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Strength and Glory

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The man stared out at the sunset from his beautifully decorated office. Tradition would have it no other way. In his country, one had to both talk the talk and walk the walk. Merely claiming you were a superior human being, well that was something anyone can do; throughout history the militaries of countless nations spoke of one of their soldiers being worth two, five or fifty of their enemy.

In his country, perfection of both the body and the mind was simply a way of life.

There was a knock on the door, and a young woman’s head peeked through the door. Her head was bowed and she spoke softly, with a delicious hint of fear. “The cabinet is ready for you now, master.” For a moment, the man did not move a single muscle, savouring the fact that this woman was nothing to him. She and everyone else like her were just toys, playthings. “Thankyou.” And with that, the man in the office turned and strode out of the room, the woman quickly getting out of his way.

He caught a glimpse of the tattoo on her neck, the symbol for all her kind. Three letters, three numbers. That was all she was to him.

On his way to the briefing room, the man could overhear samples of TV’s and their news reports.

“Resistance in Mosul continues as bushmen have fallen back to the city’s extensive sewer system, a statement issued by 1st Army Strategos Benjamin Ryder expects the conclusion of the operation within the month…”

“In other news, the Alexandrian Freight Combine is reporting an eighteen percent increase in profits this financial year…”

At the entrance to the briefing room stood two guards, one male and one female. Both were muscular, toned and had cold, cold eyes. These were of the Citizen caste, trained from an early age to kill with a minimum of effort and maximum savagery. They both snapped off a salute, to which the man returned. Entering the room, a group of suited figures stood and chanted “Service.” To which the man replied “Glory.”. Not wasting time, the man, Jonathon Beauregard, 3rd Archon of the Dominate of Drakia said “Please be seated.”

Beauregard nodded towards the Foreign Minister, who cleared his throat and began “Your Excellency, pacification is nearly complete within our neighbouring territories and resettlement should begin soon. However, scouts have reported several rather large tribes to our west. High Command had to specifically order some of them to not take a few souvenirs on their way back.” A few chuckles echoed across the room. Their idea of “souvenirs” meant the living, breathing kind, preferably younger and of the opposite gender.

Beauregard spoke “I’m amazed the War Directorate actually thought that one through. First time for everything, as they say.” He still remembered the infamous “Veirconum Incident”, from his youth. Oh boy, he thought, did heads roll for that one.

“I do not think we should be overextending ourselves so quickly, we still have two provinces that need pacifying.” he continued.

“Excellency, I’m afraid it is not as simple as that. These new tribes are far more advanced, larger and more populated than what we’ve encountered before. We estimate that they may infact be on par with the Dominate, at least in very general terms.”

“So just what do we know about these countries?” These peoples obviously weren’t tribes. Respect where it is due. The Foreign Minister stood up and handed out three manila folders to everyone at the table.

“We have identified three distinct groups. All are very close to each other and a fair distance away from us. The first is one calling itself the Independent Nation of Darfonia, formerly a loose confederation of city-states that merged for mutual protection.

Secondly, we have New Burland. Seems to have a history of turmoil and civil war, which we may be able to take advantage of if need be in the future, it is also our closest neighbour.

Lastly, the nation of Pandion. To say they like birds of prey would be an understatement, but from what we’ve seen, they look set to become a major player in this area. The government seems to enjoy huge support; their infrastructure and overall economy are in good shape and according to one speech, they intend to ramp up defence spending within the next few months.”

Inside, Beauregard scowled. The Dominate had never had it easy when it came to expansion, but he wondered how next to proceed. Outright war on any of these nations would be hideously expensive, let alone more than one. So we’ll play nice, he thought, easy enough. Beauregard gave the order, “Send emissaries to each of these countries, see if we can’t get some trade deals going. Dismissed. Arch-Strategos, I need to speak to you privately.”

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Politics were as important to the Dominate’s Citizen class as warfare. Every citizen had a vote from the age of fifteen, male or female. There were two main political parties with a fierce but professional hatred for the other, the incumbent Rationalist party housed the liberals, left-wing senators and were supported by the Combines(Companies), while the Militarist’s were made up from conservatives, right-wing and were propped up by some sections of the military.

To Rationalists, the Militarists were berserkers with constant bloodlust for conquest with a dash of Big Brother style security policies. To the latter, the current government is weak, soft, unwilling to make difficult decisions and not smart enough to take opportunities when they arise. An argument about politics within the Dominate will almost always result in a bar fight.

A few days ago elections were held and the results are now in:

Rationalist: 313

Militarist: 138

Conservatives: 33

Independents: 12

Greens: 4


For the citizen caste, perfection was everything. From a young age, citizens worked constantly to stay at peak physical condition. The citizen, man or woman, considered itself a superior human being in every way. Not content just to boast like others would, the citizen throws itself into proving its worth; activities like martial arts, horse riding, swimming, running and numerous others were popular within the Dominate.

