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United Provinces of Antioch

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"Remember Brothers, Remember not the years we suffered, Remember the years we flourished, Remember what the world should look like, not what it shouldn't."


The United Provinces of Antioch

The History of the United Provinces of Antioch can be dated far back, while the state itself is a rather new occurrence, pan-nationalists have been working for many years to unite the singular culture of The Islands the new state occupies. In the past this was impossible, with many despots claiming each island and splitting it into territories and warring over it. With no one to unite the islands, many of those who support such a state, fled the petty principalities of the isles, and found refuge on the mainland, founding what would become the modern city of Antioch and it's rural provinces, and pushing the local natives off their land, or integrating them in their culture. Following a policy of liberty, equality, and humanitarianism, the mostly unorganized dominion attracted many from the Isles. Over time, a common code of laws came into being, without being written, and the community carried out such laws. This in time evolved into the modern political republic that forms the United Provinces.
The loose dominion that formed the City of Antioch and it's rural provinces unified at an unspecified time and in a peaceful manner, that many in the nation simply referred to as miraculous, considering the warlord history that haunted their people's past, immigrating from the isles themselves. Many knew Antioch would unite the dominion on the mainland, but the Isles would be another story. Still organized into petty principalities and minor kingdoms, the precursor of the United Provinces, The United Dominion of Antioch could easily beat all of the nations militarily, with a flock of immigration coming from the Isles still flowing, and a large population in the city alone. However over the years The Dominion had picked up a following on the Isles, and simply put the unification of the dominion proved that the time for the people of the isles to stop warring was now. Through a mix of suspected subterfuge and "stirring the pot", the Dominion successfully caused revolts in a majority of the principalities. While few of the revolts succeeded, it proved that Antioch, not only could beat all the warlords militarily, but that it also enjoyed the support of the citizens that formed the administrations, the militaries, and economies of these states. With a little diplomatic push, Antioch pushed every island into uniting with it's counterparts to form provinces, under an elective monarchy system that chose the ruler of the provinces, but with the state it self being dominated by a Federal Republic that rules over the separate provinces, and their elected monarchs. The Republic itself has remained very liberal, even to the modern day and has forced it's liberal policies onto the reactionary fiefdoms administrations it now governs over, causing some dissent from the provinces, but none have yet to even attempt to rebel, knowing the populace supports the liberal policies.
This was the United Provinces of Antioch, sometimes referred to simply as Antioch, or the UPA. It's leading party is the People's Party of Antioch (PPA), dating back to the People's Government of Antioch, that formed to govern the colonial city at the time of it's settling. It supports Liberal policies, and Socialist policies that provide for Equality and Liberty. It holds support in all major provinces, holding a majority of seats in the UPA congress since it's founding. Despite it's popularity the PPA has been falling to several scandals, and many are dissatisfied with the "heavy taxes" they are burdened with. Other's criticize the taxes that are levied on corporations and businesses by the PPA, that have been low or non-existent for as long as anyone can remember. Many political analysts expect the People's Party to fall into a minority of seats next election, and question what the political repercussions will be from the Isles, with many of the Provincial Governors declaring themselves Kings, held only under the UPA and it's majority congressional party, the PPA by the unparalleled support the populace gives it, it is suggested that if the populace becomes divided among parties, the Governors would attempt to revolt for independence once again. 
While the criticism of the PPA is accurate, the growth of the United Provinces is indisputable, with many praising the large immigration rate into the country, the falling unemployment rates, and the growth of it's borders. Even with the Congressional Approval falling, Presidential Approval remains high, with many praising the aging President Lazarus Carnabuci on his role in maintaining the stability of a shaky country, and preserving and protecting the liberties of the people in the Provinces, and in Antioch and it's Dominion in General.






The Grand Duchy Brize

Well known as the largest of the Isles and the most distant, many call Brize the homeland of the United Province's People. This statement has been disputed many times, however anthropologists are now discovering much accuracy to the statement. It seems that the now sparsely populated Brize once supported a much larger population in the far distant past than it could logically support at the time. This suggests that Brize actually is the birthplace of our culture, and our people, and that they emigrated from here to the other isles. Brize is also known as the most politically stable island in all of the history of the Isles, the reason for this seems to be the early formation of three large warlord kingdoms on the island, which all threatened one another not to expand. The minor powers warred often, but the three kingdoms managed to keep the borders more or less similar to how they first were with what some would describe as a cold war. Brize is also unique in that it is the only island who's provincial governor is not elected by all the local Kingdoms/Principalities, but rather is appointed in a 3 way vote by the 3 major kingdoms and approved by the President. The Island is also considered the Production capital of the United Provinces with Antioch coming in second. It also houses an interestingly named village that has risen to prominence, known as "Carnabuci", the village is believed to be the home of the ancestors of current President Lazarus Carnabuci.


The Grand Duchy of Acter

Acter is known as the most populous island, but it's population is still dwarfed by Antioch. It is formed of 53 principalites, with many only having an area of 1-3 kmand the largest one ever on the island being recorded at 6km2. Acter is where a majority of the immigrants to Antioch came from before unification. It has long since been one of the most unstable islands. Many speak of Acter being united as a joke, however since unification Acter has stabilized, causing a surge in popularity for the PPA from the people in Acter. However the local prince's angered at this popularity, have often threatened rebellion in a unified manner, which has led to a seemingly permanent garrison in the capital of Acter in recent years, many however scoff this threat as the populace of Acter would quickly overthrow such a rebellion if it occured in favor of their own provincial republic inside Antioch.


The Dominion of Celio

Celio is unique in that it is the only island to fall to the revolts caused by the Dominion of Antioch, after falling to the revolts, the citizens instituted a republic similar to the Dominion of Antioch and was the first unified island before the United Provinces forced the rest to unify. This is mainly believed to be due to the small size of Celio, and the weak principalities that occupied it. One prince however was able to flee Celio and currently claims all of Celio as his domain. He is believed to be currently residing somewhere in The Grand Duchy of Brize.


(More updates coming soon in regards to province descriptions)

Edited by LazarusCarnabuci

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I figured they would both go here cause the former map was here, and the former RP threads are also here. So I'm not really sure where it would go :S

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