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GRANTED: Forum warn appeal

2 posts in this topic

Date of warning being appealed: 20-December 12

Warning Reason(s): Other (trolling, making light of tragedy and Nazi symbolism.) 

Reason for Appeal: 

(Over 30 day mark)

Also, Id like to say this;

ATM I didnt view my comment on the thread as trolling or making light of tragedy. The comment was a nonsense remark directed at the discussion of gun control.

As for the Nazi avatar, I appologize I was under the assumption that the Nazi imagery policy here would be similar to most forums (No swastikas, SS logo, etc but most allow things like uniforms, runes, maltese cross, etc.)

I dont support Nazis. Its as simple as this: I like the overall style of the SS uniform. Its an artistic style IMO. That is the ONLY reason I put up that avatar.


(Please say I posted this right for once)

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