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Forum Rules and Purpose --READ FIRST

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This subforum is where you post to suggest possible modifications to the war system, the military and peace mode. Any suggestions you'd like to make in regards to the market, trading system, or any suggestions whose primary purpose is market-related/trading related (e.g. altering refineries or resource allocation to stabilize the market, go in the Trade & Market Subforum. Any other suggestions go here: http://forum.project...nt-suggestions/

These rules apply to both the Game Suggestions forums and all of its subforums.

1: General Forum Rules apply
2: All Game Suggestion forums are OOC.
3. OOC Definition

  • OOC areas are meant to be posted into as a member of the community or, game, if you so wish to interpret it. You are still posting as a Project Terra citizen but not as a leader of your nation, all topics within those sections are to be free of alliance announcements, recruitment, and politcs. Topics within those areas marked as such will only revolve around gameplay of Project Terra and nothing else. IC Discussion is prohibited.

4. Search before you post. It's very possible that your idea has already been suggested. Search the forum to check before you start a new thread. If the idea has been suggested, respond to that thread rather than starting a new one.

5. That being said, don't gravedig. Don't revive an old thread unless you have something to contribute to the discussion. This means a substantive comment. I.E. not "Awesome" or "This blows." Gravedigging will get you warned.

6. Going along with the other 4-5: don't be a backseat driver. Let the moderation team moderate. Unless you're actually providing a link to an older thread discussing a suggestion, saying "you think there might have been one" (or something similar) is less than
useless and does nothing to contribute to the discussion. Don't do it.

7. Topic Titles -- they should describe what you're suggesting.

  • "Startup Points Instead Of Cash For New Nations" --This is an example of a good title.
  • "Being Nitpicky" --This is an example of a bad title.

8. As per Chris's post here, do not make any suggestions (outside of laws) involving churches or religion.

9. Any accusations or insinuations of a player or group of players cheating or "exploiting" are forbidden in these forums. If you believe someone to be cheating or exploiting, go to the Report Game Abuse subforum and file a report. Failing to abide by this rule, and making such accusations against other players without proof and outside of that forum will result in formal warns being given.

- The Moderation Team

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