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SK Govt Change

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Lionheart (Black Panther) stepped down as King of the Seven Kingdoms during internal restructuring. Tenages (Saruman) took over as King as per our Charter. Mikey has been selected as our new King's Hand. For internal reasons, Lionheart has also been removed from the Seven Kingdoms Alliance. Lionheart no longer represents or speaks for SK. If he has a mask on your forums, it should be removed.

The only official SK channel is #SK on coldfront. Any other channels that may have been set up are no longer maintained or run by the SK government.Our current government line-up is as follows:

Tenages (Saruman): King

Mikey: King's Hand and Lord of Foreign Affairs

Nikolai: Lord of War

Dwitty: Lord of Internal Affairs

Mordecai: Lord of Education



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