Specials. I'm alone.. I'm alone... I can do this though, I've trained.

Ryan slowly, as he thought out his plans rose to his feet. He checked to be sure he had his Katana ready. He was headed out, he wasn't sure what to do, but he was headed out. "Hmmm, apparently some hostages are in the Sherifs office..." he said softly. I guess I can go there and see what is going on.

He crept in the shadows, slowly sneaking to the Sherif's Office. When he got close he just listened, he heard nothing. Time to get closer. He peered in the window Hmmm... no one there aside from prisoners. I should try and see if they have any information to help me.

He crept in to the building and found the sherif. He slowly crept to him and asked "What had happened here? Where are the Specials?". The man looked both shocked and worried, he then whispered "They came en mass. Not sure why, but they seem to be holed up in the Military Training Hall up th..." his talked died out and Ryan looked behind him quickly. What he saw made him fall on his butt.

Ryan quickly tried to crawl backwards, the shaded figure walking closer. Think Ryan! What can I do? he caught a glimpse of his Katana. He knew. The figure was mid-step when Ryan was up and dashing. He threw all of his weight at the figure, smashing him to the ground. He then got back up, grabbed his Katana, unseated it, and was ready.

"Eughhhh... wh.. who are you and what was that for?" the unknown figure said. Hmmm, he doesn't sound very threatening... Ryan thought as he quickly seethed his Katana and went to help the figure up. His first major mistake. The man grabbed his arm and flipped him over himself and through Ryan into the door. The man, now clearly a Special, was up and headed at Ryan. Ryan quickly drew his Katana, hitting the Special right square in the gut with the Butt of his sword. "Woah, I fell for that..." he finished unsheathing it and was walking over to the sherif again, constantly eyeing the Special. "Now, where are they?" he quickly said. "Up the hill, leave here and go east." the Sherif said.

Ryan was walking towards the door, and as he was he suddenly felt a sharp pain in the square of his back "Ouch!" and he felt himself getting groggy. No! Don't you do this! I have to stay up, I need to get ready to fight! Ryan stumbled, his steeps getting more and more sloppy every second. He sent a message to any Directors in the area "Help, now. Getting sleepy. Specials, hill to east. Go now" he finished and sent as he fell.

It looked like he was out, but he refused it. It was like he quickly was getting better. As he slowly stood up he looked up and saw a group of people walking towards him, they looked like Defenders. They were coming to get him!

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Harold Fellstorm was stood by the great window of his grand study at his manor house in rural England. A tumbler of whiskey on ice cooled his hand as he gazed out to the forest that bordered the east side of his estate. He turned from the window as he saw his wife drive in from the winding gravel path and be helped out by the chauffeur, her bags hefted in by the butler. She had been to America as his correspondent for the American branch of the Specials and Harold hoped that her daughter had brought news.

Before he left his room he drank the last of the sharp liquid and let the glass float from his hand and on to the table. He grinned, telekinesis had it's benefits. The door opened, seemingly on it's own accord, and he walked out and down the corridor, checking his suit in the glass of family portraits. His grandfather's portrait was the grandest being Duke of Derbyshire, a title Harold had never had the chance to inherit as his elder brother soon leaped to the opportunity of noble life once their father died. Left to his own devices Harold knew his brother would kill himself with his self indulgent lifestyle so he waited patiently, like a spider.

"Darling!" came the airy voice of Arianne, his wife. She was a formidable Special, two years his junior and had passed Dr. Tobias' strict training when she was only twenty. He had only had two years to enjoy the benefits of his powers. Like Harold, her career had made her mentally hard as nails owning the second largest corporation in England and being a Seer was giving her the edge on the markets that baffled all other businesses.

Harold held out his arms and they embraced, "Welcome home Ari! How was your trip?"

"Exhausting," she exaggerated and pretended to collapse into his arms. He chuckled as he poked her slightly in the sides and she jumped. "You can never leave me along can you?" she laughed.

"So, what news my dear?"

"Penbrooke has shown severe signs of Defender activities. A research center has been raided, dangerously close to one of my own. Dr. Tobias is asking that we send some of our people to secure Penbrooke further."

