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Rise of the Kingdom of Corneria

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"Sir? It's time to leave."

Noroton's few moments of silent thought had been interrupted by the sentry at his door. Without responding, Noroton stood up from behind his large mahogany desk and made his way across his dimly lit room.

Tonight would be his last night as Prime Minister.

Outside of his office, even more guards greeted him. Noroton paid no attention to the increases in security - he had expected this after the events of earlier today. After months of debate, the Act of Union had been passed, declaring him as King and absolute monarch of Corneria. His Cornerian Union party members had easily carried the vote through Parliament thanks to an alliance with the United Christians, but those damned socialists in the Cornerian Progress Party had attempted a blockage by aligning with the Titanians.

"Progress cannot be stopped," Noroton thought to himself. The CPP and Titanian Independence Party had failed. Even with the threat of secession by the Titanians and the cries of tyranny he faced by supporters of the CPP, Noroton became the next ruler of the Kingdom of Corneria.

His security team led him back to his palatial estate that had been in his family for generations. He had been pejoratively called "King Noroton" by the opposition ever since he was elected to his first parliamentary seat. This was the criticism he had faced throughout his life - it was his ancestor, Elliot Williams Noroton I, who had first ruled the Cornerian Empire after the failure of the Third Republic. His great-great grandfather had ruled justly, but years of war had brought the monarchy to an end. The estate that Noroton I ruled out of had been his family's home since then, and it would be the new seat of power in Corneria's capital of Fortuna.


Williams Hall, Noroton's Home and the Seat of the Cornerian Monarch

After ascending the winding road leading to his home, Noroton paused to take in the city below him. Tomorrow, he would be sworn in as the new King of Corneria.


"...And so to you, I give this challenge. Let us rise up in unison and let the world know of our presence. The time of apathy, of disinterest, are over. Cornerian passion will resonate through our country, from the crowded city streets to the quaint rural towns. We shall honor our past by committing excellence to our future. Never give up, trust your instincts. Ex Rege Victoria!"

The end of Noroton's speech was greeted with massive cheers of the thousands who had gathered before him. Fortuna was packed with citizens, all wearing red or waving the red flag of Corneria. It was a new day in Corneria, and its King - Elliot Williams Noroton IV - greeted it with determination.


Back in his office in Williams Hall, Noroton began to draft a communique to the leaders of the world, announcing his ascension of power and inviting them to engage Corneria as a member of the international community.


From the Office of His Majesty, King Noroton IV of Corneria

To the Esteemed Leaders of the International Community,

As you are no doubt aware, Corneria has recently gone through a dramatic transition. After years of stagnation under a divided democracy, the House of Parliament passed a resolution declaring yours truly as King of Corneria.

I write this to assuage understandable concerns that you may have in regards to our humble nation. While I am the head of state of this new Kingdom, I respect the rich democratic tradition of Corneria and I am leaving the House of Parliament intact. The power of ruling the country has been granted to me by the people, and I will honor their decision by holding regular elections for parliamentary seats.

The transition from republic to constitutional monarchy has been nonviolent thanks to the saintly patience of Corneria's citizens. Special credit should be given to the Cornerian Defense Force for ensuring that peace is maintained in this delicate time. Our new government intends to honor the ceasefire that the prior administration held with the separatists in the Cornerian region of Titania, and we will work with them in Parliament to ensure that this conflict can end peacefully.

I invite all of you to visit Corneria and spend as much time as you wish in our capital city of Fortuna. Embassy requests can be made if so desired - our Foreign Ministry is willing to begin the diplomatic dialogue with any willing partner.

I thank you for your patience and understanding in this transitional time.



Noroton IV

King of Corneria

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To the Honourable Noroton IV, King of Corneria,

The government of the Sicilian Islands wishes to convey its deepest congratulations in regards to your victory in affirming your absolute rule over your people. As it stands, we have a great interest in opening trade between our two nations, and wish to send a delegation to your capital to discuss things further. If you so wish, you may instead visit our capital city by boat or plane, and we will be sure to give you a grand tour of all that our nation has to offer.

I the meantime, please consider the communique from Chairman Bontate that I am sure you should have already received. Please also be aware that we only conduct business in person. That being said, we look forward having our delegations meet. It is our sincerest hope that you consider discussing our options further, and we look forward to serving your needs and interests.


Sal Marino, assistant,

Office of the Chairman

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