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John DeMicheal

Joylopia, State of the Union

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Interim Leader Mr. DeMicheal of the Liberal party has stepped out to the 499 other members of the Joylopian Parliamentary Assembly. He cleared his throat and spoke, "The State of the Union of Joylopia under our Parliamentary Assembly and People is good." no one interrupted a State of the Union, no applause sounded. Every year the Prime Minister or Interim Leader as applicable gives the State of the Union Adress to the Parliamentary Assembly. "I am the first of Joylopia's many leaders to come. We may not all agree on politics but I am proud of the progress that we as a nation have made. We went from being ruled by General Kendrick to starting our own revolt, to winning that revolt. When I wrote the National Constitution along with 72 other Delegates I knew it was a step forward. And hence I subscribed my name at the bottom of that Constitution along with 71 of those other Delegates. I led the 3rd Battalion of our Revolutionary Army into battle and was one of the 29 who signed our Declaration of Independence a year ago, because of that action General Kendrick was planning to have me hung if it had not been for the strength of a small group of specially trained men and women in the revolutionary army. Today we worry about the General no more, by order of a Tribunal of seven people, myself included, he was ordered to be imprisoned for life by a unanimous majority. The General currently resides in a Jail Cell as he has done for the past six months, his location is on a Joylopian province with little to no inhabitance 520 miles away from the Joylopian main land. But enough about our glamorous history. Today, in Joylopia, we have many centers of Culture and success. We provide necessary services to all persons in need. We have a flourishing free market. We maintain and strong and grand Union and I can say quite honestly before the Parliamentary Assembly and the nation at large that the State of our Union is good."

"Of course we are always divided upon politics. I did not receive the necessary 251 votes required to assume full office as Prime Minister but received 206 votes, thanks to the votes of Independents I was carried into office and I salute those Independents here today, thank you. But Politics aside the nation has problems, and yet we are only able to pass a few resolutions through our Parliament for our Parliamentary Assembly is too divided. Even the Universal Declaration on Human Rights failed before our Parliament because of the obstructing votes of the Religious Right Party, some Independents, and the Conservatives along with some back bench voters in my own Party. This is a waste of Parliament's time and energy if a budget is the highest law we can pass because of our division. I ask the Parliament and the People this, can a House Divided stand? The answer we have been shown here is no. And this is a failure of leadership and compromise on behalf of the Religious Right Party."

"And with that note I must say good night nation. I wish every person listening and every Citizen of Joylopia a pleasant evening."


"Now that was Interim Leader John DeMicheal of the Liberal Party and I was frankly wondering what the difference between an Interim Leader and a Prime Minister is."

"Well. Leader DeMicheal and the others who wrote the National Constitution envisioned a senario in which there was not a simple majority of the Parliamentary Assembly in concurrence for a Leader to be selected and hence they would call that "leader" the Interim Leader. The Interim Leader has fewer powers than the Prime Minister. For example if we elect an Interim Leader they are not given a veto, they are able to be removed by a 60% vote of Parliament, they do not appoint Ministers and the Speaker of Parliament those officers are elected by the Parliament, and similar things."

"Well do you think Mr. DeMicheal helped his political status with this adress."

"Yes, I do. Mr. DeMicheal is a smart fellow and he phrased his statements in such a way that he not only blamed his political opponents but also provided good reasons for why his views should win and why his opponents were obstructing resolutions.


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UPDATE: By a vote of 349 to 151 votes for Miscellanious candidates John DeMicheal was re-elected, this time as Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister was sworn in at 6:41 AM this morning by Chairman of the Elders, sometimes called King, George I.



The Executive is vested in an Interim Leader if the candidate receives a majority of the votes but not more than 251 of the votes or a Prime Minister if the candidate receives more than 251 of the votes. The Prime Minister may exercise a veto by a 2/3 majority and appoints Ministers from within Parliament if approved by Majority Vote. The Prime Minister also appoints new Elders if the Elders are approved by a 3/4 majority. The Interim Leader has no veto and under an Interim Leader the Ministers are elected by Parliament, the Interim Leader appoints Elders who are approved by a 7/8 majority.


The Legislative is vested in a Parliamentary Assembly of 500 seats. The MPs are elected by districts and all Ministers and other officers are MPs.


The Council of Elders is made of at least three Elders and no more than 15 Elders who are appointed by the Prime Minister. The Elders serve ceremonial purposes unless overruled by a simple majority of Parliament.


The Judicial Branch is made of Courts created by the Prime Minister pending approval of the Parliament and Judges appointed by the Council of Elders, seconded by the Prime Minister, and pending the approval of a 2/3 majority of Parliament. The Leadership of the Judicial Branch is the Supreme Judicial Council of seven members. The Monarch, the Minister of the Interior, and five Judges appointed by the Council of Elders to serve and approved by a 2/3 majority of the Parliament.

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Important News Bits:

* Joylopian Religious Right (JRR) Party holds Nationalist Rally, over 1,500 attend.

* Government plans city updating. Hundreds of workers to be employed to upgrade Dalimbar. Sponsored by the Liberal Party.

* Conservatives and JRR expected to announce a merger in a few days.

* :nyancat: allows Joylopian industry to lose 5 million $ per day, Angry Birds causes Joylopian industry to lose 22 million $ per day studies say. Businesses outraged.

* Man found dead of unnatural causes, the first high profile murder in Joylopian History. His killer has been caught and will stand trial today and could face up to life without parole.

* Liberals pass an Amendment of Habeas Corpus with some back fire. Passes with a majority of 271-229 barely achieving the 269 majority required.

* Prime Minister DeMicheal to seek another term.

* Council of Elders to Knight DeMicheal.

* Minister of Agriculture David Dewy to resign as Minister in two weeks, he says he will seeks another term as MP but not a cabinet position.

* Speaker of the Assembly of Parliament Conrad Waffling to block act of national theological declaration from reaching the floor. Religious Right protests and says it is undemocratic.

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