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The Republic of Confuciéenie: The World Factbook

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The Government

As of 26 September 2011, the government of our Republic consists of four parties:

The English Lawdrafters - This group is not really a party as much as it is a group of those in the below parties who speak English and draft laws and other documents in English. The founder of this integrated group, and another Revolutionary veteran, His Modest Sovereign Maj.Gen. Carter McBride, drafted the Confusic Declaration of Independence and the Republican Constitution.

La Partie Française - The French-Speaking party, which is currently in power in the Solutionary Chamber, is a liberal party that concentrates on effectively balancing economic, military, and social advancement. The current leader of the ParFran, and the President Of The Republic-elect, Major Jean-Pierre Jeaumôt du Chateau-Montparnasse, is a leading figure in Confusic politics, and a veteran of the revolution.

Airillean Ghàidlig - The Gaelic Party is also a liberal party, focusing on essentially the same things that the ParFran does, however when they come to power, they will speak only Gaelic to the media just to piss people off, as the members are all veterans of the 1st Uisge Division from the rebel forces in the revolution. Scottish Gaelic is taught as a second language in public schools throughout the country, but many adults have trouble teaching it to themselves as it is almost unrelated to French in every way. Their leader, or at least the most influential of them, is Lieutenant Colonel Dòmnhall Sgitheanach of Village Urquhart.

Les Socialistes - Obviously, "Les Socs", as they are colloquially called, are the Socialists in the Confusic government. They are a relatively small group and are generally disliked throughout the population. They have no leader currently.

La Main Noir - The Black Hand is a seemingly "ridiculous and motley crew" of senior-citizen French speakers who are regarded by the population as generally unpleasant. Their name reminds one of the infamous Serb nationalist group of the same name that sparked the First World War, but being relatively feeble, this Black Hand is almost totally harmless, save for the occasional boring story or senseless argument. Their current two leaders are Penelope de la Nouvelle Hervilly and Francois du Village Bourgeoisie. Their main goal is advancement of the rights of seniors. Other issues they leave up to the other parties in power.

Basic Governmental Information: The Cabinet and Other Things

The Cabinet

Sovereign: “His Modest Sovereign" Sergeant Major of the Marine Division Sir Carter McBride O'Rumson (Aged 15 Years) (Until Death)

President: Major Sir Jean-Pierre Jeaumôt du Chateau-Montparnasse (Aged 23 Years) (17 October 2011-17 October 2014)

Republican Secretary: Major Sir Domnhall MacKennedy O’Cité-de-la-Paix (Aged 25 Years) (17 October 2011-17 October 2012)

Treasurer Premier: Sergeant First Class Lady Brigid MacNheill O'New Belfast (Aged 16 Years) (17 October 2011-17 October 2012)

The Branches of Government:

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The Forces

Please note that unit locations and numbers are withheld to preserve the integrity and security of those in the services.

The Joint Armed Forces of the Confusic Republic are simply some of the best in their field. Generally, they are not deployed overseas and are called on to defend the nation in the case of an outside threat.The age at which a citizen can volunteer for the JAF is 15 years (with parental/guardian consent), and to be deployed to combat, 18 years. However, all Recruits go through training within a year of the time their contracts were signed.

There are just 2 commands of the Confusic military: ARMYCOM and the NAVYCOM plus a number of combined-arms special forces battalions, such as the revered Marine Division. But before a recruit enters one of these services, he or she must pass the ultimate test of human endurance: The Warriors' School.

The Warriors' School - Every member of the military must go through this grueling 4-month test of toughness, fitness, intelligence, and will.


Within the first ten minutes of The Warrior School, Recruits are stripped to their skivvies and made to run five miles in the muddy dirt: in bare feet.

The photos in the spoiler below give an idea about what is done by recruits, both officer and enlisted, at The Warrior School. Officers also must go through the Platoon Leaders' Course (PLC) in order to obtain their commission, as well as have an accredited Baccalaureate degree from university:


Recruits with painted faces prepare for the Reckoning, a 5-day continuous barrage of stressful combat situations and obstacles to overcome with no breaks for sleep and once a day for food. In the end, though, graduates are some of the toughest young men and women in the nation, upholding our nation's proud tradition of military excellence.


Live-fire exercises.


Ruck marches of 25 kilometers, with anywhere from 50-60 lbs. of equipment.


Neutralizing the "Enemy" in a live-fire exercise during the Reckoning.


Receiving instructions from the Drill NCO.


The relief of graduation as a Warrior. They are tired, hungry, and broken. But they're still alive.

Pictures are worth a thousand words:



Army Infantry conducting a MOUT Exercise


Here, we see a rifleman on a live fire exercise during training.


The Army's Palace Guard in their Dress Blues


Independence Day in Cite-de-la-Paix, 13 June 2011



Marine recruits must go through their first three months, or quarters, of The Warrior School at the Army facility before heading to the naval facility for their last quarter, while these Naval recruits have been here all along.


A Naval squadron patrolling waters off the coast, a duty they are called on to do every minute of every day, and a Patrol Frigate the CRS Hope.


A Boarding Squad of the storied Marine Division.

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General Facts

The Ten Largest Settlements in the Republic:

1. Cité-de-la-Paix (250,000)

2. Espérance (35,000)

3. Nua Béal Feirste, New Belfast (8,211)

4. Rumson (7,230)

5. Château-Montparnasse (6,231)

6. Gleann An Iontais (6,109)

7. Dubhlann, Black Blade (4,231)

8. Nua-Baile-Átha-Cliath, New Dublin (2,238)

9. Le Comté (2,101)

10. Les Fermes de Blé (1,067)

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