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The Attacks in Germania

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The Federal Republic of Germania

“Amor Patriae"

  • Recipient: The Leaders of Terra
  • Subject: The Attacks in Germania
  • Origin: Office of the Presidency
  • Prioriy: High

To the leaders of Terra,

I must first express my sincere apologies to those who were subjected to attacks during the conferences, and I am reticent that so much blood was shed.

To the families of the victems, I am truly sorry.

We've determined that the attackers were in fact tribals from south of Germania, and had been able to infiltrate the capitol disguised as Germanian troops and security personnel. With the intelligence we've gathered, we've discovered that the tribals were armed and trained by a foreign country, though we are unsure at this time who did it. However, the attacks were similar to those carried out by tribals in New Burland, who were also armed and trained by a foreign power.

We have launched a full investigation into the matter. I promise you, especially the survivors and more so those who lost loved ones during the attacks, that those who were responsible for so much death will be brought to justice, one way or another.


Ryan Green

President of the FRG


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