Scaling Resource and Price Cost on CIties

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For me I just find it weird how the proud people of Norfalland basically spend most of their energy running warehouses. The per capita energy consumption should be the things driving the demand, not warehouses.

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Alright, some numbers for you.  


I currently have 7 cities, and am in the process of saving up to upgrade the last one to a metropolis.  At 7 cities, this costs 3.675 billion (not bad), but also 185,000 of brick, concrete, and lumber.  


As such, I was just forced to buy 50 more warehouses, plus the new energy reqs.  So right now, I have overall power reqs of 3094 megawatts, which means that my 185 warehouses are consuming 59.7 percent of my total energy needs, this my friends, is ridamndiculous.  

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