Harold nodded, "I will contact my brother."

Arianne nodded. Peter Fellstorm was one of the leaders of a squad in Penbrooke. "I shall go there and help him co-ordinate the men."

Her face fell slightly, "You aren't staying?"

He shook his head, "For one, they don't have a Telekinetic Special in their squad or a man with the sword skills I have," he patted the hilt of his rapier strapped to his hip, "Also, I can give Peter some help. If the Defenders are really as bad as I hear then it is time we show them what Specials are capable of doing."

Arianne's eyes dropped and her grip loosened slightly. He registered her disappointment, "Do not worry, I will be here until tomorrow."

She forced a smile and let go of him and he sighed. Soon the Defenders will be gone my dear and once there are no more threats we can spend the rest of our lives together.

Early the next day he left for the private airstrip they owned and set off for the city of Penbrooke.

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"Get up, damn it!" yelled a strong female voice. Roy winked open his eyes and tried making out the figure that was hunched over him. "Stop laying about - we're moving!" Roy was then slapped across the face. He blinked a couple of times and sat up.

Roy was in an apartment. It was nicely decorated with many different flowers hanging outside of their plastic containers. There were cheap reproductions of artwork, including Van Gogh's "Starry Night." The red velvet curtains were pulled, blocking out nearly all of the sunlight.

Roy was struck across the face with another forceful slap. "Stop looking around and get dressed, damn it!" Corporal Relicum threw Roy's clothes on his lap. Roy only, then, realized he was naked.

As Roy hunched over to put on his undergarments, a sharp pain erupted across the left side of his abdomens. He winced and groaned loudly.

"Stop ********ing about it and get dressed already, Private!" Corporal hissed. She peaked through the front window and turned back around to face Roy. "You tore your stitches," she commented.

"There's a thing called privacy, you know-" Roy mumbled but was slapped across the back of the head.

"You're hopeless!" Corporal Relicum sighed. She grabbed the black shirt and jammed it roughly over his head. Roy gingerly pulled his arms through the sleeves. He, then, slowly shifted to the side of the couch.

What a complete ********, Roy thought, I'm wounded and concussed and she still made me sleep on the couch. Corporal Relicum grabbed Roy's shredded and blood-stained jeans.

"I can do that, myself, thank you," Roy said coldly as we attempted to grab his jeans from her grip. Corporal Relicum slapped him across the face, yet again.

"I'm your Commanding Officer, now, damn it!" she barked. "You'll do well to remember that before talking back."

This ******** is f*cking crazy. "Ma'am, I believe-" Roy started but was slapped again.

"You'll address me as 'Sir," Corproal Relicum said. The two stared at each other for a brief moment. Roy was biting his lip very hard.

"Sir, I believe I am capable of putting my pants on," Roy said.

"I don't believe you're capable of lacing your own boots, to be honest - even if you weren't wounded," the Corporal quipped. Roy dropped his head and smiled. This is f*cking ridiculous.

Corporal Relicum dropped to the floor and quickly pulled Roy's left leg through the shredded pant leg. Roy winced as his abdominal muscles tightened. Roy put his leg through the other pant leg and pulled them up around his waist. He zipped the fly and slowly stood up.

"What happened?" Roy asked. Corporal Relicum laid down on her back and smiled. Roy walked around her and into the kitchen area. He checked the refrigerator, only to find cheap beer and and half a bunt cake. He grabbed one of the cheap beers and sat down in the wooden kitchen chair. His abdomens screamed out in pain whenever he moved. This is going to suck, Roy thought.

"Do you really wanna' know?" Corporal Relicum asked. She was still laying in the living room on her back. What's her problem? Corporal Relicum was curling her blonde hair.

"I remember your hair being red... unless that was just the concussion playing tricks on me," Roy mentioned as he took a long drink from the bottle of beer.

"You're not old enough to be drinking," Corporal said. Roy grinned sarcastically and took another drink.

"Fine, don't tell me," Roy said, "let's wake Commander Gainley up and leave."

