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Commerce Union: 1st State of the Union Address

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1st Commerce Union State of the Union Address




Council Members
- Tobiash, our Minister of Recruitment, is currently on a leave of absence due to some familial issues. He will be returning soon. In the mean time, his duties have been spread out amongst the other ministries and the Chancellor's Office.
- Mitch, our Minister of Defense, has stepped down from his position due to RL schedule conflicts. His duties will be temporarily taken over by the Chancellor's Office under the Executive Authority Clause of the Charter. Our Deputy Chancellor, Alexio15, will head the Ministry of Defense until the next election can take place.

Council Agenda
- The Council is currently in-debate on new legislation. The most recent of which includes a solidified Operations Security Act, a Membership and Forum Security Act and Amendment II to the Charter which will allow the Council to readjust conflicting term lengths amongst ministries.

Reimaging Efforts
- The Commerce Union is currently undergoing a reimaging of sorts. Our new forum theme and flag are only the first steps in this process. Expect updated Union policies as part of this as well.

Foreign Policy
- We're currently in-talks with other alliances for an interalliance event which will spur activity across Terra and help strengthen ties amongst alliances.
- Furthermore, we're currently working on negotiations with some alliances that of which will benefit all parties involved.
- More on both of these will be announced later by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Further Updates
- We're currently in the process of adding new features to our forum which will benefit not only Member States, but anyone who is a member of and frequents our forum. Be on the lookout for these new updates.
- Admissions to the Diplomatic Academy is still open. If you're interested in the courses, please contact our Minister of Foreign Relations, Dabigbluewhale.
- 3rd Term Elections will begin August 15th, 2014. Any potential candidates needs to register with the Chancellor's Office and submit their agendas and debate platforms before that date.
- Activity Across Terra: Activity has been down across Terra. Some other large alliances are all but dead. The Union takes great pride in being one of the few larger alliances who has not succumb to this wave of inactivity.

I'd also like to take a minute to thank every single one of our amazing members. The Commerce Union couldn't be what it is without each and every one of you!

Further announcements will be made independently.

- P. M. Joshua Wheat,
Chancellor of the Commerce Union

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Is this an announcement of future announcements?




If that's what you see, then sure. We'll go with that.

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