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Project Terra Rules and Regulations

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Moderation Team

Hello esteemed rulers of Project Terra, it seems fitting to introduce the team that moderates the game and forum. Through this listing you will see which staff member you should contact in regards to what specific issue or inquiry you may have and the proper chain of which to do it with.

Development Team

- Chris
The owner, operator and chief developer of Project Terra.

Forum & Game Administration Team

- Jayce

- Hannibal

Forum and Game admins are assistants to Chris. The Admins lead the moderation team and are the final say on all moderation matters. Contact an Admin after having contacted the proper moderation staff with your inquiry or issue and having exhausted your other options. If you wish to levy a complaint against a staff member, do so by contacting one of the Admins. 

Game Moderation Team

The Game Moderation Team handles all moderation within the game itself. They also oversee the Bug, Cheating and Game Abuse  Reports app , dealing with any issues stemming from gameplay that members report. Finally, they oversee the Game Development and Discussion section of the forums, assisting players with Nation Development advice and moderating the submission and discussion of suggested changes and additions to the game. They do not have anything to do with the rest of the forums, with blogs, or with moderating the public irc channel, #project-terra.

- Jester
The Game Lead Moderator oversees the rest of the Game Moderation Team. He has authority over all aspects within the game itself, as well as the Bug/Cheating Reports app, and the Game Development forum section. The Game Lead Moderator has the authority to rule on appeals of in-game punishments, as well as to grant waivers from the 1 Nation per IP and other game rules. The Game Lead Moderator is the last stop in the Game Moderation ladder before contacting the Admins.
- Vacant
Game Moderators specialize in one or more areas of gameplay, depending on their areas of expertise and focus, and are responsible for maintaining those areas.
Community Moderation Team
The Community Moderation Team is responsible for moderating and maintaining the following:  all areas of the forums (except for the Game Development and Discussion section), for the blogs, and for the PT public irc channel #Project-Terra. In other words, they oversee all of the community based areas and aspects of Project-Terra. They do not having anything to do with moderation within the game itself, or with the Bug/Cheating Reports app.

The Community Lead Moderator oversees the rest of the Community Moderation Team. He has authority over the entire forum, blogs, and irc. He has the authority to rule on appeals of forum, blog and irc based punishments, as well as to grant exceptions to forum, blog and irc rules.  Global Moderators are the last stop  in the Community Team ladder before contacting the Admins.


- ReidRumor

The Global Politics, Senior Moderator is responsible for maintaining the Global Politics section and blogs with In-Game content. All aspects of game politics expressed in the forums or blogs fall under his purview. 

-The Doctor

This position is responsible for maintaining the Role Play Theatre and its sub-forums.
 -The Doctor


This position is responsible for maintaining The Lounge section and its subforums, as well as for maintaining all blogs with Out-Of-Game content. 


Some final notes:
When contacting the Project-Terra Staff, confidentiality is our promise. Contacting the proper staff members is essential -- so do not contact an Community Team moderator regarding a game issue and do not contact a Game Team Moderator about a community issue. Similarly, please try to contact the moderator who specializes in the area where your issue lies -- i.e. contact the RP Mod for an RP issue and the Global Politics Mod for a politics issue. 


As well, please ensure to not directly contact a member of the Admin Team unless it is totally necessary (So we can ensure the proper moderators are contacted prior. It is not a crime to contact a member of the Admin Team, so do not feel you will be ignored or warned for doing so. Just at least ensure you contacted the proper people prior.

If you have an issue regarding exploitation of the game mechanics always ensure you file a report using the Bug/Cheating Report App.  All suspected cheating should be reported to a Game Moderation Team member, and if necessary to an Admin.

Personally messaging a member of the Moderation Team for warning reductions will be ignored, repeated messaging will result in further warnings.

If you wish to file a grievance against the Moderation Team, follow the procedure laid out in this thread.

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Forum Rules
A new and updated set of forum rules. Please read and abide by them.

  1. Keep on topic.
  2. Do not post random images.
  3. Do not post obscenities (pornography, gore, etc), racist materials, or other hate speech.
  4. Any image that is strictly used to emphasize human sexuality will be removed *
  5. Keep it civil.
  6. Do not get personal in IG threads. Keep real life out of them Prefacing such posts with [OOG] or [OOC] or similar tags does not excuse posting such material
  7. Respect the Forum and Game Staff
  8. No uniquely identifying personal information (e.g. Names, SSN's, links to outside profiles) whether of yourself, or of any other player may be posted anywhere on the PT forums. Non-uniquely identifying information (e.g. location, job, education) about yourself may be posted in Planet Chris insofar as it pertains to or informs the discussion. Such information about other players may only be posted with their consent. Any such non-uniquely identifying information you post is fair game for discussion by other members. No OOG information, personal or otherwise, may be posted in the IG sections of the forums.
  9. Please limit discussion of similar games to the Off-Topic forum. Any mention of other games in Alliance Politics forums is strictly prohibited.
  10. Do not post advertisements for personal gain.
  11. Do not discuss moderation issues or threaten others with the Moderation Team. Attempts to use the Moderation Team, and/or bogus reports to attack other players will not be tolerated.
  12. Requests for locking of threads by original posters (OPs) must abide by following: the thread(s) in question must violate one or more rules of the forum.
  13. Posting on the behalf of a player banned from the game or forums is prohibited without exception. Those who choose to do so will be given an immediate formal warning and the prohibited content will be removed. Attempting to replace the prohibited content will result in a temporary forum suspension.
  14. Anyone who posts on the forums is required to have an in-game nation. Your nation name must be listed in your profile. Your forum name and in-game user name must match.
  15. Attempting to circumvent the forum wordfilter is prohibited.