"Commander Gainley died, Copperstone," Corporal Relicum said grimly. "Weston didn't make it back... he's presumed K.I.A. and no one else made it out of the facility."

Roy paused for a moment. He finished the rest of his beer before placing the bottle down on the wooden table with a clanging sound. "That's unfortunate," he said coldly.

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Ryan just couldn't care though. He just laid there till they showed up. They grabbed him, took him back some dark streets and took him to their "HQ", in which was mainly just a small room behind a store. They let Ryan rest for a bit, then, after waiting long enough woke him up with a splash of ice cold water.

"Get up!" he heard someone say, seemingly a male voice. He could hear murmurs amongst those voices. He focused and figured there must be at lest 4 people in this room not counting himself. 2 guys, 2 girls, and himself. 5.

"Oh! Look, it looks as if he is coming too!" a female said. Ryan slowly sat up, and when he realized what happened, tried to grab his Sword. It isn't here! Where is it?! he got up even quicker now, ready to fight. His hands getting warmer, as he was ready to start bending Fire. He spat "Where am I? and Who are you?".

"Calm down boy, you are in Penbrooke, just in our hide out. We are defenders too, no worries" the man said, probably the leader. "Well, where is my Katana?" Ryan said. Missing his Katana. "Its right here" one of the ladies said as she threw him the Katana.

Ryan began to relax. "So... who exactly are you guys?" he asked, seeming suspicious. "Well" said the assumed leader "I'm Captain Christopher, Captain C for short. I'm the leader of this Squad. This here," he said pointing to the other man "is Thom." Pointing to the 2 girls of the Squad he said "and these lovely ladies are Kaitie and Rachel."

"Okay. But what are your po..." Ryan was about to say. Captain Christopher cut him off saying "I'm a Wind Bender, Thom has Telekinesis, Kaitie is a Water Bender, and Rachel is a Seer. So, I am curious to know abbot you. Tell us, who are you, and what power do you have?"

"Well, I'm Ryan. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm a Fire Bender." he said. "Hmmm, a Fire Bender? We could use someone like you in our Squad, you seem to be trained witht eh use of Katanas and you can bend Fire. Would be nice to have you with us. I may be going by the seat of my pants but, do you want to join us?"

Ryan thought for a second. Then began to answer.

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"What is this I hear about a raid?" Harold asked quietly over a game of chess with his brother.

"Nothing much," Peter said as he moved his bishop, putting Harold's King in check. Harold's brow furrowed slightly as he thought his next move, "It was a lightening raid that didn't succeed as far as I can tell."

"As far as you can tell?" Harold asked as he moved his rook to take the threatening bishop. Peter smiled knowingly.

"I managed to get a report from one of the Commanders who checked the area and he said that the Defender raid failed and that they took nothing of great importance." He made a triumphant chuckle and moved his queen and check mated his brother's King. Harold just laughed and relaxed back into his leather chair.

"As long as they keep from my wife's research center then we are happy." he said as he grinned over his glass of whiskey, "What news from Tobias?"

"He is rather annoyed that the Specials squads didn't stop the raid and several squads are hot on the tails of people we think to be part of the raids. Some of them the ones we have been monitoring." Peter took out a small handheld computer from his pristine jacket and Harold began to look through. One of the people was named Roy Copperstone.

"Do you have any idea where he is?"

"No, but we already have several Specials hunting him down. We have reason to believe that he is with another group of Defenders and they are currently on the run."

"Good," Harold said as he returned the computer to Peter, "Keep watching them. If we know their patterns we can begin to head them off. Once we get that we can begin to find out where exactly Dr. Panem is and finish off the rest of the Defenders."

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"Well, I'm usually a 'Loan Wolf'..." he said and then thought about earlier. "But, what the heck. I'd love to join!"

Captain Christopher looked satisfied. "Well, welcome aboard Ryan! Now, time to get down to business. What all do you know about Penbrook?" he said. Everyone gathered around Ryan to listen to what he had to say. "All I know is that they are located, en mass, up the road in that big Training Hall. I found this all out from the Sherif. Sorry I don't know more Captain Christopher."

