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Lieutenant Dan

Rules of Planet Chris

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This section of the forum entitled 'Planet Chris' is a 'real world' discussion forum. The main board of which you are reading these rules from is a very strictly not-game related section. Meaning, DO NOT discuss Project Terra here. This is for the world outside of our little game here. Please bear in mind that people from all over the world visit this forum and be courteous to the views and opinions of others. With that said, there are some general rules (the Sports and Current Events areas have their own):

1.) Do not troll

2.) Do not harass

3.) Do not link pornographic materials of any sort

4.) General events in the world can be posted here, but remember there is a section for that above this

5.) Do not link copyrighted materials that require permission to be here

6.) Do not solicit or otherwise engage in any acts or activities that would be considered illegal in your country of residence

7.) Please remember to leave Project Terra outside of this area

Any requests or problems, feel free to contact any member of the staff.

-The Moderation Team

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