Public and private warnings will be used, where appropriate, to indicate and punish infractions. Repeated or excessive breaching of rules will result in punishments of increasing severity. The Moderation Team's decision may be appealed by contacting a member of the Team with a detailed explanation of why you feel the punishment was unwarranted. Situations that fall outside of these guidelines will be handled at the discretion of the Moderation Team.

Imagery that shows partially clothed people is not permitted in Alliance Politics; those threads have no need for imagery such as that and therefore is not permitted. In Alliance Recruitment, imagery that is explicit is not allowed; general propaganda is permitted. The Global Discussion Forum shall adhere to the same standards as the Alliance Recruitment section.

Allowed: [url=]Click Here
Not Allowed: [url=]Click Here
Blog Rules
Blogs are meant to be an area where players can express themselves, and facilitate types of discussion that may be difficult to have in the forums proper, whether due to technical limitations or containment of a mixture of different topics that would properly belong in different sections, or for various other reasons. That being said, there are some basic rules that apply to all areas of the forums, and some important distinctions such as the IG/OOG divide that are to be maintained throughout the entirety of the boards. 
The following rules spell out and clarify what exactly those basic rules and distinctions are:
In-Game and Out-Of-Game content must be posted in separate blogs (not just separate entries, separate blogs).
In-Game Blog Rules: General Forum Rules apply

  •  In-Game blogs must be labeled with an "IG" at the end of the title. (E.G. 'Admin Alliances Daily Dose of Devilry - IG")
  •  In-Game blogs, as a part of the political system, must follow both the General Forum Rules and all applicable rules from the  Global Politics Forums
  • While discussions regarding game mechanics and suggestions are not considered IG and may be discussed in blogs, suggestions will not be considered by the staff unless posted in the appropriate forum.

Out-Of-Game Blogs: General Forum rules do not apply to OOG blogs.

  • Do not post obscenities (pornography, gore, etc), racist materials, or other hate speech.
  • No personal attacks on another member.
  • No discussion of moderation
  • No posting for banned players
  • You must have a nation to post
  • No advertisements for personal profit
  • No circumventing the word filter
  • You may share your own personal information excluding street addresses, identification numbers (like Socials), links to social networking profiles, and anything of similar identifying power. Any such information posted is fair game for discussion within the context of the blog. It may not be taken elsewhere (i.e. to the forums proper, etc.)
  • Posting any personal information of other players is not permitted, and will result in forum and possibly game bans of indefinite length.



Signature Restrictions

  • Up to five images per signature
  • The combined images may not exceed 600 (width) x 400 (height) pixels
  • Up to ten lines of text

Restrictions may be altered at a later time if the Moderation Staff deems it worthy. All those found to be in violation will have their signature altered the first time without warning. Any infraction after first removal may result in more severe punishments.

All decisions are done by the discretion of the Moderation Staff.


Each member of the Project Terra community is afforded the following in warning and banning standards on the forums: 1st verbal warning, 2nd verbal warning, 3rd verbal warning, 1st warning, 2nd warning, 3rd warning with 24-hour forum posting suspension, 4th warning with 48-hour forum posting suspension, 5th warning with banning. Banning's are not permanent unless egregious violations of the Terms of Service occur or at the discretion of the game administrator. Violations of forum rules that surpass the set-up of the step system (e.g., consistent violations within a short span of time) will be dealt with by temporary posting suspensions.

All Verbal warnings cannot be appealed.

i) Verbal
ii) Verbal
iii) Verbal
i) Warning
ii) Warning
iii) Warning - 24-hour posting suspension
iv) Warning - 48-hour posting suspension
v) Warning - Banned

Regarding repeated violations of OOG discussions and off-site forum communities

The Moderation Team established rules for IG and OOG discussions and these rules will be enforced. If you do not want to receive verbal/official warnings, then simply do not violate these rules. It is not difficult to refrain from making OOG mentions in Alliance Politics threads; if an individual has something to say that is OOG, carry it to a forum PM or in-game PM or where ever you so please. But further violations will be dealt with as previously stated.

Off-site forums are allowed to be discussed. However, this rule is not for discussions about other games/gaming communities. This was thought to be clear, but apparently it is not.

Any further mentioning of off-site forum communities not related to Project Terra will be met with moderation action beyond verbal/official warnings. If you cannot cease mentioning the origins or other worldly locations of yourselves or others, then do not post. It is as simple as that.

The rule was established to allow alliance announcements of forum updates and other activities. It was not created to allow free discussion of other locations not related to Project Terra. In the section Planet Chris; these things are allowed, as it is not related to this community and is a section not relating to Project Terra.

