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Ave, friends.

The Pax Imperia is a treaty organization binding separate nations militarily, economically and politically. Each member nation of the Pax Imperia is known as a "curia," and these curiae form the Curiate Assembly, which will decide all matters related to the internal and external affairs of the alliance.


The power of the Curiate Assembly is checked by the Imperator, Felix Corinthus, who acts as a supreme body in the alliance. The Imperator has great influence over the alliance but has no power in the domestic affairs of member nations. In this way, curiae maintain their sovereignty and the alliance maintains a strong, central figure.


Prospective members are urged to ask questions here in the forum or to contact this nation with any comments.


If a nation decides that it wishes to join the Pax Imperia, it is possible to apply here:


Imperator Felix Corinthus, Palaven

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Now, all members will receive a signature badge to add to their Forum profile. The badge is this:




which can be added by copying and pasting the following code into your signature:

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for this effect:




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P R E F A C E : 

The Charter of the Pax Imperia, as set forth by Imperator Felix Corinthus, is to be considered legally binding to all curiae, and the provisions delineated shall serve as guidelines for the legal and political establishment and upkeep of all member states. 

A R T I C L E - I : 

All member states shall retain complete sovereignty over their internal affairs and political machinations, except in whatever ways interfere directly with the maintenance of the Pax Imperia. 

A R T I C L E - I I : 

It shall be the responsibility of all member states to contribute to the overall defence of the alliance and her territory. All nations shall have the right to request the aid of the alliance in military affairs, and it shall be the duty of the member states to provide such aid. Should the member state, from whom the request for aid originates, be found to be involved (of their own causation) in an unjust war, or in any war contrary to the goals of the Pax Imperia, it is the right of the alliance members to vote on involvement in the war. The Imperator shall have two votes in all matters, and each other curia shall have one vote in all matters. The majority decision will be binding for all members of the alliance. 

A R T I C L E - I I I : 

Economically, all states shall be considered sovereign except in times of war. During times of war, it shall be the duty of all curiae to contribute to the war effort through trade, market price reduction (for other member states), and other forms of direct resource aid. During times of peace, however, the alliance shall mandate nothing in regards to trade or favorable economic practices. Instead, it will be the responsibility of individual nations to negotiate economic deals within the Pax Imperia. 

A R T I C L E - I V : 

During times of war, the Imperator shall be considered supreme commander of the alliance's military forces. The curators, who shall be appointed by the Imperator, will be responsible for the maintenance of the bulk of the Pax Imperia's military forces. To compensate for their military specialization and numbers, all other member nations shall be required to contribute resources to the maintenance of their militaries. Standard curia, who are not appointed as curators, are also encouraged to maintain militaries within their means. 

A R T I C L E - V :

Nations may be ejected from the Pax Imperia following a majority vote to do so. Justification must be given and a prior warning is advised, so that any member who is ejected can attempt to amend whatever practices the alliance finds unfavorable. The Imperator is immune from ejection, though votes can still be held on the matter as a form of protest. Curators are immune from ejection during times of war, except following a unanimous vote to do so by all standard curiae and the Imperator.

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