The Eugenics Act, one which had failed many times before had now been approved by the National Assembly. Archon Beauregard hailed the decision, saying “Future generations will now be truly Drakian. They will be perfect in every way, a new, improved humanity without weakness or mercy, hard and pure. Our descendants will walk the hillside of that future, innocent beneath the stars, with no more between them and their naked will than a wolf has. THEN there will be gods on this world. “

Edited by Beauregard

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Serfdom plays a critical role within the Dominate. Comprised mainly of conquered native tribes, serfs have little personal freedom and are assigned to menial, laborious and/or dangerous work. They are the builders, factory workers, waiters and farm hands of Drakia. State law requires serfs to be properly fed, clothed and housed, and penalties for poor maintenance are harsh.

While having little personal freedom, well behaved and trusted serfs are given perks and a limited degree of power over their fellow serfs. In particular, those who volunteer for the military’s Janissary Corps are given better food and treatment; those that survive their term of service are given limited citizenship and may in turn acquire their own serfs and any children they have are given full citizenship.

Rebellions flare up every now and then, suppression being brutal and little mercy given. During one incident, a decent sized town had rebelled, repelling all Drakian attempts at recapture. The citizen commander then surrounded the town, cut off the water supply and starved the defenders out. Some of the rebellious serfs, weak with malnutrition, tried to surrender, only to be driven back into the town. By the end, over 90% of the population had died.

Edited by Beauregard

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“Tetrarch Jansen reporting as ordered sir.”

“At ease, soldier. I studied your file, tetrarch; you've been involved in pacification ops for some time now. You were involved in the siege of Virconium. Says here you came up with the idea of starving out the rebels inside is that correct?”

“Yes sir.”

“It was quite an impressive death toll. However it is one we can Ill afford on such a scale.”

“It was a solution I felt that resulted in the least amount of citizen deaths. Storming that place would have added too many of our people to that toll, sir.”

“But I approve, you get the job done with efficiency and you look out for the men and women under your command. This is why you’re being assigned to a secret op the boss is putting together. As usual with these things, you won’t tell anyone of what you’re doing, or you’ll be on mine clearing duty.”

“Understood sir.”

“Good. High Command has received word that New Burland is throwing together a force to combat their feral problems surrounding their territory. Cohort strength. Beyond that we don’t know all that much about it. The Archon sees in this a unique opportunity to uh, “test the waters” as it were.You will be leading a team to where we expect this New Burland unit to be operating and operating against them and determine their abilities. What are their tactics like? What sort of weapons do they use? Are there any ethnic tensions we can exploit? And so on.

Try and link up with one of the feral groups tell them you want to help. Take any uniforms and their guns. The last thing we need are prisoners, but only if it doesn’t endanger your operation. You will be free to choose who you take with you, but not beyond 30 or so, the less of a footprint the better. Any questions?”

“How long will I be out there, sir?”

“As long as it takes to get their attention. Dismissed.”

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"They did what!?"

"Relax, Arch-Strategos. It was filled with crayons, would you believe it? I'm fine."

"What are we to do, excellency?"

"Get the army ready. Force Condition Seven. I'll go into detail when I return. Oh and tell your guys outside New Burland to pick up the pace. Service to the State."

"Glory to the Race."


All throughout the country, Citizen and Janissary forces were mobilizing lining up on the western border. Eight Janissary Regiments, three Citizen Regiments, one armoured and assorted support and signals units in all.

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[OOC: That and a mix of The Spartan Way, dash of slavery and a few other not so nice things :P ]

The helicopter touched down at an airbase just south of the capital. A quartet of fighter jets screamed overhead. In two rows on each side of the opening door, the Archonal Guard stood at perfect attention. Archon Beauregard stepped down the stairs, followed by the Foreign Minister. An officer approached the pair, handing a piece of paper. Beauregard read it, then scrunched it in his hand.

"Your underling says that the Conference is going as expected."

"That bad, excellency?"

The two men walked towards a waiting limo.

"Pandion did it's usual thing. Osea looked promising, I've been told. One of the delegations kept interrupting the meeting, only to wheel in a TV. Eriksen says he had quite the ********ed up eye. Another rep seemed to be at that time of the month." This elicited a chuckle from the Foreign Minister. "Unfortunately, it seems another country is about to have the Bomb."

"So no good news for today then, excellency?"

"The bombs are from Verina."

The Minister paused as they reached the car. "I see."

"Exactly. If we play our cards right, we won't need to waste money building our own nukes." The men climbed in. The car was escorted by Guard Armoured Cars and APC's. "Besides, we can't exactly criticize others if we go around launching our own nukes, can we?"

Beauregard stared out the window, watching the city blocks go by. He was playing an extremely dangerous game, but they were calculated risks. The Dominate for now had no concrete friends, but on the plus side, neither did it seem for any of their neighbors, although from what the Deputy Foreign Minister had wrote in his report, sides were already starting to form.

The convoy stopped outside the government building, the Archon stepped inside and was told that the Arch-Strategos wanted to see him urgently. He, along with the Foreign Minister, sat down and Beauregard said "Report."

"One of our team operating to the east has picked up something I think you'll enjoy. An officer from Pandion, along with some smugglers they were holding at the time."

