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Seras Victoria

The Seven States

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The Seven States

"Under a just, diplomatic system, we unite."

The Formation of The Seven States

The constantly warring factions of the South-Eastern Peninsula struggled, even at the best of times, to cope with the their own internal affairs, as well as their constant border clashed, violent campaigns and propaganda showcases. One would all but often see that each faction is, in a sense, rather similar to the other. Architecture, ideals, so much to say the persons of the states were of almost identical physicality.

Years prior to this point in time, two states (Stattinati & Carbara) settled upon a treaty. The Treaty of Cascade, so named as their borders were agreed on, at which the village of Cascade was finally granted national identity under Stattinati. The borders initially maintained tight security with little to no crossings being permitted. However, in the following months an open immigration act was passed within each state. 'Any person(s) with a valid state passport may cross the border at any time, and remain as such for a period of up to fifty days.'

A continued 'friendship' between these nations created angst throughout the adjacent states. The Treaty of Cascade had granted both Stattinati and Carbara an ally, which now seemed dangerous to those outside. The next move was made by the state of Fargiis. The Governor met in private with both Ministers of the two priorly mentioned states. Fargiis didn't actually have any connecting borders with the other two, however trade agreements and collective security were new, but much wanted aspects of foreign policy.

Over time, almost as if by the flick of a wand, the states of the Peninsula began to co-operate and eventually merge. Each government began to meet with the others, until all seven became just one. After a lot of unrest within the newly formed government, a single figure was elected to lead the nation. This person, a female named Seras Victoria, whom had largely been the instigator of the original treaty. A fair, caring woman, who didn't differentiate between race or gender.

Seras Victoria

Now aged twenty seven, Seras is the first and only leader of The Seven Nations. Her under-councils have come to lessen their control over her decisions, and also granted her more power. Every state has benefited from what she created, and most persons under the flag have had a greatly improved lifestyle. Health care, literacy rates and employment have been her main concerns, with a large university having been built within each state, named after its former lands, as a commemoration.


The unmarked borders of The Seven States


The Seven Districts


The Armed Forces

As with most nations, The Seven States employ three branches within their armed forces; the Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Army (Also State Police)

The Army of The Seven States is small in percentage to the citizens within the nation, however all necessary steps are taken to train each soldier into the best that he or she may be. Every soldier within the Army is considered 'elite', as loose term given by the Governing body.


AT Specialist equipped with---|--------Rifleman equipped with



---Sniper equipped with---



Support Gunner equipped with|------------Marksman equipped with

|-----------------------------L85A2 LSW

Self notes- Sniper: L115A3, Support Gunner, Rifleman: L85A2, AT: NLAW, Marksman: L86A2 LSW

Edited by Seras Victoria

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Dasha Fedorovich

People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs

Greetings. The Socialist People's Republic of Rodina hopes to have cordial relations with the Seven States in the future.

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