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#Market - A Project Terra Trading Channel

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Hello there fellow denizens of Project Terra, I would like to announce the first channel on the beta dedicated to trading using the market system: #Market!



As everyone is relatively still new to Project Terra, there's some who wish to rise above the rest. Until the introduction of the other ways to stimulate our economies, trade is one of the best tools in our arsenal. Essentially this will be a non-sanctioned public controlled channel where people may come and trade with other active IRC users. For those unfamiliar with the method of trading, I have included a brief guide below.


Essentially, both will need to be online at the same time, and then post each purchase request for a higher amount than the highest purchase request on the market. (plus tariff)


For instance...




If you're looking to trade 1:1, both requests have to be greater than the 3,809.52 + 5%... so 4,100.00 is the amount I would choose for a 1:1 trade.


Also I have included a brief guide to using IRC.


1. Choose an IRC client.

-- You can use Standalone clients such as:

--- mIRC

--- IceChat

--- etc..


-- You can also use web clients such as:

--- Mibbit

--- Kiwi IRC


2. Register your username.

-- Once you have a name you want to register, type /msg nickserv register <Name> <Password> <Email>

-- You will be emailed a AUTH code as well as instructions on how to enter it.

-- Then from now on, every time you log in, type /msg nickserv identify <Password>


3. Join the Channel.

-- Just simply type /join #market


4. Trade!


If you have any questions regarding the channel please feel free to reply here, message me, or find me on IRC in #market




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Just like all the channels for these games. ;)

Psh, Esper's is where its at, :P jk


A good idea, actually. I've done this with a few other people on IRC before this was posted. It works really well.

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Well I could use other channel mods to explain trades to others who don't fully understand the steps... if anyone is interested.

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