Barack Obama 2015 State of the Union Address

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I thought overall, the President performed very well. He gave a resoundingly powerful statement on his past years as President and solidified his plans for the future. It [the speech] was a broad generalization over most of the policies the President will attempt to introduce in the future. Some of the highlights of the speech were: 


- "Middle class economics"

- Net Neutrality (Despite personal belief, I was surprised he brought it up in the SOTU)

- Climate change.

- Veto threats.

- Cuban relations.


In final, despite my personal opinions of the President (hint hint, not positive), the speech was good. It was well presented and extraordinarily clear. A no doubt powerful speech for the Democrats, it will continue to alienate Republicans and it will draw those undecided and independents.


And of course, who could ignore the burn at the near end with the elections?


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Middle class economics? The home ownership rate for the middle class is now more than 10 percent lower than it was in 2007, median income remains lower than it was when the Great Recession ended, $52,000 at the end of 2013 compared to $54,400 at the end of 2008 in today's dollars, etc, in other words the middle class are in a much worse position

The so called "Middle class economics" seems to have a much better effect on the stock market and major corporation than on the middle class. 

Another bone i have to pick is that Nothing changed.. Yes the economy is back, even if the US Gov did nothing, the economy would of eventually came back, what caused the GFC hasn't been fixed, poorly regulated Unfair, unfree market. 

We now have governments around the world with growing economies once again but gone are the days they looked shinny and strong now despite growth they look old and sick, governments now a full of debt and honestly don't think they could handle another GFC.

Cuban relations is a good thing tho, once they see what the even a corrupt-capitlaist west has they will realise "hey even if we get a corrupt-capitlaist system we will be better off than having this corrupt communist system. We should do the same with North Korea.

Veto threats...Every president has used their Veto powers, however Obama seems to be a bit too happy to use it... i personally think its undemocratic and it should be ban from both sides from using it. 

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