"Call my Captain Chris or even just Chris" he said as he slumped into an old, dusty, rickety looking chair. "Well guys. What are we going to do?" he asked the rest of his Squad. Kaitie quickly answered "Well... I mean... we can do the obvious. Attack the Training Center."

Thom then spoke up saying "Yeah? Then what? Get shot up by a huge amount of Specials? You go right ahead and do that." Ryan thought to himself Hmmm... looks as if Thom's the smart aleck of this group. he was brought back to reality with the question then posed at him. "Well... hmm. We could try things such as maybe a 'diversion'?" he said, still clearly in thought about the dynamics of the squad. "Well, what do you mean by diversion?" Rachel had asked.

"A Diversion as something simple like smoking them out. Or sneaking in. It doesn't have to be "Trojan Horse", but we could try to sneak in or use smoke grenades and/or smoke bombs to flush them out. I suppose we could also just get captured."

"CAPTURED?!" Captain Chris yelled. "What the heck are you boy, mental?! If we get captured we'd be dead meat!" Captain Chris then proceeded to go into a chuckle at the absurd of the idea. "Can I finish now?" Ryan asked. "if even a few of us got 'captured' we don't let on that we are Defenders. Then, if or when we get left alone we break out, sneak out and let the rest of you all in. Or we kidnap some highranking officials. I mean, its unorthodox yes, but it could work. If we get caught and can't break out then... well... we hope and pray that the rest of you get in."

Captain Chris suddenly stopped laughing. "Boy, do you know what you are suggesting? YOu are suggesting we basically give ourselves up to get captured. That idea is crazy!" he said. "But... I think it could work. But it can't be Rachel, she is a Seer. Thom could go, he has Telekinesis. I'm not going, I've got to lead you all. So, who would be up to try this idea?"

Ryan quickly raised his hand and said "I'd love too. I really want to get some good action in." and as he raised his hand, Kaitie raised his hand saying "Well, I might as well too. I'm up for a challenge". "There we have it then guys, Kaitie and Ryan will get "captured". If we don't get message from them within 48 hours, or Rachel makes a mental connection with them that they need help, we will try to get in." Captain Chris said.

Rachel, after a long while, finally spoke up and said "Well, if we can't get to them, we, on the outside, can try to dig underground to get to them? It'll be slow due to the lacking of an Earth Bender, but we can manage."

"Agreed." everyone had said. Ryan and Kaitie then went out, wondering around not to close to each other hoping they'd get caught and none would suspect they were working together.

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"Corporal," Roy stood up, wincing as he planted his left foot on the floor, "What exactly was it that you guys took from that facility?"

Corporal Relicum rolled over onto her stomach and began twiddling her feet. She's not going to tell me, huh, Roy thought.

"Rufus Inrashay gave this direct order to the Commander, Copperstone," Corporal Relicum said, "So, it's supposed to be a secret to everyone who doesn't need to know."

Everyone who doesn't need to know... "Commander Gainley didn't tell you, did he?" Roy asked. He was positive, now. She had no idea what they stole. Corporal looked at Roy for a long moment before rising slowly to her feet. She walked past the kitchen and towards the bathroom.

"Hey!" Roy followed her through the kitchen. "We're the only two left besides General Inrashay who knew anything about this. I need to know EVERYTHING." Corporal Relicum walked into the bathroom and turned around at the doorway.

"That facility was under the protection of Arrianne Fellstorm, Roy," Corporal Relicum said. She bit her lip and closed the door.

"Fellstorm?" Roy repeated, bewildered at the thought of what they had just done. General Fellstorm runs the England branch. Hell, he does more than that - he's basically Tobias' partner! Why in the hell would Inrashay make us do that?!

Roy banged on the door. "Why the hell would he do that?" Roy yelled. He continued banging on the door until Corporal Relicum opened it. "You know-"

Roy was punched, hard in the throat. He collapsed to one knee, then the pain in his abdomens flared up and Roy sprawled out onto the floor. He rolled over onto his back and looked up at the Corporal.

