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The United Aincrad Coalition

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ransr6.jpg UNITED AINCRAD COALITION ransr6.jpg


Carissime Amici

The United Aincrad Coalition offers you a place among its members.

Come join us and forge new friendships

and find shelter in the growing strength of our alliance.

Aincrad seeks to buildup thegrowing nations of the

Globe and to provide a basic infrastructure to support its member-states.

Aincrad seeks to support all nations upon the Globe.

We will protect the Democratic,Pacifist and Commercial 

Member-States. We will supply the Militant, Imperialistic and Industrial Nations. 

We seek to ensure the right to prosperity that nations are entitled to, 

Aincrad will endeavour to protect all of it member-nations.

Aincrad has numerous political positions open to its members.

Become a Member of Aincrad and see were you can go. Can you rise to the senate.

Perhaps you will lead on of the Allied Legions. Perhaps you will become a popular

tribune representing the interests of your fellow member-states.
Semper Victrix, Semper Libatas
Always Victorius, Always Free
Apply and Join through these URLs
Kind Regards 
United Aincrad Coalition

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