Beauregard smiled, the first genuine one since the mess at Kass City. It going the way it did threw the biggest spanner the Drakian leader had ever seen into what was going to be a near perfect plan to deal with that insufferable nation to their west. He still hadn't regained contact with the other delegates at the Conference, Portia seemed to have potential, Beauregard thought. Pity.

"Excellent news. The officer was alone?"

"He had to accomplices, which were impaled."

"Alright, but tell your people not to make a habit of it."


Beauregard paused, thinking his next move on the great chessboard of life carefully. "Keep him just outside our borders, that way we can have at least some deniablilty if anyone was to find out. Hmm, send him to the coast, Security Directorate has a facility there do they not?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, tell them to find out everything he knows. Strategy, tactics, troop movements, views on other nations these are things I need to know to make an informed decision, Arch-Strategos. Dismissed."

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"How is he doctor?"

"Stable but critical. Multiple wounds and fractures. A large chest wound. Several shattered ribs which by some miracle didn't mess up any internal organs. His femur is broken at several points but there's no sign of infection. May be at least a week before he even wakes up, let alone walking again. The Minister needed a massive quantity of blood and we took out a total of six bullets and some grenade fragments."

"I see. Can I have those bullets?"

"Of course, excellency"

"Thank you. Good afternoon doctor."

Returning to his office, Beauregard sank into his chair. He picked up the phone, and dialed the number for the Germanian Government.

Edited by Beauregard

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The Domination’s policy in regards to warfare is that of brutal pragmatism. They don’t intend to fight fair and they don’t intend to lose. Offensive doctrine is a slightly modified version of the pre-cataclysm idea of “Blitzkrieg”, of punching through the enemy line at a single point and breaking through to the rear areas, fast moving infantry supported by tanks and aircraft.

Defensively, Drakia prefers to wear down the enemy with lines of dug-in Janissaries, with more mobile Citizen units ready to counterattack when the enemy appears exhausted.

The Drakian Army is essentially two armies, the Janissary Corps and the Citizen Force. Citizen soldiers consist solely of the Dominate’s free population, of either gender. Their training is extensive and professional, using skills learnt from many pacification campaigns. They have been referred to as a sharp, precise instrument, adept at piercing a well-defended line, but their overall size wholly unsuitable for more attrition based missions, such as street fighting and frontal assaults. Citizen units rely on their professionalism and quality equipment to best larger opponents.

Flaws in the Citizen Force prompted the bold policy to arm the serfs. Loyalty to their masters is kept by the time honoured tradition of “carrot and stick”, the carrot being booze, loot, women and a basic citizenship after their term of service is completed. The stick was composed of harsh punishments for cowardice and disobedience, and essentially pointing a gun at the Janissaries families back home. Janissaries are used in large numbers and are used for more manpower intensive operations, but are given only basic training and equipment slightly below that of other developed nation states.

The Air Force and Navy is small, the former consisting of a handful of fighter-bomber squadrons and helicopter wings, the latter a glorified coast guard. The Army is a Militarist stronghold while the incumbent Rationalist party holds the Navy and Air Force as its breeding ground.

The Security Directorate is an Intelligence service responsible for both internal and external information gathering and prior to the terrorist attacks in Germania, was tasked with guarding important individuals and foreign guests.

The last major force in Drakia is the Archonal Guard. These fanatics are the best the Dominate has to offer, the five thousand strong Guard is tasked with the defence of major cities, especially the capital. They are the Archon’s personal bodyguard, each willing to give their lives so their leader may live. Guardsmen are fanatical to Drakian ideals, given the absolute best in weaponry and armour and are completely and utterly ruthless. They wear jet black fatigues and full-face masks. The Archonal Guard is mainly recruited from aristocratic and political families, the ones with the most interest in seeing the Drakian state survive.

Ranks and Units (Janissaries use regular ranks)

Unit Title.......................Personnel...........Commander

Stick (fireteam).....................4................Monitor(private)

Lochos (squad)...................8.................Decurion(sergeant)








Edited by Beauregard

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The Archon was consulting with his cabinet, last item on a very long agenda was the New Imperium's invitation.

"The Imperials are deliberately being vague. If we were in their shoes?" Beauregard said, looking directly at the Director of the Krypteria, the foreign intelligence service. It had gained quite alot of power after the debacle at Germania, at the expense of the Security Directorate. The latter had been slammed for a number of things related to that incident; Why had they not tried to escape the hotel, let alone at least tried to hide? Why had they not had their own separate communication channels back home? That's not even beginning to ask why the security team stayed in the same damn room even though it was obvious by that point they were outnumbered and outgunned. Oh yes, retribution had followed and not just on the southern borders of Germania.

"Precedence. Every single time someone has announcement to make, it's either something political, such as conferences, or military, like nukes. Krypteria believes that the reaction to the supposedly leaked diplomatic cables has given the New Imperium pause. It's unlikely they expected a response from anyone other than Rodina. It's possible that the Imperials now see us as a real threat and want to prepare accordingly. Otherwise they want to unveil something that they believe will scare us off from interfering with further action against Rodina. Either way, I don't see the harm in sending people over."

Archon Beauregard considered this. It sounded like something the Dominate would do, but was he thinking too much like a Citizen and not enough like a feral? Know your enemy, after all.

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