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The Decentralized Community

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The Decentralized Community (DeCo) is an alliance inspired by the ideas of decentralization, wisdom of the crowd and user-generated, open source content. The community is open to everyone who would like to be a part of it. Our charter is available at our own forum. We've also attached it to the end of this post, as a spoiler. To give everyone a general idea of what we are about, we've done our best to answer some of the most common questions below.


Who are you people and where are you from?

We are from the internet.


Sure you are. But there are already plenty of alliances on Project Terra. Why make a new one?

Because we are different. DeCo is not a union or a federation. It’s not an empire or an order. It’s a network. It’s a community.


Right. But what does that mean?

DeCo is decentralized, like the internet and the free market. It means DeCo exists to serve and facilitate its members, not the other way around. In DeCo, everyone is encouraged to contribute but no one will be telling you what to do.


But if no one is telling me what to do, who is in charge?

The community is in charge. Every member may decide for him-/herself in what ways he/she would or would not like to get involved. Important decisions will always be put to a vote and every member will have the right to vote.


How will I know what I have to do?

We trust that all of our members have brains of their own. Instead of having a central authority delegating tasks, we encourage members to find out for themselves how they can contribute to the community. Any and all contributions are encouraged and appreciated.


How can I tell if my contribution has been used/useful?

There is no central authority to check/approve contributions. Our reputation system allows all contributions to be peer-reviewed. If members of the community appreciate a contribution they will award it reputation. This serves as a reward system for contributors and to alert members to contributions by others that may be of use to them.


I don’t understand any of this.

It’s like Wikipedia. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you find something that is lacking or that can be improved, add/improve it! All community members can rate your work and these ratings automatically make sure that the best contributions are highly visible to everyone. Regardless of rating, all contributions will be (and will remain) available to all members of the community, no strings attached.


Sounds interesting, but it seems a bit too revolutionary.

The ideas of DeCo (decentralization, open source, user-generated content, wisdom of the crowd, free market) have been around for a long time. If they seem revolutionary in application to alliances, it is only because you have become used to alliances with hierarchical systems that belong in the Middle Ages and we are bringing you back to the 21st century.


Maybe, but I’m not sure if it’s right for me. Maybe I’ll just be safe and join one of the big alliances.

We in DeCo have great respect for the established alliances. They have become big for a reason and we totally understand if you decide to join any of them. But if you’re looking for something different, something modern, a place that stimulates and appreciates individualism like no other, then we encourage you to come see what we are all about. If after some time you decide another alliance is a better fit for you, no harm done. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and giving us the opportunity to get to know you.


Sounds reasonable. Where do I sign up?

Simply apply to our alliance in-game! One of our members will contact you asking for the information he/she needs to submit your application to a community vote. Before long, you’ll be invited to create an account on our forums and reap all the benefits of DeCo membership!


And that charter you promised to attach?

We, the Heads of State of Dakimakura, Kryta and Libertalia
United by our shared belief in universal national sovereignty;
Determined to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of our nations;
Unified in our struggle against imperialism, colonialism and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination or interference;
Resolved to maintain and strengthen the solidarity that binds our nations;
Have decided to establish a Community, which shall be governed by the following principles:
1. The aim of the community
a. The community members are united by their shared belief in universal national sovereignty. The community members, individually and as a whole, vow to respect the sovereignty of all nations, big and small, within and outside of the community.
b. The aim of the community is to ensure the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of community members.
2. Membership
a. Membership may be extended to any nation that respects universal national sovereignty and is not associated with any other alliance.
b. New members may only be admitted by unanimous decision of the community.
c. All members of the community are equal.
3. Community values
a. All members are obliged to respect the sovereignty of all nations, big and small, within and outside of the community.
b. Members pledge to contribute to the economic development of the community. Members strive to provide for one another, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
c. Members strive to contribute to the political development of the community. Members are encouraged to contribute to the community in whatever way suits their time and talents.
d. Members pledge to contribute to the safety and defense of the community. Members shall strive to maintain military forces of their own.
4. Community privileges
a. The powers of the community are vested in the community as a whole. In its decision-making capacity, the community shall be known as the collective. The collective may adopt any proposal it sees fit.
b. A proposal shall be deemed adopted only if all votes in favor equal at least 80% of all votes cast. In all other cases the proposal shall be deemed rejected. 
5. Council of Advisors
a. A Council of Advisors shall actively assist the community. The Council shall consist of three members. Council Members remain active in this role until they resign or are removed from office by the collective. The founding members shall form the first Council of Advisors.
b. Council members may act as representatives of the Community in foreign affairs. In this capacity, Council members may not bind the community or any of its Members unless expressly authorized thereto by the collective.
c. The council may submit opinions to the collective. An opinion shall be deemed adopted if no proposal to the contrary is submitted to the collective within 7 days of the opinion’s publication or if all such proposals have been rejected. If any such proposal is adopted, the opinion shall be deemed rejected. 
d. The council may submit interim measures to the collective. Interim measures shall be effective immediately and shall remain in effect until the collective adopts a proposal to the contrary. Interim measures may only be submitted:
i. In response to a call to arms OR
ii. When the community is in a state of emergency
6. Miscellaneous 
a. To safeguard legal certainty, public declarations shall be made only by Council Members.
b. Within a reasonable time after the entry into force of this charter, the community shall adopt:
i. A protocol on voting procedures
ii. A protocol on internal affairs
iii. A protocol on foreign affairs
iv. A protocol on armed conflict and the state of emergency

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I have put in a application for the Decentralized Community, as well as a application to join your forums.

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Because of an in-game technical issue, we cannot elevate any applicants to member status right now. But this is really just aesthetics, so don't worry about it.

I've gone ahead and validated your account on the DeCo forums. Welcome to DeCo, Paul.

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