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Andy P

Nolíshiwan, the direct-democratic island confederation

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Some centuries ago, there was the Kingdom of Sloshwan, meaning "Land of Water" in Nolíshi. That nation was ruled by a royal house. During the reign of one of the kings, he decided to send out colonists to some uninhabited island that happened to be in fact bigger than Sloshwan. It was then named Sherusìlwan, meaning "Foreign Land" in Nolíshi. Some decades ago there was a huge civil war in Sloshwan, started by the hostile neighbour Rakhgarim by turning the Rakh people in Sloshwan against the royal house. Millions of Nolíshiwer in Sloshwan were slaughtered, as well as the whole royal house. Sloshwan was then renamed Rakhwan, since nearly the whole population was made up of Rakh people now. The Rakh people there had taken the -wan suffix from Nolíshi into their language, that's why the ending stayed Nolíshi-ish.

Seeing the homeland being 'destroyed', so to speak, Sherusìlwan declared independence. This resulted in the creation of the Democratic States of Nolíshiwan, named after their language Nolíshi.

The language Nolíshi is named after "nolíshi", the Nolíshi word for imagination.

Capital: Qakhtes (Shaletown)

National motto: Digù nolishi! (Have imagination!)

National currency: Dáfò (Tree) [not actual trees, if anyone wonders]

National animal: Khàniv (eagle)

National religion: No official national religion, mixed.

Standard stress is on 2nd-to-last syllable unless there is a long vowel or diphthong

"´" marks nonstandard stress (except in the language name where it marks fixed stress that doesn't move when suffixes are added)

"`" makes the sound longer

"^" is the combination of the above

"w" is pronounced like the "v" in van

"v" is a stretched b, similar but not equal to "w"

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