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General moderation requests may go here.

Moderation Requests Forum Rules

Welcome to the Moderation Requests subforum. This forum is to be utilized for Forum Name Changes and Basic Moderation Requests. Only post in a thread if you have something substantive to contribute to the discussion. Absolutely no trolling is permitted in this forum.

This forum is not the place to levy complaints against the Moderation Team. To do that, follow the procedure laid out in this thread.

For Shared IP Requests, please visit this thread and follow the instructions within.

For Forum Name Changes, please create a new thread titled "Name Change Request" with the following format inside:

[b]Nation Name:[/b][b]Nation Ruler Name:[/b][b]Nation Link:[/b][b]Name To Be Changed To:[/b]

This applies only to forum name change requests and not in-game name change requests (which does not exist as an option). Please be mindful of this when posting your request. Requests for in-game name changes will be ignored and locked. All name changes are suspended until PT moves out of closed beta.

For Basic Moderation Requests, please create a new thread with details of your request. These include requests for locking a thread, moving a thread, general questions, etc. This is not for technical issues or forum abuse. Please utilize the following inside your thread:

[b]Nation Name:[/b][b]Nation Ruler Name:[/b][b]Nation Link:[/b][b]Reason for Request:[/b]

Please make your requests, questions, or other thread topics as specific as possible.

- Moderation Team


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    To be used for the appealing of warnings, bans, and deletions.

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