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Market/Multi-Nation Exploitation Policy

The Moderation Team would like to make it known that as of the 8th of March, 2012

  • Market exploitation for the purposes of breaking the game;
  • Fund transferring to 'new' nations owned by the same player or a ring of players;
  • Mass buying a resource to artificially raise its price;
  • Exploitation between a number of players for the purposes of rapid monetary gain through any of the above means

Is punishable by nation reset either through a soft reset wherein you maintain your primary statistics or a hard reset where you are reduced to starter levels. All players are afforded a chance to explain their actions to the Admin, Senior Admin, Admin Team Member and Market Moderator if so requested. Matters will be handled discretely and swiftly. For egregious violations pertaining to game breaking through manipulation of code in any manner related to the market or gross multi-nation violations, forum bans may accompany the actions as well as a game ban.

We do see actions that each player takes with their nations. Be aware of this.

New Policy Clarification

What the new policy refers to is what occurred last year when several players decided to buy out the market causing the prices to go higher and higher while profiting off of this. This caused the market to crash, which was done at the same time a few players as well as an additional player, decided to buy out all of the land causing the land to crash as well. All of this was done via market manipulation and gaining funds to do these activities with it.

The new policy does not target:

  • Market Unions that wish to corner a specific set of resources through price control
  • Players that wish to buy large amounts of resources to equip their ability to enlarge their own nations through legitimate growth
  • Players that wish to buy and sell at higher prices to make a profit

What it targets:

  • Players that create multiple nations (we have IP records to prove multies) to send money to their main nation
  • Players that create multiple nations to buy/sell resources in large quantities at either higher or lower prices to themselves *see above
  • Players that buy up large chunks of the market for the sole purpose of causing price hikes so they or a few others can benefit from it
  • Players that wish to manipulate the game code through any discovered means (bugs, etc)

Now, since part 3 of targets and part 3 of non-targets sort of mix-together, let me further clarify:

It is quite clear when a player or group of players is buying up resources for nefarious means and when someone isn't. Our market panel in-game shows the patterns each person engages in; what you buy, what you sell, at what price and to whom -- all of that shows up every single day. When players are purchasing resources for the only purpose of wanting to turn a profit, we have ways of being able to tell if that's the case or if there's something else involved.

Buying and selling resources on the world market is not a crime. Only if players are trying to cause dramatic price hikes to essentially screw everyone else over, we do realize that during times of war there will be price jumps for military resources as well in peace time there will be jumps for construction resources and flooding of the market with cheap military resources.

We are only targeting those that create multies to cheat or try to break the market through the above means.

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IRC: Staff, Levels, and Rules

The Project Terra Moderation Team would like to encourage all member nations of our world to utilize our IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on the network Coldfront. Below is a detailed listing of our channel, its rules and the staff of the channel.

The channel address is: #Project-Terra on the Coldfront network. Only Admins and Community Moderation Team members have ops in this channel.

Moderation Team public assistance channel: #Terra-Moderation on the Coldfront network. All staff members have some level of ops in this channel.

#Terra-Moderation Ops List

 Legend: ~ Owner, & Super Operator, @ Operator, % Half Operator
~ Chris (Game Administrator and Owner)
& Hannibal (Admin Team, Forum and Game)
& Jayce (Admin Team, Forum and Game)

& Demosthenes (Developer)
@ IRIS (Community Lead Moderator)
@ Jester (Game Lead Moderator)
% ReidRumor (Game Moderator)
% The_Doctor (Roleplay and The Lounge Moderator)


#Project-Terra Ops List

Legend: ~ Owner, & Super Operator, @ Operator, % Half Operator

~ Chris (Game Administrator and Owner)
& Hannibal (Admin Team, Forum and Game)
& Jayce (Admin Team, Forum and Game)
@ IRIS (Community Lead Moderator)
% ReidRumor (Global Politics Moderator)
% The_Doctor (Roleplay and The Lounge Moderator)

Channel Rules

1) No discussion of Moderation
2) No flooding
3) No trolling (as defined by the mods)
4) No obscenities**
5) Keep it civil
6) Bots are not allowed, all bots will be banned, no warning required
7) Scripts are not allowed, all script users will be banned, no warning required

**Obscenities defined as: Linked images or videos of pornography, death, mutilation, torture, excrement, or where defined by a channel moderator.

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Slot Blocking

Slot-blocking is the act of filling a nations defensive war slots so that they cannot be used by those wishing to attack the defensive nation. Any scenario where the intent is for the defending nation to benefit from the war, is slot blocking. All forms of slot blocking are banned. This includes any form of "Land Deal", any attacks against an alliance mate, or ally, and anything else the moderation team, at its discretion, determines to be slot blocking.

Land Deals begun before this rule was implemented (i.e before 1:25am, August 1, 2012) will not be punished.

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Staff changes updated.

Rule #13 added stating, "Posting on the behalf of a player banned from the game or forums is prohibited without exception. Those who choose to do so will be given an immediate formal warning and the prohibited content will be removed. Attempting to replace the prohibited content will result in a temporary forum suspension."

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