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Noticed my appeal had been locked without so much as a reply and this thread will probably be deleted aswell which is why I've screencapped it. has the moderation on this forum gone so downhill that they can't even give the basic dignity of a reply?


It's sad that not only has the release date been pushed basically into infinity that the mods have basically stopped moderating stuff. But Chris himself has stopped posting altogether on the subject.

This community has degraded significantly in the months I've been gone, to the point that trolls run rampant and the mods do nothing to stop it, hell they ditch moderation requests by locking the threads without so much as posting in them.


Is this a concerted attempt to kill PT from the community level on down? what exactly is going on here?

thus far we have a select few that received invites while the rest of us poor bastards are locked out in the cold. if anything please give some general hint when PT will actually be a working game before you lock this thread.


also mods please do your jobs.

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