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Union of Nations

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Union of Nations



The Union of Nations is a sovereign alliance run by, and protected by its members democratically. Based strictly on a federal republic to simulate a wide-scale union to ensure fairness and contribute to a growing community. The alliance offers many benefits, and operates solely on the principle of helping nations prosper. Some of these benefits are, our constitution-based government to ensure fair government and represented decisions, our strong foreign policy of 'We will use diplomacy, and sacrifice; but by no means shall we ever surrender'. We also help members benefit by our defense policy and domestic aid system ranging from the high millions, to low billions in case of national emergencies. 


If you are interested in joining us click here.


If you are interested in reading our constitution click here.


If you are interested in signing up on our forum click here.


If you are interested in establishing an embassy, or contact with the Union of Nations please send your regards to our PoU, or Secretary of Foreign Affairs.



I thank you for your patience in reading this,

Regards, Zeyrock. 

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