"Gainley told me that we were posing as Defenders," Corporal Relicum softly said, "The enemies we encountered inside the facility were a private squad from England under Lady Arianne's direct command. It was bloody."

Roy thought back to the chaotic situation of the previous night. Everything that happened after Roy rammed the Jeep into the facility building was a complete blur. Roy kept drifting in and out of consciousness as Coporal Relicum drove the Jeep. He remembered a lot of swift and sudden turns. They were out in the countryside, when the Jeep was pushed from the side... but then what happened?

"How did this happen?" Roy asked, pointing to his abdomen, which was bleeding. Corporal Relicum pulled Roy inside the bathroom and gathered some bandages from a medicine cabinet above the sink. She began to wrap them around Roy's wound.

"We were chased by the remnants of that facility squad," she began to explain, "there was a lot of blood on the windshield. I was completely covered in it when we got out of the facility and the wind took a lot of the blood in my hair and splashed it around everywhere, I guess."

She paused for a moment and decided to wrap another layer around Roy's waist. "Then, a fire blast hit the back end of the Jeep..." Corporal Relicum put the bandages back in the medicine cabinet. "It completely obliterated the Commander and threw our Jeep down the side of a cliff. I was able to take control of my own falling body, but you flew out of the Jeep and down the cliff, hitting all sorts of rocks and what not." She managed a quick smile. "You looked so stupid, too, just shooting down it."

"So... what do we do, now?" Roy asked.

"We hope they didn't get a good look at our faces, otherwise, we're out of a job and on the run for the rest of our lives!" the Corporal faked a laugh and walked out of the bathroom.

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Okay Ryan, you can do this. No. You HAVE to do this. It was your idea, you can do this. Just watch what power you display, you can't show to much. Okay, Ryan was ready. He wasn't sure if Kaitie was ready too, but he knew he was.

He was walking aroudn, slowly getting closer and closer to the Compound, just waiting to get captured. He was focusing Clear your mind Ryan.If others read me, they will know.

Finally, someone came out and started yelling "HEY! HEY YOU! COME HERE!" Ryan knew this was his chance, if he started running, they will have to take him in! Ryan took off to a dead sprint, suddenly he tripped, smashing to the ground. In the next instant the earth was moving, up trapping him. Earth Bender. he thought.

"WHY ARE YOU RUNNING?" the bender was yelling. "WELL?! TELL ME!" he yelled again. Not giving him time to answer. What a fool! Ryan thought, he then said "I... I, I got scared. You came out so I left." The bender didn't believe him, good. "Well, isn't that a convenient story! I'm taking you in!" the bender said again. "No! Please no!" Ryan said, in his best fake scared voice.

When he got to the room he was left in, he was in a cell. Alone. Hmmm... What should I do? I could maybe... he stopped thinking. He knew it could be bad. He just had to sit, and hope Kaitie would show up. He'd give her a few hours. If she didn't show up, he'd try to break out.

The time passed, finally, Kaitie was thrown in the Cell too. He ran to her and in a low voice said "What should we do? I'm not sure how we can do this, should we grab anyone and break out, interrogate him?" She sat there, thinking "Well, we could do that. I don't see why not." "well, its agreed then" Ryan said.

As time passed, they picked a Guard whom seemed to know more than the rest of the Prision Guards. "Okay, we can get that guy" Kaitie said. "Yep, looks good. So, how should we get o6ut of the cell?" Ryan then said. Then, he realized, "Oh, I could melt the bars... maybe."

Ryan was ready, he only heated up his hands, so it wasn't to obvious, he then touched the bars. Nothing. He heated his hands more. Still nothing. Ryan was getting frustrated. He had his hands as hot as possible. Nothing still!

"Arghhhhhhh!" he yelled, then making a disk of fire, throwing it at the bars. Still, the bars had not budged. Suddenly, he heard clapping. "Nice try Ryan. But do you really think we are all that stupid? We knew you and her were Defenders. We planned accordingly. Even if you weren't, why would we put you in a normal cell?" the man was standing in the shadows. "Who are you?" Ryan asked.

"Who I am is of no importance to you" the figure said.

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