World War III.

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1: While i take History course at University at Utas. You can have a modern Stable Nation without democracy and freedoms. 

2: A slight technological advantage wont change a course of a War, World War 1 & 2 are great example of this. And who knows by 2020 China might have the slight technological advantage and by 2050 have a strong technological advantage "It's Official: China Is Becoming a New Innovation Powerhouse"


3: The US also is tired and has created a HUGH debt that will be a massive burden to the mobilisation of the nation, and with a slight technological advantage which as we know doesn't change a course of a War the US will be at a disadvantage. However Chinese command system is far more corrupt than US yes, 

And Now China is joining the RIMPAC exercise, The Chinese will be as well trained Coalition forces.


1. Of course. The Russian empire held on for quite a while. Qing China holds it's course for quite some time too. The same can be said about Bourbon France (until the revolution happened), and Prussia.


But today??? why do you think China succeeds in becoming an economic powerhouse??? that's right because Deng Xiaoping opened in Special Economic zones in the coast and allowed western investors to cash in. Unlike Mao who yields true to the communist cause of controlling everything. Deng "liberalised" China's economy so that it may grow, and since China did not industrialise in the 19th century, the country has plenty of room to breathe. But now??? the almost limitless flow of information is getting the Chinese people (especially on the coasts) thinking about not just economic reforms, but also political reforms as well. In the modern world countries that liberalise is given incentive (like China) and countries that close themselves from the world (North Korea) are left in the dust.


My point is that in the modern world. Due to the outbreak of the internet and the limitless flow of information (even in China where they have the great firewall) it's almost impossible for a country needs to liberalise and allow ideas to flow in order to be stable. North Korea is a slight exception because it severed ALL ties from the world (and guess how well the country is faring now??) and China is just buying time (thanks to Deng Xiaoping) and once the fervour of industry mellows. We might be seeing an era of increasing political rights campaigned by the Chinese people


2. and what would happen if China's male population can't get women to be laid with?? that WILL be a problem for China in the future and people are just looking at the MASSIVE short term gains China is riding on. I agree that the West is declining, but what i don't agree is that who owns the future (and from the looks of it India and Indonesia might be big winners).


3. The US is going to default the Chinese debts in case of a war. Of course the economy will take a tanking but the US has a FAR better chance of recovery than China's. The fact that China can't export anything is going to bite China in the A** as the war progresses. The military can only order so much before they stop ordering and there's still the Chinese industry breathing down China's government's necks demanding moar demand.


Oh and there's the US bombing campaigns which will cripple China's industry (look at Tom Barnett's video)

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WWIII is an impractical idea in the Globalized World. Simply because, the next World War we have there will be no winner, only losers. However I also want to state if a war did start, I highly doubt China would risk losing American investments. The fact is one of the reasons for Chinese growth is that American Businesses are investing there and selling to Americans for a huge profit, this money then goes back to China and is used for more expansion. Chinese pockets are lined with American Gold.


These are public funds dedicated to investing in China. The point I'm trying to make, is if you attack America, you'd have at the least a few hundred million Chinese out of work and angry. Also American culture is now bombarding the Chinese people, and an invasion would make the Chinese consider revolting with US assistance. China's culture also does not undervalue Freedom, otherwise the Communist Revolution would not have had to have a purge of dissidents after it's creation, and China would not have to restrict internet access, and public gatherings. There also would not have been several large crackdowns reported on Chinese dissidents, or large protests in the last few decades if this were true. The fact is that Chinese people are, you guessed it, people to. And as you or I know, or atleast I hope, we tend to enjoy our freedoms and liberties where we get them. This is not a "western" idea, and the thought of that is ridiculous. In fact most Islamic political policies and theories are geared towards republican rule and a opposition to autocratic rule. Shura is the ideal that one should consult with the people who your decision will affect, something like talking to your constituents in a representative democracy. Also say hello to the "first republic" which was born in India, The Vajjian Confederacy. The only possible reason the Chinese never had a democracy is cause of the Mandate of Heaven, which is no longer around. Why would it be? They are ruled by the working class! The heavens gave their mandate to the filthy aristocracy for thousands of years, clearly it was a broken system! The point I'm trying to make is that Liberty is not a Western Idea, and we will one day see a Republic of China once again. - Islamic "Plato" Republican Ideals Al-Farabi - Constituent Discussion - First Ever Republic (To My Knowledge It was predated by Rome I think now) - Why a Chinese attack is impractical on Taiwan - List of Chinese Dissidents, many modern - Recent Chinese Crackdown

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