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Rayan Thomas

Pathogen RP

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So, I've been thinking this through for a while now and I thought I'd like to play a little Pathogen Role Play. It's just an idea, and I'd like to expand on it a bit more so.... What IS a Pathogen RP??


Well, it is a form of Role Play that encompasses 2 teams-

The Virus


The Nations

The Virus team consists of 1 person who communicates with the Administrator of the Game privately, evolving symptoms, etc.

The Nations team consists of everyone else and they control their Nation and impose certain actions to stop the Virus.

As I am unoriginal, I'd like to use the current PT map...


Tier 1 [simple, common symptoms]

Coughing (Infectivity +2, Severity +1.5, Lethality +0)

Nausea (Infectivity +1, Severity +1, Lethality +0)

Rash (Infectivity +1.5, Severity +2, Lethality +0)

Insomnia (Infectivity +0, Severity +0.5, Lethality +0)

Cysts (Infectivity +2.5, Severity +3, Lethality +0)

Anameia (Infectivity +0.5, Severity +3.5, Lethality +0)

Tier 2 [Little more advanced symptoms]

From Coughing, Sneezing (Infectivity +3, Severity +1.5, Lethality +0)

From Nausea, Vomiting (Infectivity +3.5, Severity +3, Lethality +0)

From Rashes, Sweating (Infectivity +2, Severity +2, Lethality +0.1)

From Insomnia, Paranoia (Infectivity +1, Severity +4, Lethality +0)

From Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity (Infectivity +3.5, Severity +3, Lethality +0.1)

From Anameia, Hemophilia (Infectivity +4, Severity +4.5, Lethality +0.1)

Tier 3 [Ooh, Dangerous, Lethal!]

From Sneezing, Pneumonia (Infectivity +1, Severity +5, Lethality +1)

From Sneezing, Pulmonary Fibrosis (Infectivity +0, Severity +5, Lethality +1.5)

From Vomiting, Diarrhoea (Infectivity +5.5, Severity +4, Lethality +0.5)

From Sweating, Fever (Infectivity, +2, Severity +3, Lethality +1.5)

From Paranoia, Seizures (Infectivity +1, Severity +8, Lethality +2)

From Hyper Sensitivity, Inflammation (Infectivity +2, Severity +5, Lethality +1)

From Hemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging (Infectivity +0, Severity +7, Lethality +3)

Tier 4 [serious Symptoms are SERIOUS]

From Pneumonia, Lung Failure (Infectivity +1, Severity +8, Lethality +4)

From Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pulmonary Oedema (Infectivity +2, Severity +6, Lethality +1.5)

From Diarrhoea, Dysentry (Infectivity +6.5, Severity +8.5, Lethality +3.5)

From Fever, Immune Suppression (Infectivity +0.5, Severity +5, Lethality +2)

From Seizures, Insanity (Infectivity +3, Severity +14, Lethality +5)

From Inflammation, Paralysis (Infectivity -0.5, Severity +10, Lethality +5)

From Internal Haemorrhaging, Necrosis (Infectivity +5, Severity +9, Lethality +5.5)

Tier 5 [You're Dead]

From Lung Failure, Total Organ Failure (Infectivity -1.5, Severity +18, Lethality +15)

From Pulmonary Oedema, Vein Scarring (Infectivity -1, Severity +14, Lethality +10)

From Paralysis, Comas (Infectivity -0.5, Severity +11, Lethality +9.5)

From Necrosis, Hemorrhagic Shock (Infectivity -0.1, Severity +11, Lethality +8)


When Insomnia and Anameia are activated, it earns= The Walking Dead Combo (Infectivity +2, Severity +2, Lethality +0)

When Insanity and Dysentry/Diarrhoea are activaterd, it earns= Public Defecation Combo (Infectivity +5, Severity +3, Lethality +0.0001)

When When Paralysis, Lung Failure and Total Organ Failure are activated, it earns= Help! I'm collapsing! Combo (Infectivity +0, Severity +19, Lethality +6)

When Sweating, Sneezing and Nausea are activated, it earns= Love Sick or STIs Combo (Infectivity +4, Severity +0.5, Lethality +0)

So, basically, the Virus gets to activate a new symptom every day, up to 14 traits. They can devolve a symptom every 3 days. (Thus, they can re-allocate a symptom from Sneezing to Sweating for example.)

I'll release a Virus Mutation tree, to see which symptoms are inter-connected, etc.

You must have at least 2 symptoms in each tier (except for Tier 1, you'll need 3 symptoms to move on), to proceed to the next tier. (Does not apply to Tier 6)

This is what Nations can do-

Tougher Border Protection- Reduces Land infection chances by 50%

Closed Borders- Reduces Land infection chances by 100%

Ship Quarantine- Reduces Water infection chances by 50%

Close Ports- Reduces Water infection chances by 100%

Airplane Filters- Reduces Air infection chances by 50%

Close Airports- Reduces Air infection chances by 100%

Quarantine- Reduces the number of Infected persons by 25%

Execution- Kills 60% of Infected persons

Increase Cure Research Funding- Increases Funding by 33%

Edicts require 3 days to activate and 2 days after the virus is detected. The Increase Cure Research Funding edict requires 4 days to activate and 2 days to activate after the Virus is detected. Most Edicts slow Cure Research and thus, slow the progress of saving your citizens. Choose carefully!

Cure Research-

Symptoms such as Paranoia, etc. slow Cure Research. Cure Research starts at 0% when the Virus is detected and builds up after edicts are activated. After the population begins to die, Cure Research slows, certain edicts can reduce Cure Research as well.

How to Win!

Virus- Kill everyone

Nations- Defeat virus

I will update this soon!

I hope that I can get at least 10 players.... Maybe PTRP players...?

If there are problems with this, please correct me, and this has nothing to do with regular PTRP, this is just an offshoot....

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