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A philosophical question

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Either way it happens, Im convinced it would feel like an intense dream and fading into eternal sleep considering peoples experiences, the death processes your brain goes through and the release of particular chemicals in the brain. 

Your actual "conscious" mind is the first to shut off and leaves you in your "Sub-conscious" just as if you were dreaming.
Depite the terms, your sub-conscious is essentially you, in that it contains and organizes all information. Your sub-conscious is what your experiencing in a dream. Your actual "conscious" is what you are experiencing right at this moment, thus the "real" you. Or at least the one you identify with. 
The sub-conscious perceives and experiences things our conscious mind finds bizarre. But even in this state of dream our consciousness exists. Because its perceiving dreams, but these experiences will most likely be forgetten as are the usual effects of DMT. Because our conscious mind upon waking, realizes what is "real" your conscious mind will reject and "burry"

these memories as the overall experience is very intense and often very real.

Some people have used DMT and became convinced they were god. South American Shamans drink DMT in the form of Ayahuasca and believe it gives them the power to communicate with the forest. All in all, its a very spiritual chemical and exists everywhere.

So I think dreaming is the closest veiw can get of death until we get there.

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