Patch Notes (24 July 2012)

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  • A bug causing flags to not display on the war screen has been fixed.
  • The wars page has been optimized, and now loads significantly faster. (Note: As an unintended side-effect, turns will not update until you visit the individual war page now. This will be fixed in a subsequent patch.)
  • The wars page now paginates and sorts properly.


  • A bug causing some nations to be unable to enter peace mode due to "phantom" trades has been corrected.
  • A bug causing land to be sold for a higher price than intended has been fixed.

Sandbox Updates

The Sandbox war system now incorporates effectiveness multipliers. A table indicating which units are good or bad against which types is shown below. Note that exact multipliers are likely to change over the next week as we adjust to feedback from Sandbox testers, but the table below should remain accurate.


[/th][th]Infantry Mech Armor
Infantry [/td] - -
Anti Tank Infantry + +
Sniper Infantry + - -
Mortar Infantry +
Armoured Jeep -
Armoured Personnel Carrier + -
Infantry Fighting Vehicle +
Howitzer and Halftrack + +
Light Tank - -
Main Battle Tank + +
Self Propelled Artillery +
Attack Helicopter + + +

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